Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hiking in the Snow

Yes, furrends snow leaked into Noo Joisey yesterday.  Not a whole lot, we got about 3 inches at my house.  Me, Dixie and Sydney did a lap of snow zoomies around the yard.  It woz funs.  We is done.  Time fur spring now.  So anyways, when it snows we head south to hike coz I dussn't want mom falling off slickery mountains and it be flat in the south Noo Joisey and there be only about 1 inch of snow.  We hiked 11.75 miles today.
Did you all notice I has a noo coat?  Akshually, it be called a soft shell jacket, that be werds fur impawtant hiking gear.  I has been looking at this jacket fur a long time wonnering if'n it would gib me full belleh coverage so I dussn't get icy sickulls hanging from my belleh furs.  When Norwood writed on his bloggie that he had some, ummm, teknical difficulties with too full of belleh coverage fur boys with his, I knowed I needed this jacket ASAP so got one!  The jacket REPELS the water and ice to keeps me dry and the top blocks the wind so my unnercoats can hold the heats in.  And it be stretchy so it duss not obstruct me when I is in hiking akshun.  The place wot makes the jacket say it "turns your pup into an all weather adventurer."  Wowser.  There be no stopping me now.
See, full belleh coverage.  And I pawsonalized it alreddy with some of my furs.  You like?
The noo jacket makes me want to tap dance...
...and kick my heels up!
OK now 'nuff about the noo jacket.  You comin'?
Where we hiked used to be a cranberry farm so there be lots of old bogs and canals and stuffs.
And gess who lives in the old bogs and canals?  Mr. Beeber!  Can you say "TIMBER!!!!!"
Did you know beebers do snow zoomies?  This be how the beeber zoomied from the bog ofur to the canal.
Oops.  I think Mr. Beeber had a few too many.  Trees.
We crossed some train tracks but no worries, I did not has to put mom on the walking string to cross ofur coz there be no trains on these tracks no mores.  There be trees growing in them.
Check out this wonky bridge wot we had to cross and pawt of it woz unner water!  Thank dogness my noo jacket be keeping the water spashes off my belleh.
Here be an observashun deck.  Mom sayed I could stay at the bottom but I figgered with my noo jacket and Norwood saying it gibbed him supah powahs, I could go up the steps myself and I did!
Ta da!  (I just can't open my eyes to look.)
Here I is going down all by myself.
Here be anudder wonky bridge - it moved unner my paws!

I ♥ my noo jacket!  And I wish the Ruffwear company paid me to say that (they did not) coz this jacket cost lots of green papers.  Mom's hiking pants wot repels water and stuffs so she duss not get icy sickulls on her legs cost less green papers and they is WAY bigger than my jacket. But dussn't you think I is werth it?


  1. Oh Shawnee - your new coat is gorgeous. You are really a lucky doggie to have it. Loved your pictures today - but then they are always good.

  2. Wow!

    Woo have all the fun!

    I only got to hike around the neighbourhood to khollekht my snowballz!

    Thanks fur sharing all your timber fun!


  3. Not only are you an adventure dog, but now you are a drier one with style! Looking good Shawnee.


  4. Lookin good Shawnee. I like the jacket but like you said, it might not be too comfortable for us guys, you know where.

    You had a heck of a hike. 11 plus miles. boy you must be the most "in shape" girl I know.


  5. That is a great coat! But I do see that it is a coat for girl dogs only. :o(

    You could climb the stairs because you can't be scared when you wear clothes. That is a rule.

  6. Meowza you iz bewtyfuls in that noo jacket Shawnee! Its sleek an sofistikated an you looks like a soopamodel! I think you sooperpowers iz showing MOL!

  7. I just love your new jacket....Now you look like Super Dog! tinks maybe you should get some long thigh-high boots to go with your new coat...and maybe some ear muffs!

  8. SOUPER SHAWNEE POWERS Jacket!! HOLY GWALK A MOLEY.... YOU look GRRRRREAT. I really MEAN THAT. It fits you like real furs and stuffs. Kinda ..HAWT LOOKIN... (I know I shouldn't say that..what with being married and married and all.)
    It is just PERFECT fur your hikes... it is even in a NO Shoot Shawnee Color.

    You saw Beeber Zoomies??? THAT is COOL.
    You really make the MOST of your Hikes.
    Now that you have your Super Keep Shawnee Dry and Warm jacket.. I suppose you are gonna want MORE SNOW. SIGH

    THAT was a REALLY WEIRD Mostly Floating Bridge. What's Up with THAT???

