Friday, January 6, 2012

My Peep is a Flake Contest, Part 2

Furrends, I has thought long and hard about this one from the comforts of my hidey spot and I has come to the conclushun that yes, this constitoots flakiness on the part of my mom on so many levels so I just has to tell all afore My Peep is a Flake Week is ofur.

Efurry udder week, mom goes and picks up her organic froot and veggie share from the co-op (BLECH!).  Why she duss not join an organic CHICKUN COOP is beyond me. (flaky)
Snootering around fur chickun.
I thought I found chickun but it woz only this:
Wot did mom do with him?  Turned him loose outside.  (flaky) 
OK, Puddles, your mom can look again.

So when mom peels the appulls (BLECH) she throws the peels and cores OUT THE WINDOW!  (flaky)  Efurry day the peels and cores be gone when she throws more out.  Well, yesterday mom got an eggstra froot share coz she wanted to make applesauce (BLECH) to put in the freezer.  (How about some CHICKUN SAUCE?????)  She had lots of peels and cores (BLECH) and she throwed them ALL out the window.
Who duss you think be nomming on those appull peels? 
Yes furrends, today we has Grand Central Skwerrel Stashun outside our window coz they has a mudderload of skwerrel take-out at Chez Shawnee Fine Dining fur Rodents.  So you is thinking wot be so flaky about that?  Your mom do be fattening up the skwerrels for YOU.  Well that would be all fine and dandy if'n she throwed the skwerrel noms in my BACK YARD to lure them in but no, she puts it on the side of the house where I can't reach the skwerrels. FLAKY!


  1. BOL>.......Me is sowie....can't stop laughin at dis postee today. Me needs HELP and my sanity back again.

  2. mum just spitted her oatmeal AAAAAALL overs da 'puter screen...her needs to learn hows to take directions when a post tells hers NOT to look...what a flake!

    I am just utterly appalled at da fact your mom was thinking more of da squirrels safety (from you) than your own nutrional needs.
    You wants to come heres? We has fat squirrels from them eating my pee-cans. I can't say you'll have much else to eat though...hehehehe!

    Lovin' your renishun of Patti-cake! And you even sings ON key.


  3. There must be a method to your Mom's madness. We are thinking your Mom must have different plans for those squirrels in your yard than YOU do! BOL! Our Mom doesn't like us chasing the squirrels either, hmmmpf. None of us have ever been fast enough to catch one anyway. That is UNTIL LUCY! She's a setter and apparently they are BORN to HUNT! She's brought a few of her prizes to the back deck and Mom and Dad werent' too thrilled. We think she needs a diversion :)

    Thanks for sharing these flaky peep moments with us! We're gonna be sorry to see Flaky Peep Week come to an end. It's been super fun!

    The Road Dogs

  4. OMD.. your mom must be the QUEEN of Flakes... I mean REALLY why OH WHY does she NOT buy you the organic Chickens????????

    AND WHY did she not saute that nice caterpillar up fur you? They are pure protein.

    THEN she throws the Squirrel Bait Out and won't let you.. CHEWS your own Dinner??? OH Shawnee. You Poor Girrrrrl.

  5. He, he ...I am a little afraid of those veggies because there's rumors of some "lifestyle changes" for me because of my recent heart condition. You don't think they are going to make me eat vegetables, do you?

    Your pal, Pip

  6. OMD OMD OMD!!

    My momma is in hysterical fits, laughing at your perdicament, Shawnee!

    The Chez Shawnee Fine Dining fur Rodents is tooooo funny! Next her be installing a drive-thru window fur those tree rats. Then, they will be arriving by Squirrel Busloads!
    You may need to franchise..

  7. Yeah, your mom should really join a chicken coop. Or is that co-op? Anyway, you just gave Jan an idea and we have the feeling she will now be feeding apple peel to our squirrels, just outside the dog pen where we can't reach the squirrels.

  8. A double share?! I bet Sydney was drooling for sure!

  9. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, that's BOL funny and very flakey! What's the attraction to all that yucky fruit anyway. Veggies are worse. My Mom throws these things out the window too, then Dad hollers because some stick to the side of the house! Nutty. Thanks for the chuckle!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Can you jump the fence??? Teach that momma a lesson.

  11. MOL! Well, I agree about there should be chicken instead of all that fruit & veggies but was still think your mom wasn't too flaky until the squirrel bit. You should definitely be able to nom that squirrel all fattened up on YOUR mom's fruit.

  12. The only thing better than a squirrel is a FAT squirrel!!

  13. Hey, we all love apple peels, can we come to Chez Shawnee Fine Dining too?

    Flaky for sure, pal. But we think all the Moms are flaky - must be a qualification for the job.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Oh NOOOO - How could your mom possibly do that to you. pssst - for what it's worth, M is plenty flaky too.

  15. Shawnee,

    OoH I thinks your sweet momma is flakey indeed! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  16. I kinda keep this info to myself, but I am a squirrel liker so I think your human is doing a good job feedin the squirrels in a safe place.

    Sorry Shawnee, can we still be friends.

  17. Well, that just takes the flake! Feeding squirrels?! What has the world come to? Shawnee, maybe Morgan and I can sneak over and wait on the other side of the fence to take care of the problem for you!


  18. Howdy Shawnee, at least your mum doesn't make you eat all those peels and stuffs. If the squirrels are getting to eat it, maybe they might get fat and slow and easy to chase?? If they climb over your side, too fat to climb back, yum. Mum says they are pretty cute though. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory. P.S. Yes we do agree your mum is a flake, just like ours!

  19. ahhh!! another bug pic!! *cringes* *paws over eyes* is it gone yet?? - ZackRabbit

  20. Maybe you can get on the puter and change her order to Organic Chicken... Those squirrels have it made at your house. I'm gonna spread the word on that.

    pawhugs, Max

  21. BOL! Shawnee that is just WRONG WRONG WRONG! Hardy Har Har :D Hmmmm...I didn't know the SQ's liked apple peals...must change bait mix ;) Heh heh heh :D

    Waggin at ya,

    BOL! My special word is 'preye' Here squirrely squirrelies ;)

  22. I'm with you Shawnee. None of that fruit and veggie thing for me either. Give me squirrel any time!!

    PS: My Toby wants to come help your Mom with the fruit and veggie thing. He loves the stuff. Maybe he's a vegecanine.

  23. Love it!! Your Mom is right up there with our flake!!

    Sniff ya later.......Weenkie

  24. That's one cheeky squirrel sitting on your fence eating in front of you , knowing you can't get him. Are you sure you can't jump the fence?

  25. Hmmm...*enters Shawnee's mum in Worldwide Flake Directory 2012...*..