Monday, October 29, 2012

Last Hikes Before Hurricane Sandy

While we is sitting here all shuttered up waiting fur that Hurry-Cane Sandy to thwock us, I is going to make good use of my time by telling you about TWO more hikes I did last week.  We did FOUR hikes last week fur a total of 27 miles.  We woz trying to get all the fall colors afore Sandy noms them all up.  So I needs to catch you up.

On Thursday mom had to be in south Noo Joisey at 6 am fur 1 1/2 hours so I waited in the car while mom woz bizzy then we walked on a rail trail afore going back home.
I tried to bring you all back some Howloween from this walkie coz with Hurry-Cane Sandy I will not be able to do the skeery Howloween hike I promised you.  So be skeered NOW.  Boo.
I seened a kitteh-pillar
And some feral kittehs.
Here do be a Howloween feral kitteh fur you.
A Howloween punkin.

Then on Furiday we went to Pilly-delphia to hike in a city park wot be like hiking in the woods like we usually do coz it be furry rugged with ofur 50 miles of trails!  I wonner if Lucy the Cat's peeps woz efur there when they lived in Pencilvania?

Let me point out that in this park there be wanted posters fur a RAPIST!  Can we pick 'em or wot?  Anyways, that happened way earlier in the year so he be long gone.
I alreddy snootered out some falling waters.
These leaves woz crunchy unner my paws.
So here I is enjoying the pritty colors when...
... wot do that be wot I hear?
There be dogs swimming in the waters!  But mom say I is not allowed coz that creek be one of the most pawlooted creeks in Pencilvania.
This be furry interesting how the trail has fancy steps.
So as we is hiking along, there be a whole school of school childruns.  Me and mom stepped off the trail and let them pass coz there woz LOTS of them.  All the childruns was all SQUEEEEEE ofur ME!  Wot funs.
We went by a stable with lots of horsies. I wanted to go say HEY at them butt...
Here I is next to the GREAT BEECH tree wot is a state champion tree in Pencilvania.  I think it be like ofur 300 years old!  Lots of peeps has cutted their names in the tree - GRRRRRR on them!
This be a deaded magnolia tree wot woz 250 years old in 1979.
Here I is with some trail ambassadors wot we met.  They hike around the park and help peeps wot is lost and stuffs.
This be the Forbidden Drive - it be called that coz cars is furbidden, not peeps.  But most peeps is on this trail so we went back on the woods where there be no udder peeps.
On this trail it be just me and mom and...
... and a chip monkey!
Pawsome hike and it be hard to tell we woz in a city!
So that be it fur now while we ride out Hurry-Cane Sandy.  I has been thinking about my buddy Yoda the Dog in Furginia and do be hoping all be well there coz that Sandy went by him furst afore coming this way.  And me and mom hopes efurrybuddy else be safe too.  If'n you want to see wot be happening close to us in Noo York City, here do be a live cam.


  1. Oh Shawnee my dear, that was a beautiful hike, and to think it was so close to the city. The leaves are still so beautiful. I hate to think that this time tomorrow it will be a whirl wind of leaves and branches.

    Please stay safe my friend and let us konw as soon as you can, how you fared.

    Bert and My Vickie

  2. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, what a great set of spooky howloween pix! Scary stuff is fun. Your Philly hike was very seenik! My western PA is pretty too, but you really found some great views. Did you bash that munk? Take care during the storm!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. Wowsers....Now that looks like a fun hike. Maybe I wouldn't get a park??

    Be safe and stay away from Sandy!

  4. What a pretty hike! We had no idea Pennsylvania was full of CATS!


  5. I'm glad you got lots of hikes in before horrible hurricane Sandy hits. Here in Wales we are hearing lots of scary things about it so I am worried about all my friends what be in the way. I was just going to put up a post wishing yous all well when I saw your post. Keep safe Shawnee I be thinkin of you.
    Finn..(and Smudge)

  6. You really do the most beautiful walks. I thought autumn was beautiful in old England but wow over there the colours are amazing. What a shame about your halloween walk. I am sure you will get to do it next year though. Stay safe with the hurricane.

