Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Peep is a Flake Contest

So Frankie Furter, The Road Dogs and Sarge do be hasing this contest .  Here be the rules:
Is your peep a flake? Does your peep do weird, strange, funny or generally flaky things? Here's your chance to tell the world.
1. Post on your own blog from January 1 to midnight Eastern time January 7. Post once or multiple times if your peeps give you that much material! Tell us all about how your peep is a flake.
2. Comment on Sarge's blog, Frankie's blog, Road Dogs' blog and the Blogville Community Calendar so that we know you've done your post. Why all three you ask...so we don't miss anyone! Why you ask again...because there are...
3. Three prizes to be awarded on January 11, 2012.
So I had to think long and hard on this from the comfort of my hidey spot coz mom's flakiness just seems normal now, we is so used to it.  Blonde moments, senior moments, she has them all.  But suddenly I rememmered the flakiest thing efur wot she did and I went digging in the pooter hoping the pikshures woz still where I had buried them back in 2008...

So when mom woz doing the rescue group, the animal control officer called her one nite asking fur help coz he woz raiding a hoarder's house.  Mom went there and helped get 112 animals out of this house and into boarding and to rescue groups.  She brought 2 kittehs home with her to foster - the one with one eye and the one with one ear.  You can read their story HERE.
Amelia and JoJo

So you say WAH? That's not FLAKY!  I beg your pawdon, butttttt, these kittehs WERE flaky!  Fur real.  They had RINGWORM!  Their furs falled out and their skin woz flaky from the ringworm.  That do be common in a hoarding situashun where cooties get passed around like wildfire.  So mom had to dip them once a week fur 8 weeks in lime sulfur dip.  If'n you has nefur smelled lime sulfur afore, it be like rotten eggs a gabillion times worser. Even us dogs consider it gross and stinky so you know it has to be rilly bad.

So it woz winter time and mom and her furrend Sue decided to do it in the attic.  They buyed a wash tub at Home Depot and put a bucket unner the drain hole to catch the stinky dip wot did not stay ON the kitteh (and there woz lots of that).  They opened the attic window and put a fan in it blowing outside to suck the stink out.  At least that woz the plan.  Then they put the kitteh in the wash tub and poured the lime sulfur dip ofur the kitteh and sponged it in until the kitteh woz soaking wet and ORANGE.  Let me tell you, kittehs DO NOT like this.  Anyways, mom and Sue did not want to get lime sulfur all ofur themselves and make themselves orange and stinky so Sue brought Hazmat suits in size XXL fur them to wear.  Now who be the bigger flake, I ask?

Becoz the lime sulfur stinked up the house anyways, fur the next 7 weeks, once a week, mom and Sue would crank up the space heater in the garage, put the kittehs in carriers and take them out there.  The neybors would see mom and Sue suited up as above walking across the yard and disappearing into the garage carrying kitteh carriers (complete with howling kittehs).  They would shut the garage door and all you could hear woz mom and Sue giggling and kittehs yowling and sniff the stench of rotten eggs coming from the garage.  So furrends, there you has it, my peep, the flake.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Shawnee, you never cease to amuse and entertain! That is definitely a story for the record books!


  2. OMD OMD OMD... Your mom certainly LOOKS like a Flake in those pictures!! DARN that must have been HORRIBLE Stinky stuffs.
    WHAT must the neighbors have thought?? ANIMAL ABUSERS on the Loose...
    Butt at least the kitties were finally cured.

    I have you down fur the Prize Pressie Drawing.

  3. Bwhahahahaha...OMD....I can't takes it, I is laughin' to hard! Nows da fotos of da Hazmat suits was priceless (dat be sumptin' my mum would do)!
    OMD...I can sees them walking around in them things and da neighbor's tryin' to figures out if they should call da police...hehehehehe!


  4. Blimey, its a wonder your neighbours didn't call the RSPCA! Your mum does look pretty flaky though but at least she was doing a good deed. Flaky? For sure. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. OMD!!!!!! Great story, Shawnee!!!
    That will give us a chuckle all day!!!!

  6. Now that's a great flakey tale for sure, Shawnee. We are glad it wasn't our Momster doing that because she would have tripped over those long pants on the stairs and broken all her bones. Even if whe was a flake, your Mom was a good flake to help those poor kitties.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. he he ha ha. that one is a super good flaky storie.

    I am glad the kittys came to you guys so someone would be kind enough to treat the little flakes.

    WE love your human. she has a very good heart and a stinky garage


  8. he he - we're laughing ourselves silly over here - can visual the entire episode in my mind. So funny.

  9. E-Gads.....dat would be funny. I can jus' hear da neighbor peeps talkin'. Surprised your mom is still walkin' around free! BOL

  10. hehehehe Those suits are a HOOT! Bet that did give the neighbors something to talk about for awhile 'cause that does look pretty flaky! But it's obvious that your Mom is a flake with a heart of gold :) Bet those kittehs were super happy when the dipping was done!

    The Road Dogs

  11. BOL! So much for that attic fan... *snickers*

  12. No sense me trying to come up with something about my humans. I am sure I can't beat that story!

  13. Shawnee,

    You always have funny stories to tell us and dis one is flaky too...bonus! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  14. I am laughing so hard at this because I am very familiar with lime sulfur dip. You see, my mom volunteered to help dip some cats at the shelter we volunteer at. She wore one of those suits, too, and came home smelling like that icky stuff. She also came home with a bad cat bite from a cat that didn't like that smell either!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, that's one of the best stories yet! BOL BOL BOL. Love the suits. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call 911 or something...they look like astronauts or bomb squad peeps or maybe just FLAKES!!! This is too darn funny. Thanks so much for sharing and including those priceless pix! BWAR HAR HAR
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  16. Oh BOL! That is hilarious! Did any of the neighbors pack up and move out during this? Luv the Hazmat suits BOL! Oh Shawnee your Momma is too funny :D

    Waggin at ya,

  17. After reading Flake 2 post we just had to come read the first one. Glad we did! Thanks for the good laugh! And so glad you had the pix. They really made the story. :)

  18. Oh my goodness a stinky flake!!
    Great post.

    Sniff ya latr....Weenie