Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - An Undercover Investigation

So lots of my furrends woz asked by Mr. Chewy to order foodables from him with a $50 coupon code and do a review.  The reviews woz so good, I went and snootered around on Mr. Chewy's web site and found my Wellness foodables cost less green papers than where I woz getting them from so I had mom order from Mr. Chewy.  So the udder day I went snootering around in my old emails and found I had buried Mr. Chewy's email thinking it woz spam Mr. Chewy's email asking ME to do a review!  Then I thought coz I had alreddy ordered from Mr. Chewy a cuppull of times I would do a review BEFORE using the coupon code so I be unner covers and he not know it be me ordering so he could not put his bestest paw forward when he seened me using the coupon code.  Clever, eh?
Shhhhh.  Conducting impawtant unner cover investigashuns.
So mom had akshually placed an order rite afore I dug up the coupon code coz she realized there only be THREE cans of the Weruva kitteh food left and the kittehs like it so much that even feral Odessa, who nefur comes up the basement steps, sits on the landing waiting fur  mom to serve up the Weruva.  Wot to do?  Mom checked with Mr. Chewy and yay, he has the Weruva and knowing how speedy fast he ships, mom placed the order knowing it would be here in time to feed spoiled starving kittehs.  AND Mr. Chewy had the Weruva DOG foodables, too, wot mom woz not able to find in the store so she ordered ME some.  Drool.  Sure enuff, this be our 3rd unner covers order and it commed speedy quick.
My order history.
So yesterday, with ONE can of kitteh Weruva left, and rite on schedule with more, DING DONG, Fedex calling!
Yuppers, this be from Mr. Chewy.
OMD, look at all the paper in the box!
We lost Dixie in it...
Whew, there she be.
That do be a big box fur the foodables.
So the only critter-cism I has with my Mr. Chewy orders be the packaging.  You see, we is a furry green fambly coz with hiking we like to see trees out in the woods, not in packagings.  Sure, we recycle efurrything - the boxes, the cans, the plastic wrap ofur the cans, even all that paper.  But it be better not to has to recycle at all so we just ask that mebbe Mr. Chewy can use better packaging wot be less wasteful like no paper fur kibble coz it not be needed and smaller boxes fur smaller canned foodables.
Helping mom straighten out the paper so it can be folded up fur the recycling bin.
But overall, we is furry happy with Mr. Chewy and as you can see, we alreddy ordered 3 times and we dussn't order from places we dussn't like.  AND we RILLY RILLY RILLY like that Mr. Chewy has a donashun program fur animal shelters.  Way to go, Mr. Chewy!

Sekrit Unner Covers Agent Shawnee, ofur and out.


  1. Dat Mr. Chewey sure be a nice guy! Good investigashuns there!

  2. You knows, I has to admit when I saws all dat paper I was thinkin' bouts hows they not be so green. Yes, I do thinks on ocassion...and we recycle EVERYTHING dat can be.

    I would have nevers known you was under dat blankie if you hadn't has tolded me.


  3. You do super awesome investigations! I'm ordering from Mr. Chewy to see if he's as good as everyone says.

  4. Pawsome innervesttygatin Shawnee. I fink mebbe Mr Chewy do not delivers to the UK an it be more green to order me foods from da UK sites anyhows. Still, if I ever State-side, i be sure to check out his noms.

  5. THIS was a Super Under the Covers insniffigation...

    I hope that you STILL get to use your $50.00 FREE coupon.

    I really like Mr. Chewy.. At least it is PAPER and NOT PLASTIC that they use.. Butt I do think they could use..a LITTLE less of the papers... if they FLUFFED it UP a bit.

  6. Great under cover work Shawnee. Too bad my Nina is on a prescription diet or we might give Mr. Chewy a try too.


  7. Where is Shawnee?
    Where is Shawnee?
    There she is...under the covers
    There she is...under the covers
    How are you this morning?
    Very well; I thank you, just hiding from Mr. Chewy

    Don't tell him
    Don't tell him


  8. That is fast delivery! But you are right it was over packaged. Mommy says your mommy should have all of you lie on the big piece of paper so she can trace you and make a big mural of all of you.

  9. Wow, that's a LOT of paper!

    I need to have Mom find one of those coupon codes for ME. Can you imagine $50 worth of cookies? I can!!!

    *snooter snooter*

  10. BOL! Looking at that last foto, I thought you ordered a Runway from Mr. Chewy!!! BOL!!

  11. We love Mr. Chewy, too! Our stuff got here really fast and it was even the week before Christmas. Kuster would be in heaven if he had that paper to play with!


  12. Great review! I'm so glad you guys got a $50 coupon. Wow, that really was a lot of packaging!

    You were very stealthy in your under cover operation. Really, I didn't even see you.

  13. Great undercover work Shawnee... I'm with you on that. Mr. Chewy is the best. We like it too.

    pawhugs, Max

  14. Hey Shawnee! This is quite a review and you are right about all that paper. Maybe you could make something with it? We ordered from them and we are going to use the paper for art projects with my sissy.

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Visit my bloggy today. Me gave you an award!

    Haves a nice weekend!

  16. Shawnee
    I'm so glad woo posted about mr chewy. momma was about to delete it. And you know what's even more funny???? I eat Weruva TOO. I don't know any bloggie else who does. .... maybe I was suppose to be in your family. my fav is cirque de tuna and jammin salmon


  17. Hey there my pal Shawnee,
    I sended Mumma back to read some of your bloggies what we missed out on and she do be BOL fery loud at that pickture of woooo under the covers. I would not BOL at a lady what be doing such impawtant infestighations, but some hu-mums hafe no manners when it comes to these fings.
    Mumma & I would not be so happy about all that brown papers eifer. That the one fing what the hu-mans dusent like about our town - there be no recyclings for ANYFINGS.
    But we be fery happy like woooo & your momma about needing less green papers for that Mr Chewy to send your noms.

    We going to read about your hikes now.
    Tail wags, ruger