  9. Lookin' good, Ms. Shawnee!! You are prepared like a good girl scout!!


  10. You are definitely worth it, Shawnee, and we think Mom knows it - great purchase AND it looks great on you.

    We think it might be fun to cross that bridge. But even more we would love that snow:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. You're definitely stylin' my furriend! Love your pics, too. Woo hoo for cool hiking gear.

  12. Shawnee, you are totally worth it! I love your new jacket! It looks fabulous on you. Anna will be jealous! You know how she loves good fashion.

    Your hike sounds fantastic! I am green with envy. We were supposed to go hiking today, but the weather took a nasty, freezing rain turn on us today, so we stayed home. I have my paws crossed tightly for some action next Sunday. I think you were very brave going over those bridges and up into that tower!


  13. Shawnee,

    Another great hiking day! Dose wonky bridges look skeery to me, you is very brave to cross dems. LUVS your new coat, red is your color.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. You look great in your new jacket. Yes, you're totally worth it! Plus, you did stairs and a crazy bridge!

    I didn't know beebers do snow zoomies. Crazy!

    Great hike! I love the tap dance and heel kicking.

  15. We did not kno you was a chorus gurl Shawnee. No wonder you was needin a new coats for your stage dayboo...nice werk

  16. Lookin' GOOD in your new jacket, Shawnee! And you're TOTALLY worth it :) That was a very interesting hike. The beavers in that park have been EXTRA busy, eh? And just LOOK at you going up and down those steps. Guess Norwood was right about the SUPER powers!

    The Road Dogs

  17. I love your new jacket and the hike, but I still got the burrrrrs watching you. It' looks soooooo cold out there.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  18. Beebers do zoomies - very cool! I likes your new jacket it is bootiful and you is worth it.

    woof - Tucker

  19. Oh I do likes da way you personalized it withs your very own makes mores unique.

    Your mom loves you soooooo much to buys you such a splendid bellah-cover-up-coat. I don't has one, my mum don't loves me...I'm gonna go cries now.


  20. You look like a professional hiker dog now Shawnee!


  21. Hey Shawnee..

    I see woo got super pawers from that jacket too. WOo look stunning I might add and woo have fancy pawsteps too. I was toe tapping with woo. Ummm Justin Beebers does zoomies and choppers trees? I bet TMZ doesn't know that either.
    That cloud chaser does cost alot of green papers... ruffwear has contests once in a while to win merchandise. Maybe you can enter one. They take blog posts too. I think u should tell them about your new coat?

    I like that we r twinnies..

  22. Shawnee, We love your amazing and fabulous new jacket. Even the color looks good on you. You are so brave to go over those wonky bridges. Are gonna get boots to match????

  23. Great jacket!

    Please note: I did not pluck that beaver's butt.

  24. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, what an amazing hike! You're jacket is perfect for you and I bet it kept you nice and toasty. Beaver zoomies...who knew?!?! BOL.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  25. Hi Shawnee, you are certainly worth it and it looks totally cool. We are glad you wont have icicles hanging off your tummy any more cause that was too too chilly lookin.

    We laugh about the cost of doggie stuffs cause mum says she spends more on dog stuff than on our human siblings and we think thats a real hoot hehehehe. Take care while out walking sweetie pie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  26. Hey Shawnee, WE are VERY happy you turned being a foster pup into a forever pup with your human. A great life with her - hiking, new and special coats fur hiking AND so you & M can take us with you on hikes and see seeniks..

  27. Shawnee - you look so stylin' in your new jacket! And, yes you ARE worth the cost of it! Love the "beeber" zoomies path :)

  28. Hey Shawnee! love the new coat! and didn't know beavers did zoomies!! (mayb nxt time u can film dat?) sending HUGS xo - ZackRabbit

  29. Lookin' Good, Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ......I didn't realize da Justin Beeber lived out in the Woods. Wonder when he has time to gnaw on trees, when he is singing and out on concert tour all the time???

  30. Shawnee I just LUV LUV LUV your new jacket! :D Wish it had a fly though fur us guys ya know? Maybe next year's will :) You saw beaver stuff! Cool! :D And you and your Mom were real brave crossin that not so well engineered underwater steppin stone bridge ;) and the suspension bridge oooh spooky when it moved under your paws I bet :O Good show Shawnee! :D

    Waggin at ya,