Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday Mini Hike and the Chiropractor

So it had been 3 weeks since my chiropractor appointment and coz my appointment woz yesterday I got to do a mini hike afore my appointment.  This do be how the hike started out...
Uh oh. I hope he woz not braking fur an animal when this happened.
The hike be only 3 1/2 miles long but I found seeniks.  Come, I show you.
There be Noo York City ahind me.
And a pritty mossy creek with teeny waterfalls.
Do this rawk look like Simon Bar Sinister or Mr. Magoo?
OK now, I has sumpin furry serious to disguss with you all.  Hold on to your stuffie guts coz there do be a stuffie gut thief amongst us...
Can you beleef your eyes?
Waiting payshuntly at Mike's Feed Farm fur my chiropractor appointment.
I has to wonner if'n those stuffie gut thieves (not like I am pointing paws or anything) has skwerrel chow delivery from Mike's Feed Farm seeing as they live so close.


  1. We had a squirrel dat was stealin' da stuffin' from under our grill cover and I was all likes WTH? I knew they was no good!
    YOu outta protest Mike sellin' squirrel foodables. Dtas just wrong!


  2. I did not have anything to do with that stuffie stuffing being outside of the stuffie. Nope. Not me...

  3. One of our favorite hikes in AK has an area with a bunch of abandoned cars. Kinda weird

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. I loved the mossy rawks and the waterfalling thingy... butt that TREE that Grew AROUND the Hoooooge Rawk is amazing.

    I hope your A Line Ments went well.

    Butt I don't think much of that store place.. they should be ashamed fur sellin Squirrel Foods.

  5. That was a nice little hike. Maybe a mouse was the stuffing thief. I left a stuffy in the car once and a mouse took all his guts and built a house on top of the engine!

  6. Hmmmm...Me was wonderin' where all my stuffie guts was goin' to. Now me nose!

  7. Is dat what happened to Puddle's Pinto? Man no wonder she was hiding all summer, bol.

    woof - Tucker

  8. Shawnee,

    Another great hike. Dat rock DOES look like Simon Bar Sinister....cool!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    PeeS I am so happy dat you stopped by to my pawty after you gots back, you is a good furiend.

  9. M used to visit a chiropractor, but she's never heard of one for anipals around here. Maybe we should ask around.

  10. Mom likes to brush us outside on a windy day so all our floofy fur flies away. We often wonder if the squirrels and birds use it for their nests.

    You had us scared with that first pic. When you said it all started like this, we thought that was your vehicle:)

    Hope your chiropractor visit went well.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. That's a bold and perplexing theory, Miss Shawnee! I think you could very well be on to something there. I think anyplace where people are buying food for squirrels strange things are bound to happen!


  12. Hi Shawnee, wow we didn't know there was a stuffee thief. We always try and eat ours but mum grabs it away like a meanie. Hope your a line ments went good. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. Harroooo Shawnee! We are with Stella & Rory- pops always cleans up the stuffie guts before we eat it...perhaps he is in cahoots with...dare we say it...squirrels? Oh the horror...

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  14. Now that you mention it, Shawnee, there was a helicoptor that landed just after all that stuffin' got cleaned up...wonder if it was noo jersy skirels...

  15. Well, I say you can NEVER trust a squirrel OR a suffie gut thief. Hope you had a good adjustment there at Mike's!! :)

  16. Only 3.5 miles! I am lucky if I make 3.5 blocks! I am going to say that rock looks like Mr. Magoo!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I tagged you in my post today.

  17. BUTTONS WAS IN THE TREE!! Wait, no, this just proves that Buttons was set up by evil squirrels!! See! That's the proof we needed! Way to go Detective Shawnee!!

  18. *sigh* you countin 3.5 miles as only a mini hike and now it be furter than i am allowed to walk. No fair....oh, bound to be de skwerrels wot dunnit

  19. Hello Shawnee the Shepherd

    I saw you comment on Ruger's blog and noticed the beautiful pic of you so I thought I would come and say hello. I need to say although I am called Pippa, I am a boy. We don't know how old I am because I was living on the streets. I am a cross husky/GSD - maybe we have a few things in common huh?

    I don't go to the chiropractor though and I hope it went ok for you.


  20. Woofs to wooo again Shawnee. I sure be glad that wooo is not scwashed in that scwashed car wreck!!
    We don't has scweerils here but I has heared lots of bad fings about them tree rats from my pals in the Younighted States, so I can believes they wud steal stuffie guts. How that guts gets outside of them stuffies in the first place is a fery mysterious fing to me fough ..........
    Mumma & I hopes that you a-line-ments stay a-lined good now.

    Tail wags

    PS - woooo should go visit that Pippa dog what is a furiend of mine's bloggie. He libes in Gibraltar& Spain which is fery interesting places.