Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Fall Foliage Hiking

So on Saturday we went hiking in the Harriman State Park in Noo York.  That be the bestest place to hike during huntin' season coz this park do be 46,000 acres big and there nefur be any huntin allowed efur.  Butt, we had to watch fur sumpin else while hiking there and furrends, hold on to your leashes coz this do be way skeery!
You see that poster at the beginning of the trail?  It do be a WANTED poster.  That man shoosted his daughter-in-law dead then escaped into the park and be hiding out!  The pawlice had search pawties and search dogs and helly-copters looking fur him and the whole park was closed fur a while but they nefur did find him.  The park do be opened again so I told mom no worries, I be on full alert while there.  You can read all about wot happened with the shoosting here.
Me on full alert in Harriman Park.
WHO GOES THERE?  Oh, it just be some udder hikers and their two dogs.  Us dogs all played fur a bit.  Fun times.
The coast do be clear.  Climb on up, mom.
Leading the way to....
Hmmm... I think those tracking dogs did miss some suspicious sniffs here.
So on we went...
... thru the Elbow Brush (can you guess why it be named that?  And yes, mom got stuck AGAIN.)
Careful along these rawks and caves and stuffs coz murderers and outlaws could be hiding in here.  Just like...
... here in that old timey Claudius Smith, the outlaw's den!  But that do not be the murder suspect or Claudius Smith.
That just be a bunch of childrens camping with their dads.  But it would be a great cover, no?  Who would suspect, eggsept fur me - I would know.
Here be wot it looks like atop that Claudius Smith's cave.  This be where the outlaws watched to see if'n the sheriff be coming.  I wonner if'n that murder suspect watched the tracking dogs from up here?
I founded myself a nice cammo spot fur my powah nap (after I had my chicken jerky, of course).
If'n I did not has my orange collah on, you would not be able to see me.  I think they sayed that murdering suspect had a cammo hat on.  No wonner they cannot find him.
All filled back up with energies, we is on our way again.
Here be a lake but I did not get my furs wet coz it be a little nippy out today.
So I just stayed on the trail.  And went through a puddle or two.


  1. Shawnee! What a great hike! I thought of you last weekend when I took the momma on a hike at Thacher Park!

  2. Shawneeeee *woof woof woof woof*
    Beautiful hike. Beautiful lake. Beautiful trees. Beautiful leaves. Beautiful view. Beautiful Shawnee. Scary poster.

    *tail wag*

  3. I'm glad you didn't run into the bad guy!

  4. Oh purrr You look most beeyootiful in da park!

  5. You know, I bet if that killer bad man saw you he was like "Oh Snap! The super strong and smart Police K9 is on my trail!! It's all over! I better give up before it tears into me, there is no hope!" And then you'd be known as Shawnee of Justice and get your own TV show! I think it's totally pawsible! :)

  6. I was surprised that this park still has a way to go before it has all the leaves in color. I thought it was just our part of Furrginia still waiting for the trees to put their fall clothes on.

  7. Now, wait, Shawnee. It was too nippy to get your furs wet??? NEVER

    But I do think you were especially brave to be the scout while going through the park...protecting your Mom and all.

  8. Good thing your Mom had you there to protect her!


  9. Oh Shawnee you did a wonderful job of keepin your mom SAFE from murderers and stuffs.
    WOW... you REALLY did blend in.. I would NOT have found you if you had not had your NO SHOOT MY FUREND SHAWNEE Collar on.

  10. What a great hike! I wouldn't have been scared, because I'd probably be with Kuster or Morgan, and nobody would bother us with them around, but it would be fascinating to try to sniff that fellow out! And your scenics were beautiful!


  11. Shawnee, we are so happy you were able to do that hike with all its beautiful scenics. But we know our Mom would have been too scared to go there with that bad guy still on the loose.

    We can't wait to see where you go next.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. You and your Mom are very brave
    Shawnee to hike in the woods where a very bad peep is hidin out! 46000 acres is a lot of space to hide out in! Luv the outlaw den and lookout. Way cool :)

    Glad you made it out safe and sound :)

    Waggin at ya,