Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed (Pennington, NJ)

The wevver peeples is saying this weekend is supposed to be a total washout wif FIVE inches of rains! They sayed if'n that woz snow, it would be 40 inches of snow! But it has been warm so we will just has floods. That means no hikings this weekend. But mom has some use-or-or-lose-it vakashun days she has to take so she taked today off werk so we could get a hiking in. We hiked 7.3 miles at the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed today.

As you can see by this furst pikshur, which woz akshually taken at the end of the hike, it looks like this place alreddy gotted flooded by the melting snows! See how muddy the trails is?

Mom and I woz full of muds!

But we seened some kewl things.

The Hobbit Tree

The Tree Hit By Lightning

The Stony Brook

The Pond

These geeses woz not skeered of me like they usually is, even tho I not bother them. Peeples must as been feeding them coz they followed mom all around the pond mooching for noms. We did not has any noms for them but iz not good to give wildlifes noms anyways coz they should not come so close to dogs and peeples. That be very dangrus.

We heared a lowd noise and big splash just as mom had turned her camera off. It woz two swans landing in the pond! The one time mom should has had her camera on and she missed it!

But mom did capture this shot of a hawk watching us from way up in the tree. I dinnot knows her camera could reach that far. He woz pritty high up.

Then in the middle of nowheres, this white chair. Interesting.

So when we gotted back to the car, mom felt something stinging ahind her knee. She pulled hers pants leg up and OMD! You will never believe wot she founded. AN ICKY TICKY! UGH! He woz awake from hims winter hibernashuns and he wanted some noms!

Mom stucked him in her water bottle coz she did not want to throw him down and has him jump back up on one of us. When we gotted home mom flushed him down the hooman litter box. Mom had not put anything on me for ticks coz she not want to put chemicals on me when it is not necessary in the winter time. But I woz all muddy and needed a baf! You cannot put Frontline on for 48 hours after a baf coz it has to do distribushuns thru the skin oils and shampoo takes the oils away. We is not using Frontline any more coz it is not werking very well now so we changed to K9 Advantix wot is supposed to werk better for ticks.

So when we gotted home mom hosed off only my muddy legs and belleh (this is not near as bad as a baf)

Then I gotted towel dried

Then mom called the K9 Advantix peeples to see how long to wait afore putting K9 Advantix on me. The K9 Advantix laydee tolded mom even if'n I had a full baf wif shampoo, as long as I woz towel dried she could put it on me rite away. Well, thank goodness mom did not call them afore hosing me off! Dodged that baf bullet!

Then we checked our mails.

I gotted a thank you card from Buttons for the toy I sented her. (Mom snucked that piggy kostoom in the box.) Buttons card say: My five favorite words: Wanna play with a TOY! Yup, that be our Buttons BOL! Then, can you believe mom akshually won something on Twitter. Mom never wins anything. She did a contesty wot @marcalsmallstep woz hasing. They take the paper wot peeples puts out at the curb for recycling and makes udder paper stuff out of it like TP, napkins, tishoos, paper towels. The nice peeples at Marcal sented mom koopons for free stuffs. Thank you Marcal and thank you for saving so many trees so they is there for our wildlife furends and for hiking.


  1. I get sad each time our weather people mention how much snow this would be...

    OH WELL!

    Thanks fur sharing your pawesome hike!

    Woo got some furry good mail too!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Wow, Shawnee, that's a LOT of mud on your furs! Glad you didn't have to take a *shudders* BATH, though!

    Mom says that we use K9 Advantix. That was news to me...but probably 'cause I moved here after the ticks and fleas went to sleep for the winter.

  3. Muddy Shawnee! *woof woof*
    The hobbit tree is so cool!
    hmm forgetful squirrel...I wonder...
    aww the poor lightning tree...why did the lightning have to hit it...
    look at the hawk! we saw this big crane-looking bird at the lake today!
    arrrggggh we hate ticks! we used Frontline for a long time but not anymore. still looking for safe all natural alternative...

  4. What an interesting walk. All except the tick.

  5. I loved your walk today ....
    So beautiful nature on your place

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  6. Hi Shawnee,
    We're having that rain here too this weekend. Mama still needs to checkout the hiking stuff your mom sent, but she knew that she wouldn't be able to go this weekend.

    Boy, you and your mom got muddy! I'm glad you didn't have to have a real bath though. That's too bad about the tree that got struck by lightning. That picture of the hawk is amazing. Mama would've screeched if she had a tick. The picture of the pond is so pretty, but yes, it's a shame that people feed the ducks.

    Buttons was sweet to send you a thank-you card.


  7. Wow - dat is a great place to take a walk. Such interestings to see. You so lucky!

  8. What a great day off! Except for the tick and the muds, of course. I wonder why that chair was there?

  9. Mud mud gloriuss mud nuffink quite like it for coolin the blud

  10. Awesome hike. We felt like we had gone with you. Don't they say- the more mud the more fun???! Mom uses Revolution on us for ticks, fleas, heartworm.
    Glad you dodged that bath. But we bet one is coming your way... We've been hearing whispers about bafs tooo...
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  11. Ewww ticks! My pill helps with fleas and heartworms but not ticks apparently. Mom is going to try Springtime Garlic to see if that will helps with ticks. Boo on ticks!!