Sunday, January 8, 2012

Waterfalls Hike

So today me and mom went to check out some waterfalls in Pencilvania.  On the way we had to stop and let about 20 gabillion turkeys cross the road.
"Gobble Gobble" Translashun:  "Thanks fur letting us cross the road safely."
So when we got to the hike, we went rite down to the waterfalls.
I dussn't think we can go on this trail any more.
Well, our way be blocked by frozened waterfalls and if we would has slided, we would has ended up in the cold water.  This reminded us of Bunny's frozened waterfalls.  Mom woz not game.  So we turned around and went back and found a higher trail around that pawt and it woz a furry pawsome trail!
I be up high ofur the frozened waterfalls now.
Thank dogness it do not be slickery up here coz that be a big fall down to the bottom.
On the udder side where it not be so steep they has railings.  OK, I is just a dog but duss this make sense?

So after the falls we commed to this observashun deck.
Ummmmm, NO
Mom went up without me and I squeezed my eyes shut coz I can't look.
Waiting payshuntly fur mom.
Mom bringed me back a pikshure of wot it looked like from up above.
On the udder side of the lake they has anudder observashun towah but it be the Leaning Towah of Pencilvania.  The one mom went up in woz strate.
So we hiked around in the woods some but it be mostly woods roads and they is not furry interesting and mom woz getting a splitting head-ake wot would not go away with the Advils.  So we started to head back but we had to take a rilly boring gravel road to get back.  So mom seened a woods road and sayed, "Let's see if this takes us back a more interesting way."  Oh, I know we be in trubbulls fur fun times when mom say that.
Furst we had to climb through blow down after blow down and you knows how much I love doing that.
Then we ended up in a swamp!
Mom insisted we keep going through the swamp.  Sage would has LOVED this.
Swamp Monstah
So we made it back to the hemlock ravine...
... and the waterfalls...
... and just as the sunbeams finally came out...
... back at the car.


  1. This is such a pretty place. I really like that trail that was high over the frozen waterfall. Shawnee, I know you don't like stairs but judging by that picture, it looks like those stair were worth the climb. That sure is a beautiful view!

    Yikes! Yes, you were a swamp monster! I hate to ask how you got cleaned up.

  2. How cool that you saw the same kinds of things that Morgan and I saw this weekend! We were thinking about you when we were out yesterday! You would have liked the waterfalls, but not the stairs of doom we had to walk down. Your falls were a lot more frozen than ours this weekend, though. I loved seeing all your sights!


  3. Oh Shawnee, I am so proud of you for going through the swamp. I would have loved to go play in the swamp with you. I loved every part of your hike today.

    The frozen waterfalls were really cool and the big lake and well everything.

    B E A U T I F U L

  4. Oh My Dog. That looked so cold. We loved all your hike. How come you are so good when you mum is up so high. Mum says we must try and be the same. We just looked at each other and winked hehehe. Thanks for sharing. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. why did the turkey cross the road? to visit Shawnee on the other side! *grins* :p
    - ZackRabbit

  6. Wild outing you two :D That was very nice of you to wait fur all of them to cross the road. Me, I may have had to ask one to stay behind ;)

    Luved your scenic hike! Wow! Something about waterfalls and icicles that soothes me and gets me excited at the same time! :D

    Great detour through the swamp you Mom took you on FUN! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  7. WOW - that was quite a hike you took us on today. That tower looked very scary didn't it. I don't think I would have gone up it either.

  8. Scary stuff...cold stuff. Nice waterfall though. Bet it would be more funs in da summer time. Did you's have to get a baf after gettin' in da swampy?

  9. We did be listenin to some radio last week wot say us wild trukee in da USA can be mighty savage fings and can be attackin peeples. I fink you did good to let em wander by my pal. N one wanna be a trukee dinner...

  10. Oh, Shawnee! You are my kinda girl!! Look at all that mud.

    And I wouldn't have gone up those steps either. No sirree. Silly humans...

  11. waterfall hikes are the best

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. The waterfalls are gorgeous!

    Um...with all of that swamp mud, did you have to take a *whispers* bath?

  13. Swamp monstah - too funny - Ciara and Lightning would love to join you in the mud. We are glad Mom didn't go up that crooked tower - no scenic would be worth THAT!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Whewweeeeee...I was skeered you was gonna tells us your mom gots you lost withs her short cut. Then I rememebred it wasn;t my mum.
    Them was some nifty lookin' watercicles. I was gettin' kinda chilly lookin' at 'em.


  15. holy schmolly that was beautiful frozen water fall balls. But i do love a girl in mud. Hee hee.

    oh- gobble gobble... i thought it meant eat me now.

  16. Beautiful hike and scenicals, Shawnee! Love the frozen waterfalls! We've even seen some little bitty frozen waterfalls up in NC but they're in places where it's not safe to stop the car and take pics, even though Mom THOUGHT about it. Did you shake off that swamp mud real good AFTER you got in the car? Peeps LOVE it when you do that! BOL!

    The Road Dogs

  17. THose are the scariest steps evers. Love the mud.

    woof - tucker

  18. Those frozen falls are beautiful!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  19. Your mud socks looked very nice on you.