Friday, March 19, 2010

Mount Minsi (Delaware Water Gap, PA)

Mom had more use-it-or-lose it vakashun days to take from hers werks and today we had such beeootifuls wevvers (70 degrees) so we gotted to go hiking! It woz fantabulous. Rememmer back in November we hiked at Mount Tammany in the Delaware Water Gap? Well, Mount Minsi is straight across from Mount Tammany on the udder side of the Delaware Rivers.

So when the Delaware River waters split up the mountains, the one side maded Mt. Tammany in the Kittatinny Mountains in Noo Jersey and the udder side where we woz today was maded into Mt. Minsi in the Blue Mountains in Pencilvania. That be your geograffy lesson for today.

So after we parked the car we started on the Appalachian Trail and climbed up, up, up high up to the top of Mt. Minsi. It woz hard werks but it shore woz beeootifuls up there. I show you the trip up. In most of the pikshurs it is Mt. Tammany wot is the mountain you be seeing on the left and Mt. Minsi where we woz headed on the rite.

Where the arrow is pointing is where we woz on Mt. Tammanny afore:

Ta da! Here we is at the top of Mt. Minsi looking down at the teensy Delaware River and the cars on the highway wot looks like little ants from way up here.

Mom gotted the timer thingie on the camera to werk but either the camera woz crooked or the werld not be strate. But, hmmm, surprisingly mom and I look pritty strate. I wonner wassup with that.

Then we hiked more all the way to Totts Gap. All along the way any time we wanted to see a seenik overlook, all we had to do woz turn our heds and it woz rite there coz the trail wented along the top of the Blue Mountains.

And I founded the last little patch of snows! I is shore that after the 70 degrees wevver of today, that snow is now all gone.

OK, peeples, so you think that if'n you stuff your plastic bag unner a rawk that is a good thing?

NO! That is noggty! That still makes you a litter bug. (Gib them a big HISS for me, will you, Lucy?) Mom put the bag in my backpack and I carried it home to throw away. Bad peeples. Shamie on you.

So anyways, it woz a pawsome day and we hiked 9.75 miles. The whole weekend is supposed to has wonnerful wevvers so I think there mite be more hikings. I had better nap and rest up just in case.



    What views woo had!

    Thanks fur sharing them - all we got was two walks around the same ole same ole boring neighbourhood!

    I'm glad we get to hike vikhariously through woo!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. u sure did hab a george-ous day fur a grand day out wif u mom. and wot sites u did see on u way to da top of da werld.

    iznt it pawsum dat da wevvers iz getting warms agin & dat yucky whites stuffs iz goin byebye?

    we r jellos dat u gotta to goes out whilst we wuz stucks indoors all day, but u inspired us to got outs & checks on da garden fings!

  3. Awesome hike, you two! It's so pretty there. You sure did go up high!

    Not only am I hissing on that no-good litter bug, I hocked up a hairball on them too. Hmph!

    Mama went to the website, signed up and found some places nearby, but when she clicked on the links it kept going to blank pages. She thinks there was a problem with the site that day so she's going to do it again. We'll let you know.

    Happy trails!

  4. Oh, you really had beautiful weathers today! That looks like a great hike. And I love that pic of you and your mom. *waves* Hi, former foster mom!

  5. Wow Shawnee, I'm impressed - your and your mom are quite the hikers. Dat hike is not for us wimppy animals for sure. Beautiful pictures. Appalachian trail is a beautiful place - we've never hiked it, but we have driven the trail. Good going!

  6. Those were some of the bestest views ever! I think the earth was crooked cause you were so high up you could see where it starts curving!

  7. Hi Shawnee's mom! *waves* love the pic :o)
    And we really really really enjoy reading shawnee's blog.

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