Monday, March 8, 2010

My Hiking Wardrobe

A lot of peeples has been asking about wot I wear for hiking and why I wear it so I figgered I should do a bloggie about it (and mebbe launch my modeling career?). Sometimes peeples is just curious and udder times they is looking for something similar for they dog but is not shore wot to get or where. So we has been experimentating to see wot we likes the bestest and we will shares our reviews wif you! The name of each item has a linkie wot you can click wot takes you to the web site.

First of all, mom decided to get everything in no-huntin-me orange so I can wear it whether it is hunting season or not - that way we does not has to decide wot color to wear, any color I has will werk for any occashun. Dogs and peeples should always wear no-huntin-me orange during hunting season no matter where you hike coz it is not always clear where hunting boundaries is and we no wants to get shot ded. Besides, orange is my color, no? And when I is off leash, mom can always see me easily coz the orange stands out when I blend in wif the rawks and stuff.


This jacket is akshually made for huntin dogs. It has insulashuns to keep you warm and nifty pawkets on the sides. Mom buyed it online from but they does not has it listed any mores. It costed $42.95 plus $6.99 shipping. Mom emailed the Mendota company peeples asking if'n it could be washed in the washing machine but they never answered her. She washed it anyways and it comed out fine but the pawkets is starting to fray a little. I wear this when it is rilly cold outside, unner 30 degrees during the day. But if'n I axidentally goes in the water with it on, it gets very heaby coz it soaks up the waters in the insulashuns so you has to be rilly careful not to go in the waters.


We lub this one coz it is very lightweight, washes beeootifully, is grate for warmer days, but it has no pawkets to carry stuff in. Mom buyed it in the Eastern Mountain Sports retail store when they was hasing a sale. It woz regular $29.95, on sale for $23.95. We think this is a very good choice if pawkets is not impawtant for you.


This is my nooest one. Mom was looking for something lighter for warmer wevvers wif pawkets so she found this saddlebag. She liked it because it fitted over my shoulders where most udder backpacks fit lower, more over the back and that is not good. At first we woz not happy wif it at all because it kept sliding over to one side of me and woz very annoying. So for this last hike mom put some diaper pins (to hold the pawkets to the strap, not on me) where she thought it mite need sewing to be more stable and that werked beautifully. So she has to take it to the shoo repair shop or dry cleaner where they does alterashuns to sew it coz it be too thick for hers sewing machine and mite make it brokened. This one costed $47.00 with $8.50 shipping. It says hand wash and line dry but we has not washed it yet.

So then we is asked wot I carry in my nifty pawkets. Well I can tell you, it be nothing of high impawtance coz if'n I furget to take my backpack off and go for a swim, well, I don't think I need to draw you a pikshur, BOL. But this is wot I carry:


Even tho I is a large dog, mom gotted me the 1 cup size for little dogs. All I has to be able to do is stick my tong in for a drink and it has to be small for carrying around so 1 cup is all I need. It folds completely flat and slides right into my pawket. Mom buyed it at
and it costed $7.99 but we gotted some toys and treats too so I dunno wot the shipping woz. We has used some udder types of bowls for my waters for hiking but we lub this one the bestest and can't imagine there would be anything better. It washes nicely in the dishwasher, too.


Mom does not like anything plastic coz it be so bad for the environment so she tries to avoid it. Her water bottles is Kleen Kanteens but that would not werk for me so mine had to be plastic. The Platypus is BPA free so I not gets poisoned. I need to has collapsibul water bottles so mom can squoosh the air out as I is using up the waters. If'n there is air in the bottle wif the water, then it sloshes and I cannot hear mom. One time she thought I had gone def or woz misbehaving when she figgered out I woz not listening coz I could not hear her wif the water sloshing. Now that we has the Platypus I can hear mom's commands and I has to hear them to obey them, rite? We gotted the .5 liter sizes (2 of them, one for each pawket so I is ebenly weighted) at Appalachian Ski & Outdoors for $6.95 each plus $6.95 shipping. Mom looked and cannot find where they has the .5 liter any mores so they must not has them. I remember they woz hard for mom to find in the small size but bigger would be to heaby for me to carry. I is no spring chickun no more, you knows.

Golly, I is a costly, high maintenance hiking dog, no?


  1. Shawnee, I'm sure you're gonna get some modeling jobs now. You model those vests and things so well! Maybe the modeling career can help you finance more hiking supplies?

  2. Wolf Pakhks!

    Enough said!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  3. You are such a good lookin' pup in your gear my friend!

  4. Wowo, Shawnee. You sure is welll prepared when you goes out. I fink you cud go to the Norf Pole with all that gear. We dussntl ave huntin here so we dussnt ave to be day-glo like dat.

  5. You are ready to do some ads for adventure companies. I love all your gear. Very Cool!!!!

  6. Shawnee, you know how much I love your vests!!! Thank you for your adorable posing!!! The sellers should hire you to do some modeling for them and their sales would burst high up into the sky!!! BIG HUGS!!! :-)

  7. Shawnee, great post & lots of good info. We think orange is your color and we like the no-hunt-me color idea. We have a silicon fold up cup for water too. Sometimes Mom has used a ziplok bag & folded it down when she forgets the other one. It works but not as well. Your pack bags are very nice. They fit well. Thanks for visiting us.
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  8. I'm so happy I discovered your bloggy Shawnee. You certainly are well equipped for hiking/camping. Your adventures sound like fun.

  9. Thanks for sharing all this, Shawnee. Oh, and thank your mom for the hiking info. Mama is gonna check that all out.

    I'm with Buttons. You are really good at modeling all your stuff. Plus, you guys gave such detailed info. I think the companies should give you a kickback! Anyway, we found this very interesting. The only problem for me is that Mama would love to have a doggie.


    p.s. Really, you would make a great catalog or Internet model dog!!

  10. My mom got me this travel water thing that is also a flying disk. Only problem is when I see it on the ground I grab it up and spill all the water. Whose silly idea was that mom? Well, it's a fun toy at least. Love your hiking wardrobe Shawnee! (PS - gecko is still alive and in tact - going on a record here).

  11. Orange is a good idea! I wouldn't want anyone to mistake you for a deer when you're hiking. Thanks for the tour!

  12. Dear Shawnee,
    Do you think they make vests in hedgie size?

  13. I love all your orange jackets! I never wear anything but sometimes mom thinks about getting a backpack for me. Is sillicone safe for us? It sure looks good.
    Mom usually carries a Coleman jug filled with ice. :o)

  14. Your saddlebags look like a smaller version of mine, but I can't wear mine anymore cause of my back injury. Now Mommy has to carry all our stuff. I think that is just fine, but Mommy wants to know if there are any packs that won't put pressure on my back or neck.