Friday, March 19, 2010

I Got Mail!

My good furrend Boris had a SciFi pawty on Twitter last weekend. It woz so much funs. I dressed up as Shaw-Shaw-Binks (Jar-Jar-Binks from Star Wars). Efurryone had such wonnerful kostooms for the pawty.

Boris had contesties to win prizes and I wonned one of these alien bunny stuffies:

So when we gotted home from hikings today, mom broughted me my mails. I woz so tired from mountain climbing that I woz not so impressed with hasing mails.

But when mom opened the box, I sayed "Oh my dog! That is my alien prize from Boris! I can smell Boris scents on it!"

I gotted my second wind and perked rite up:

There woz a mousie wot say "SQUEAK SQUEAK" in the box too. It woz for the kittehs so mom had to go gib it to the kittehs rilly quick like afore Sydney, the mouser, nommed it up.

And then there woz Yummy Chummies treats, too! We had never hadded these kinds of treats afore. They woz nomilishus and we nommed them all up even tho we just eated dinner. There is always room for Yummy Chummies!

Thank you so much Boris for a wonnerful pawty and the grate prize I wonned. I is going back to sleep now wif my alien bunny stuffie coz I lub him!


  1. What a lucky pup! A wonderful day to hike and some nice treats to greet you once you came home!!!

  2. Woof!! What an exciting parcel.. that's a really cool looking alien bunny! Oh wow you have a linky for me at the side of your blog!! How cool is that! Anyway, I is here to tell you I have passed on a Sunshine Award to you too and you can read about it on my bloggy. This is a linky to it if you don't want to clicky on your own linky!
    Woof woof xx Teagan xx

  3. Awwww....what a great way to end your fun day! Your alien bunny is too cool. I think I saw you smiling, Shawnee. Actually, Dixie and Sydney look pretty happy too with the treats.


  4. wow dat alien bun bun did beams to u kwik like!

    I iz so glads u likes u pwizes!

  5. What a pawsome prize that alien is. I love it! So cute.

    And treats to nom, too?!?! I'm glad you perked up -- that's some great mail!

  6. Wow! That bunny rocks, Shawnee. You're probably lucky that I don't live with you any more...I'd have to swipey it... *snickers*

  7. Wow Shawnee - you got a whole lot of neat new toys. Has fun!

  8. I just love the pics when you guys eat. heh heh
    Look at syndey's oh so ladylike dainty bite...*swoon*