Friday, March 5, 2010

Wharton State Forest (Atsion, NJ)

We hiked at Wharton State Forest afore eggsept for it woz at the udder end at Batsto. This time we hiked at Atsion for 10 miles so we has now done all the trails in that park. So we is driving along, mom gets off the turnpikes and pulls into a Wendy's. Then she makes a call on her cell phone. A few minits later, SURPRISE! My furrend from Furginia on Twitter @Yoda_the_dog, his mom who is @VAStateParks pulls up! Yoda woz not wif her coz she had been in Noo York City for Twitter's ShortyAwards. (Click here to read Yoda's mom's state park bloggie wot eggsplains wot the ShortyAwards is.) So here we all metted in Wendy's pawking lot while Yoda's mom woz driving back to Furginia and we woz headed to hikings!

That be mom on the left (she getting pritty good with that timer thingie on the camera), then me, then Yoda's mom - I be sitting on hers shoo and putting my furs on her black pants to send Yoda a message.

Then, can you believe the nerves of them - I should call PETA. They putted me back in the car, lefted me all alone and wented into Wendy's!

They woz not in there very long and they comed back wif coffees. But then they satted in the car and you how moms is, "Yak, yak, yak, yak..." I thought we woz going hiking?!?!?!

I woz somewhat annoyed so I pulled down my seat cover to make myself more comfy and gotted hairs all over the back seat of mom's car while I gibbed her the ebil eye. We sayed good-bye to Yoda's mom and I gibbed her a gifty to gib to Yoda from me.

So then we gotted to the hikings and it woz very nice in the pine forests. Nice and peaceful and soft cushunny pine needles unner my paws, and almost all of the snows woz melted away. It woz not muddy at all coz of the sand wif pine needles atop on the trails.

This is the Mullica River and you mite be saying "Ewwww, that looks doity!" The waters is colored like tea coz it has something to do wif iron in the waters.

Does you knows of a dog named Libby wot mite has losted her collah?

And mebbe hers leash?

By the Mullica River peeples can drive up the sand road wot the hiking trail crosses over in they cars to put canoos in the waters. That appears to be where the litterbugs hang out too and OMD, does they drink lots of beers. Mom picked up THIRTEEN beer cans!

(PFEEWWW that beer is stinkee!)

So here mom is carrying the bag wif beer cans in it like this...

...when we runned into a man and laydee hiking wif their dog. The man looked at the pink bag in mom's hand and sayed to mom, "Thank you for cleaning up. That is really nice of you." I heabed a big sigh of relief coz I thoughted the man woz going to think mom dranked all of those beers! (Our car did smell like a brewery when we gotted home. Now our recycling can smells like a brewery.)

So coz we gotted a late start with hikings, the sun woz just starting to go down as we gotted back to our car.

We gotted back just in time. It would has been skeery in the woods in the dark. But mom does has a flashlight and a blinky ball for me in case that ever does happen by axident.

Then when we gotted back home, Yoda's mom had gotted back home to Furginia and gibbed Yoda hims present from me.

Yoda is going to be writing his bloggie about his noo toy tomorrow so check back here and I post the linkie for you, k? (HERE IT IS, THE LINKIE TO YODA'S BLOGGIE ABOUT HIMS NOO TOY! BOL, BOL, BOL!) Glad you be liking your noo toy, Yoda! And mom and I hadded a grate time meeting your mom!

Some answers to the kewstshuns in the comments:
Yoda's toy - that be a bungee gecko wot stretches rilly long so you can play tug-o-wars. There be two squeakers in it but not lots of stuffins coz Yoda rips the stuffins out of hims toys. It's OK if'n he does that coz that is wot toys is for but mebbe he can enjoy it a little longer afore he makes it ded.
My noo backpack - mom wanted me to has a summer backpack wif pawkets so I can halp carry some stuff. She gotted it in orange so we can still use is on warmer days during hunting season coz my no-hunting-me vest has insulashuns and be too hawt in the warm wevver. We does not like this backpack much tho coz it keeps shifting so mom is going to try to make some modificashuns coz I don't think we can return it wif my furs all over it. Deer hunting season be over now but there is goose hunting coming up I think and we be on the waters lots so can't hurt to has my hiking wardrobe in orange.


  1. How khool woo got to meet Yoda's mom!

    AND have a pawesome hike!

    Woo are living the furry fine life!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Is that a FROG?!?!

  2. Boy, yall really go all over! And it is super neat that you got to meet Yoda's mom.

  3. That is way cool! I would like to meet an anipal in person someday like that! Or even an anipal's mom. BOL!

  4. Was there hunting going on there today? You're wearing your "no hunting me" vest, so made me wonder.

    And I think that your mom has come up with a good use for poop bags since you never poo on your hikings! *snickers*

  5. U do has citing hike's!!! I would like 2 come an hike wif U sumday, maybee sumday weez can, I like 2 reed bout urs hikes an it great U gets 2 meet Yodas mom !!


  6. We love your little vest!!! You're such a fashionable puppy!!

  7. I like the picture where you are sitting next to the trash bag - I can tell by the look on your face those cans smell bad. Now if they were bacon beer ....

    I finally posted my bloggie on the gecko

  8. Good idea about the backpack color! There are good hunters and there are bad hunters and those bad ones fill our momma's heart with terror during hunting season.

    You just keep safe, you hear☺

  9. I didn't know that was a new backpack. I thought that was your regular no-hunting-me vest. Now I'm wondering what kinds of things you put in the pockets.

    You and your mom are always so awesome to pick up stinky trash to throw away for the lazy, no-good so-and-sos that leave it there. I can tell you really don't like the smell of those beer cans.

    I know how moms can yak! Mine likes to yak too, but it's pretty cool that your mom got to meet a Twitter pal. It looks like you got her dog, Yoda, a really good gift!

    Mama was wondering if you and your mom know of a good place to hike that has a lot of trees that provide decent shade. Mama really wants to hike but burns easily.