Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monmouth Battlefield State Park (Manalapan, NJ)

We had beeootiful spring wevvers today with sunbeams and 54 degrees so we hiked at Monmouth Battlefield State Park for 9.3 miles.

When we gotted there the park woz still closed but they had a few parking spots outside the gate so we parked there and walked in. Mom letted me run in the street coz cars could not get in. That woz the first time in my life I has been allowed to run up the middle of a street!

Then there woz this statue of this guy from the old days when they had the Revolushunary War here.

Then we had to cross a bridge. I woz OK wif it even wif my bad eggsperience where I falled into the waters coz this woz a rilly nice bridge and I could tell it woz very safe for me to walk on.

On the udder side of the bridge we camed to the farms. All of these farms and fields is where the Revolushunary War woz where peeples put the bitey on each udder. Lots of peeples woz maded ded here long time ago. This is wot it looked like back then:

Now it is pritty and peaceful.

If'n I woz a yungun, I would has runned like the wind in these fields. These rilly is farms where they still grow froots and vegetabuls but they let peeples hike there. And when they has froots and vegetabuls when it is not winter time, you can buy them while you is there hiking.

We seened lots of hawks flying over our heds while we woz there.

And there is these signs all over the place wot tells you wot happened when they was hasing the war here.

This is the Craig House and it is rilly old. This house woz here while they woz doing the Revolushun War. A fambly wif three chilluns lived in it back then.

Can you imagine living in a house with cannons booming outside? Skeery.

Then as we woz leaving the farms and heading back to go into the woods, we seened this in the muds:

OMD! Is it Bigfoot or woz a hooman walking through the snows and muds wif no shoos on?

So then we hiked some trails through the woods...

There woz still lots of snows in some places in the woods. And I found a giant snowball somebody had maded:

Mom had just read the udder day about skunk cabbage and that it be the furst plant to come up in the spring. Ta da! Mom founded skunk cabbage popping up out of the ground! I hopes that means spring is offishully here.


  1. Nice to walk with you
    i see sun snow and a sweet doggie
    Lovely photo's !!!!

    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  2. I say you were still brave to walk that bridge and I'm glad it was a safe one. That place looks a lot better now than when it was the Revolutionary War. It's so peaceful and pretty there. How nice it is to buy fresh fruits & veggies from farms (says Mama). We have some farms pretty close to here and some do the same thing. There are "No Trespassing" signs everywhere, so hiking around there is not an option. That old house is amazing. How neat to see something that old (and so close to the battlefield...yikes!). We never heard of skunk cabbage. Good to know!

  3. I think that WAS Bigfoot! No human would be going barefoot!

  4. Did the skunk cabbage smell like a skunk?

    Looks like you had very beautiful weathers! Mom was gonna take me for a hide today, but the weather peoples lied and we had rain instead of sun.

  5. Another pawesome hike fur woo!

    Oh yes - Mom saw lots and lots of hawks today whilst she was transporting!

    She's got this hawkspottinggift - she doesn't TRY to see them but she just does!

    Thanks fur sharing your great day!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. I always love to hear about your hiking adventures, Shawnee!!! Thank you for sharing and taking so many pawsome pics, so we can come with you in mind!!! BIG HUGS!!! :-)

  7. Hi Shawnee, I love your name!! I love shepherds. I use to have a boy shepherd. He is dead now but he is still with me in my heart. I blogged about him a few blogs ago.
    His name was Bruce, he was the dog love of my life!!
    I would like to be friends. Come and see me at my blog.
    Animal Lover, Fern

  8. What kind of goodies do you carry in your pack?

  9. Hawk! we saw a hawk the other day too!
    Bigfoot? Sasquatch? Yeti? wow...
    Skunk cabbage????
    Your pics are geting better and better and better...