Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Fall Foliage Hike

You all want some more fall colors?  Do I has some more fall colors fur you!  I gots to go hiking AGAIN yesterday!  We went up Gertrude's Nose, yes we did, you just wait and see.
Furstly, see wot the sign at the park say?  Good thing only barking not be allowed until after 9 AM coz we got there at 7:45 AM and we went on in.  I did not bark.  Until after 9 AM.
This do be wot it looked like when we started our hike.  Pritty.
We hads to cross a creek with no bridge.  That do not pawsent a problem fur me but mom, being high maintenance and all, cannot get her paws wet so wot did she do?
Boot covers.  Seriously?
Then she be pinning them in a tree like it be Chrissmuss or sumpin.  Mom sayed that be so they be there to cross back ofur at the end of our hike.  Wot. Ef. Fur.  Me, I just get my paws wet.  Furry simple.
So come with me now as I show you the pritty seeniks and colors and stuffs.
Wowser.  Oh, I should biggify fur you so you can see wot I be seeing.
I see those Catskill Mountains where I went hiking last week.
This rawk (speshull fur Frankie Furter fur hims 4th Blogaversary) be called Patterson's Pellet and it be right on the edge!  I has my eyes closed coz the wind be blowing so hard up here I is skeered the pellet be blowing ofur and squishing me like SPLAT.
I is starting to see some seeniks here.
Let's go to the seeniks, hurry mom!
We has to hike ofur these big rawks to get to Gertrude's Nose.
It do be getting a little dangerous here with the wind and all so we had to be careful not to get sucked into Gertude's nostrils.
I did lead the way safely around.
Do not look down mom or you be getting skeered and shaky in the knees and all.
Ahhhh, we made it to the tip of Gertrude's Nose!
Time fur my chickun jerky.  No worries, I woz not trying to nom mom's fingers, I just did not want the wind to blow my jerky away.  That would has made me furry sad.
Then fur a little powah nap....
... and we be on our way down the udder side of Gertrude's Nose.
There be all farms and stuffs ofur here on this side.
Sometimes I had to engage my walking string so the wind did not blow mom off of Gertrude's Nose.  Or woz that Gertrude sneezing?
We had to go up steep rawks and I did a video of my graceful jump up but I will not show you a video of mom climbing up.  Let me just say it woz not pritty and I will spare you that, my furrends.
Got more chickun jerky?
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom...
Here we is at the lake but I did not go in.  (Coz the wind woz making crazy waves and mom would not let me - do that be a good excuse, Sage?)  But as you can see my furs so be wet coz I went in a creek earlier.  I furgot to take my Shawnee Cam off and it went unner waters but it be OK.  Whew.
And also fur Frankie Furter's 4th Blogaversary, FALLING WATERS!
Now excuse us just a minit, k?
And I leave you with a slide show of my SHAWNEE CAM pictures!


  1. OMD OMD Shawnee my VERY MUCH BRAVE FUREND. THANK you fur givin me that HOOOOOOGE PELLET fur my blogiversary Pressie. I can't believe you risked gettin Squished JUST fur me.... AND THEN when I thought my Pressies were finished... you go and give me a FALLING on your BUTT WATERS picture.

  2. That sure looked like a fun hike except for all that wind. I agree with Frankie it looks like the water is falling on your butt :-D

    Cindy & Millie

  3. WOW - what a fantastic walk at a beautiful time of the year. M says your pictures are so good they look professional

  4. What a great hike my friend. I loved the video of you jumping up, to be honest, I am very very impressed that you can do that at your age. And oh how beautiful the pictures are, especially the first one.

    Bert and My Vickie

  5. Wow, Shawnee, your Shawnee cam did a great job - and we loved that music:)

    Gertrude had a very interesting nose - so many great scenics. Mom says she wishes there were a place here with Bark Hours so she could send the neighbor's dog there - he is so annoying.

    Isn't it getting a bit chilly there for dipping those toes in that water?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Shawnee, you are a fantastic photographer. How cool that you got three hikes in one week! You are one lucky girl. And I love all your leaves. We're having storms here for the next few days and I'm afraid it will blow all the leaves away!


  7. Wow, the colors are just breathtaking and so are the seeniks. What a beautiful day you and your mom had! It's a good thing you led your mom safely around Gert's nose. It really looked windy! Great videos!

    p.s. I was happy to hear you like stinky mom stuff too!

  8. Nice hike! Isn't it getting to chilly to be in the water?


  9. That looks like a scary hike. Your Mommy is wimpy though for not taking her shoes and socks off and wading through the water in her bare feet like you. Nice Shawnee Cam shots!

  10. Mom's drooling over your pictures. One thing she misses most about the east coast is the fall colors. We get turning leaves, but not so many different colors like you get. We just love your hiking pictures.

  11. Howdy Shawnee, you have the coolest hikes. You and your mum must be very fit. We love every single photo! Thanks for taking us along. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. You made that jump up that big rock look so easy Shawnee, I bet your Mom didn't do it so gracefully

  13. Such a pretty beginning to your walkie! Wow! And those sceniks were pawsome! So glad Gretrude didn't snuff you up her nose. Mom and I admired your Mom's orange shirt and your orange collar. Orange is my favorite color :)

    Waggin at ya,

  14. Moms think up excuses for lots of stuff, don't you think, Shawnee? At least you got your furs wet going through that stream. Me? I would have been laying in it. It's all about cooling your core, don'tcha know.

    I really liked your leap up the rocks! You should go to agility with me.