Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hiking with Haley

I finally gotted to hike with my furrend Haley from Connettikit. A cuppull of weeks ago we woz supposed to meet to hike but Haley's mom gotted lost and we never did find each udder. So this weekend Haley and her mom woz in Noo York at Haley's gramma's howse so they hopped on over to Noo Joisey to our howse and we wented hiking. We only did hiking for 4 miles. You will soon see why. It has to do wif the wevver peeples being rilly, rilly rong about the wevver.

Furst we had to cross a bizzy street from the pawking lot and I akshually got a rilly good shot of the bizzy street with the Shawnee Cam: (pawlese make note of the pritty bloo skies)

So here is me and Haley hiking. Oh, and the boy wented wif us too:

And I capshured a few shots of Haley with the Shawnee Cam:

We commed to this rawk wot sayed there be a shelter where Indians used to go long times ago so we wented to check that out.

But mom furgotted to take pikshures of the Indian shelter coz her and Haley's mom founded these bones. Haley's mom sayed she thought they woz hooman bones. My mom thought deer bones. Haley and I wozn't interested in them at all.

Then we commed to a seenik overlook. (pawlese make note of the clowds)

Then we commed to a lake and wented for a swim. It do be furry hawt out and the swim woz furry refreshing.

Then we taked a brake by the lake and OMD, lookie at the speshul treat noms mom broughted for me and Haley!

The rappers woz impossibull to get open so I wated furry pashently while the boy used his knife to open the noms, cutted his hand and maded blud all over, mom had to get him a bandade out of the furst aid kit, it taked furever...

Finally, NOMS!

So then we started hiking again and all of a sudden, OMD, thunner boomers and monsoon hurrycane storms and crazzee winds wot maded us all wet! (We founded out later there had been a TORNADO 25 miles away in Noo York - YIKES, that woz close!) Mom and Haley's mom standed in the pouring rains while me and Haley stood unner a rawk cave.

When the rains wozn't so crazzee strong and letted up a bit, we had to cut our hike short and take a trail strate back to the car. We woz all soaked like we had takened a baf.

Haley gotted towel dried in her car...

... and I gotted towel dried in my car...

And that woz the end of our hike coz of the rains. Haley and I will just has to hike again some udder time.


  1. Oh Shawnee, that looks like fun, especially the swimming and noms and toweling!

  2. Aww, dat's too bad your hike was cut short. It looked like you were all having a great time too - until the nasty thumder boomers moved in. Great pictures.

  3. Our last couple hikes have gotten cut short because of the rain. I don't like rain. :( It's always ruining fun stuffs.

  4. We have an amazing record for getting caught in the rain while hiking, but we usually just keep going (unless the rain makes the trails too dangerous or the weather is too cold - not a problem right now).

  5. It all looks like fun to me! I love a good hike, but I do not like getting drenched. Fotunately I have my raincoat for such occasions! I hope you get to go hiking again soon!


  6. Mom was driving my Xterra up I81 from Hagerstown when she hit THAT near Chambersburg!

    OH MY FUN!

    I'm glad woo had a good hike save fur THAT!


  7. You have no idea how hooked I am on the Shawnee cam now - I have to admit to jumping ahead! :)

  8. sorry about the bad weather on your hike. Looks like you were havin' a pretty good time before the rain though. You two looked so cute taking a swim in the lake. You got some good Shawnee Cam pics!

  9. Me and Momma and Daddy got caughts in a boomer once. Trees fell around us but we kept movin'! It wuz skeery but I wuz there to pawtect my Momma!!

  10. always love ur reports and da Shawnie cam too! hee hee! too bad you got caught in da storm!! *hugs* eww... *sniff* wet dog... hee hee!

  11. OMG! Bones? Blood? Rains?!? Was it Friday the 13th?? Glad you all survived...I'm sure it was because of the yummy noms, even though they did cause the blood. Whoops.

  12. What a hike!!A lot happened even if it was a short one. Swimmin' is good when the hike is hot,good noms, & a special friend to go with you. Haley looks like great friend to go hiking with. EXCEPT for those boomers & rain. We love your Shawnee cam too....

  13. Best to leave them bones my pal. Lola and me did nom on some deer bones we finded in the woods and it made us bofe sick for about two hours til the nasty stuff woz out of us.

  14. too bad it was cute short due to the rain. Still it looked like a cool hike! And with a cool friend like Haley! *woof*

  15. That was a PURRty exciting hike you had with your FURend - especially the boomers! WOWZA! Those noms looked mighty fine, yesh, they did!

  16. oh dat sounded like it wuz much fun even wif da rain !!xxx

  17. Do you blame your mom when it rains on your hike? I always glare at Mommy if it starts to rain on one of ours. I'm sure it is all her fault.

  18. Wow! that was a monsoon! How can the weather people still get things so wrong all the time?! Glad you got to hike with Haley finally, though!

  19. Well obviously I was reading my blog roll backwards or I would have seen you were hiking with the boy earlier. Great Shawnee Cam shots and it looked like fun you got to hike with your friends. I will put the bitey on those weather humans!