  7. Glad you were able to get out for some great hikes last week. We are hunkered down and waiting for Sandy here too.

    Cindy & Millie

  8. Oy, just thinking of hiking 27 miles makes me tired mate. Have a great haloween! Play bows,


  9. Hey Shawnee! Thanks fur sharin' all those furty fall colors with us!!Stay safe and dry, K?

    Your pals,

    Bart and Ruby

  10. Okay, is you and your mom trying to be all CSI-y and trying to track down criminals?? Do you need some sunglasses to look all for real detektive? Good thing you're there to protekt the mom form bad guys and those spooky guys in the hood!

    Be carefull with Sandy! Mom's work has already sent some power line peoples up there to help. They're in Furginia and Maryland and some other Alabama power line peoples are also all up there, waiting to see what happens. Keep safe, we have paws crossed for you and put in a good word for the power guys to keep your lights on k?

  11. Shawnee I PRAY that you will be safe from Hurry Cane Sandy/FrankenStorm.

    Gotta run before I lose my connection... AGAIN.

  12. Pawsome pics my pal, showins how trooly bootiful you be....owever, we be mostly concerned that you takes care and comes fru the hurry-cane unharmed.....woof. Good luck my pal.

  13. Pretty pictures! Please stay safe Shawnee!!

    Love from the Heartbeats

  14. That first feral kitty looks like our buddy Boris Kitty!

    I hope you got a ton of pets from all those kids. (I woulda had to hide behind Mom.)

  15. That place is so awesome and Mama is super stupid for never having gone. How great that you got to get more autumn hikes in.

    I can imagine all those children going crazy over you, Shawnee. I hate seeing homeless kitties even thought they're feral. I sure hope they will be OK when Sandy hits. Mama and I are also hoping you all will be safe and dry and no damage. We'll check in with you tomorrow. Hopefully, you can do an all-is-well post.

  16. Fun, fun, fun before the big storm for sure. Mom says all those leaves on the ground remind her of her many years in New England. She misses the beautiful colors, but not the raking.

    Now about that fence, tell your Mom to be careful, that wind might whip her right up in the air and who knows where she will land. Stay safe, we are thinking good thoughts for all our pals in the path of Sandy.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Be safe, y'all. Make sure you have plenty of chicken jerky! Thanks for the Halloween walk :)

  18. It is mean of Sandy to ruin you spooky Halloween hike.

  19. Boo on Sandy for ruining the Halloween hike, but I'm glad you got out to enjoy some beautiful sights before she stole all the leaves off the trees! I hope you will be safe, warm and dry until Sandy passes by!


  20. Hey Shawnee that was some wild hikin you were doin! Luved the old trees and the kitteh pillar and the Halloweenie decor and the chip monkey and the and the and the :D

    Y'all stay safe now and let us know how you're doin when you can.

    Waggin at ya,

  21. Hi Shawnee!
    I really hope that everything is ok with you and that Hurry-Cane Sandy dosent blow you away! I've been watching the news here in Wales UK to keep an eye on you! I'm praying for you and that everyone will be safe!
    I really love your walk, those leaves are beautiful!
    I love all your walks but this one was very spooky!
    I love the fancy steps in the middle of the trail, what is that all about??
    I like all of the animals you saw, the catapiller and the cats ... Hmmm ... I see you have lots of cats there! BOL!
    The 250 year old magnolia tree is cool and a good place to take a break! Looks like such a wonderful adventure!
    I love the photo of you by the falling waters, my Mum still thinks that you are very gorgeous Shawnee!
    Love, Licks and Hugs with Tummy Rubs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxx

  22. We've been worried about you and all our East Coast furiends. We sure hope you are safe! It's really pawsome that you got some hikes in before Sandy came along and caused so much destruction.

  23. Stay safe over there!

    Very colourful walkies.