Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Supwise Pre-Gotcha Day Pawty!

Oh my dog! The supwize is from @BorisKitty! He saveded hims allowances to buy me gifties at for my Gotcha/Birfday Day! Isn't he the sweetest buddy? My Gotcha Day isn't until July 11 but @BorisKitty said we could has a pawty now with the pwezzies he sended. KEWL! We is always up for a pawty! And @BorisKitty even sended some stuffs for the kittehs from But we saves that for another bloggie - might take some time to get pics of the kittehs with their stuffs since they is very shy.

And there is more...

That was pawsome fun and I has to say, kwite unexpected. It werked out perfekt tho because you see, last night I was kind of bummed. Foster sisfur Pumpkin is such a good pawty dawg (unlike bad Jack) and I had found out Pumpkin was not going to be at my Gotcha Day pawty on July 11. Mom tooked her for a meet and greet with some adopshun applicants last night and the peeples is going to be adopting Pumpkin this Saturday, July 4. So I is very happy that I had to have one more pawty with Pumpkin before she leaves for her furever home. Now she can has her own Gotcha Day pawties! She had good pwactice here. Thanks @BorisKitty for all of the grate pwezzies and for one last pawty with Pumpkin!


  1. Wow! that's so sweet of Boris! Congrats on pawsome presents!!! Wow!
    That jack is sooooooo funny :o)
    And we're so happy to hear Pumpkin found her forever home! That's really really great news!
    *high paw*

  2. You guys luk like u had a pawsome pawty! I loved seesing you in your hats!

    So glads you gots to pawty wif pumpkin bfur da doption day. Punkin a lucky dawg to be fostered by you and ur sisfurs.

    Since Jack stealded da ducky guess Jack now in ducky club?

  3. @Boriskitty that so nice of you. And I was wondering the same thing about Jack - He in the duckie club? I sorry u loosing ur pal Pumkin. I know u gonna miss her. But at same time u know she gonna be luved and hugged where she going :)

  4. That is some awesome stuff. Boris Kitty is sure nice!!!