Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ringwood State Park (Ringwood, NJ)

Today we hiked for 12 miles at Ringwood State Park. Where we parked woz rite by the New Jersey Botanical Gardens but they does not allow dogs so we did not go in. We did, however, find some of their daffydills along the way so I got to see them and it maded it feel like springtime.

The daffydills looks a little sad coz they gotted frozened last nite. We woz hasing 70 degree wevver for a whole week then last nite it wented down to 20 degreeses. Brrrrr. So we founded some icysickels too.

So here lately on our hikes we has been climbing up the mountain then staying atop the ridge and coming back down when we is done. Oh not today. Today we wented up and down mountains THREE times. You will see at the end how tired I is.

We seened this off the side of the trail wot says "YCC 1976-77".

That must mean the Youth Conservation Corps builted this trail long times ago. That woz rilly nice of them.

We had lots of seenik overlooks wif all the mountains we woz climbing.

We could not stop at this overlook coz a man was resting and hasing his lunch. There woz not enuff room for us and we did not want to introod in hims space so we just taked a pikshur and moved on.

But this next overlook, Ilgenstein Rock, woz rilly kewl anyways. See the Manhattan skyline along the horizon? You mite has to click on the pikshur to biggify it.

Or here is one wifout me in it, just the skyline, so mom could zoom in closer.

This is Bear Swamp Lake. You mite rememmer that name coz we hiked around it when we hiked at the Ramapo Valley County Reservation wot is ahind the lake on Noo Years Day in the snows! It looks a lot diffrent now wifout the snows.

I is starting to get a little tuckered out now.

We camed to Glasmere Pond but mom would not let me go in it coz it is too cold.

There woz some creeks to cross over too.

And check this out at the last overlook. These litter bugs thinks they is getting so clever, making us think sodie cans grows on trees! Ha! We is way smarter than that! Mom plucked the can, stomped it so it woz all squished flat and I carried it home for recycling in my backpack.

Then we gotted home and I has to show you real speedy quick wot camed in the mails afore I fall asleep. Mom had ordered me a nifty patch for my backpack! It says "Bigfoot's Been Doing It For Years - Leave No Trace". So take that you litterbugs!

I will try my best not to get it muddy after mom sews it on my backpack. I do wish it comed in brown, tho.


  1. I love that patch! Mom says the YCC was great in the 70's. Lots of her park managers were YCCers. In Virginia they started it again in the summer for kids 14-17. It's a great program and mom gets to meet all the great kids who work so hard on trails and other projects in our parks.

  2. Wow - that trail is as old as my MOM is! *snickers*

    You are such a good and responsible hiker to carry that can all of the way home. And that's a very cool patch you have for your backpack!

  3. I love the patch for your backpack, Shawnee!!! Can't wait to see it sewed on!!! Thanks again for sharing all your pawsome hiking adventures!!!

  4. Conservation, ecology and the such were very popular in the 70's (that's what Mama says). That's great about the trail. I love that picture with the icicles.

    You were so good to carry home that can. You know that I would like to attach a hairball to that litterbug's forehead and see how he (or she) likes it. I love your patch!!

  5. wow I can see Manhattan skyline! *woof woof*
    Those litterbugs are everytwhere...grrrrrrr
    Cool patch you got there. Yeah brown would've been cooler...

  6. yet anutter pawsum hikes u did take.

    spring flowfers & icey-cicles all in one day!

    Human2 gonna gets a patch likes urs cause it iz so cool & we lubs bigfoots (& jersey debils & sea monsters & .... guess we iz just a bunch of weirdos here, huh?)

    Keeps on cleanin up affer dem human litter bugs u a gud pup dawg!

  7. Wowo, you can see da Manhattans from there! That's cool. One day mebbe you get to go into town...

  8. Why litter bugs think they are so smart? Can's don't grow on trees! It would have been much easier just for them to throw that away! Stupid bugs!

  9. Glad you enjoyed the trail! I was on the Ringwood YCC team that built it back in 1976 & 1977. I hope many of your doggie friends enjoy it in the future!