Monday, October 25, 2010

Virginia Vacation Day 1 - Cacapon State Park, WV and My Cabin

So I just gotted back from my hiking vakashun in Furginia.  It woz totally pawsome.  Mom and I lefted last Fursday and stopped in West Furginia furst to hike there on the way.  We hiked 6.5 miles at Cacapon State Park.
So we had just started hiking when a rawk grabbed mom's foot and maded her fall flat on her face.  I woz not able to render furst aid licks to her banged up knee coz she had long pants on so I figgered I should render comforts by sitting on top of mom.  Whereupon mom yelled rilly lowd fur me to get off of her so she could breef.  So much fur gratitudes.  The good news be that mom could still hike with her bruised knee.   So see, my rendering of comforts did help.

I woz so eggsited about leaving on our trip that I did not eat my breakfast afore we left the howse so in this pikshure above I woz thinking about hasing some of those nommy Zukes Powah Bones fur snack.
"No mom, NOT kibble..."
"Bingo! Powah Bones!"
"OK, now I will nom on my kibble."
Then we seened a rilly cute snek.  No worries, he woz not the poisoning kind.
And some seeniks:

When we lefted the park and woz driving to Furginia, mom seened this sign:
And then we founded the market!

Bet you did not knows I is famuss in West Furginia, did you?

Then finally we gotted to Shenandoah River State Park in Furginia where we woz staying in a cabin wot lets dogs stay there!  Here do be our wonnerful cabin. The cabins is all brandie new and has only been opened since this summer.  We woz in cabin 6 and can you beleef it woz rite next to where the hiking trails start?  See that brown informashun board?  That do be the hiking trail rite outside our door!  OK, so common inside and I show you around...
The front door.
The furry kewl porch with rawking chairs by the woods
The kitchun fur noms.
The living room with furnitures wot has bears on them.
The bedroom fur if'n you has childruns.
A bedroom fur me and mom.
A bafroom.
A nice spot fur my bed unner the winder wot I can look out of at the woods.
So after we got unloaded and unpacked we took a quick little hike down to the river and guess wot we founded?  Yoda's cabin!  Yoda had been there a few weeks ago and coz hims mom werks fur Furginia State Parks, they gotted to stay in a furry speshul cabin wot Yoda say not be fit fur public consumpshun.  This be it:
And, you mite ask, how duss I know that be the cabin?  Well, you see, Yoda lefted me all kinds of pee-mail.  Did I find it all Yoda?
That woz some joosy gossip, Yoda!  Thanks!

So we had lots of hikes and advenshures so stay tooned coz I be telling you all about them!

Also, thank you efurryone fur your kind condolences fur our Claudie.  He woz on our mind lots while we woz on vakashun but all of your werds helped so much.


  1. I could be all about camping if we could find a place like that to stay! That is beyond coolness!

    We can't wait to see more pictures of when you went out on your hike! I'm so glad you were there to administer Shepherd First Aid to your mom. Morgan does that to Dad a lot, well, the sitting part anyhow!


  2. Looks like a great trip. Sorry to hear your mom hurt her knee. My mom is very clumsy so she can relate.

    Love that picture where you are standing on that ledge - just be careful! I'm kind of clumsy like my mom so I don't think I would be so brave.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. If only Mrs. Taleteller could say TenT. LOL. I had a great laugh at being sat on. Hope it didn't hurt too bad. If I'm laying on the floor Morgan will come over and sit on me. Sometimes she'll even sit her rear end on the chair I'm sitting on. It's too funny! Looking forward to you pics. -Mr. Taleteller. M.

  4. Next summer you have to come hiking in colorado!

  5. Save fur the khlumsy Mom stuff, what a great trip so far!

    How fun!

    Of khourse, Shawnee Springs was furry khool!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  6. What an exciting vacation!
    that cabin is pawsome n the trails are magnificent...:)
    u are very smart to know that snake wasn't the poisonous kind.
    So sorry about your mummy's knee.hope it is healed by now..
    wags, buddy n ginger

  7. What a pawsome vaykayshun my furriend. I wishin we did get to ave howlidays like dat in nice big hikin areas. Woof

  8. Wow! That looks like a great place! Too bad your mommy fell. Why don't they like it when we sit on them? We are making sure they are fine when we sit on them.

  9. I think you really did find all the peemail I left. Mom thinks you should give tours of all her facilities. Maybe on the ones that could use some renovating they would not notice because they would be distracted by your cuteness!

  10. Wow dat a really nice cabin u did stay in.

    I did not knows u had ur beary own market! Cool.

    I no likes snakes....u iz beary brave. But did u member wot i said about cliffs?

  11. I think your mom needs to color in West Virginia on your states hiked map!