Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Toof V-E-T. Again.

Today I wented for my recheck from when I had my toof pulled a cuppull of weeks ago. Since Dixie had been to the toof V-E-T and I had been to the toof V-E-T, it be only fair that Sydney go to the toof V-E-T too so I brunged her along.

While we woz in the waiting room, pizza delivery camed wif EIGHTEEN pizzas!

But we did not get any coz turns out the pizza woz for the peeples wot werks there. Boo. The toof V-E-T did gib us cookies, tho, to help us get over hasing hurt feelings over the pizza.

The toof V-E-T sayed efurrything do look wonnerful in my mouf. So the reason Sydney needed her teef looked at is she had 4 root canals done 4 years ago when mom gotted her out of the shelter. Her Count Dracula fang teefs woz brokened off and we duss not know why or wot happened to her. (She also had a brokened hip, mammary cancer, hookworm, whipworm, heartworm, and ummm, I think that be it. But she be all fixed up now.) The top teefs not be looking so good now and has pariodontol diseeze so the toof V-E-T stoled bluds from Sydney and mom has to bring her back on anudder day and leave her so the toof V-E-T can make x-ray pikshures while Sydney takes a nap. If'n the top teef turns out to be rilly bad, mom agreed they should be pulled, but if pawsibull, the toof V-E-T will try to save them. As you can see, Sydney alreddy has no teefs atween her Count Drakula fangs with the root canals. They woz pulled when she had the root canals done.

But the toof V-E-T woz furry impressed at how clean Sydney's back teef is. They be purrfect and need nuttin to be done to them.

So now for the fun part. When Dixie maded me go to the toof V-E-T with her, we stopped by Thompson Park wot be furry close to the V-E-T place for walkies by the reservoir. So I bringed Sydney there to show her the reservoir. She do be all eggsited. We wish we could live closer to that park but mom says it cost too much to live there and she done gibbed all her monies to the toof V-E-T.

I showed Sydney the reservoir.

And we walkied along the reservoir for a mile afore we had to drink waters coz it be a furry hawt day, like 91 gabillion degrees. Even tho we walkied in the shades, it woz still hawt and we dranked lots of waters.

Two miles do be all Sydney can walk so we headed back along the reservoir... the car where we dranked more waters...

...and drived home in the kewl air condishonings...

We did has a furry good time udder than for not nomming any of that pizza. Sigh.


  1. You had a better visit to the toof doctor than poor Sydney did.

  2. You know buddy- you are the only friend I have dat can make such a great adventure out of going to the toofie vet. I hope Sydney will be okay.

  3. You didn't get any pizza bones? You were robbed! Yesterday must have been vet day, because Morgan and I had to go, too, but they didn't look at our teeth, they made us space age microchip dogs.

    I was supposed to ask you on Morgan's behalf, where did you get that spiffy backpack? I have a cool pink one, but now Morgan wants to be all geared up for hiking, too, if it ever cools off here!


  4. Woo really was robbed!

    I bet they threw out the bones bekhause they were khrunchy -

    Great hike though -


  5. Ok I started reading and only thing I saw was 18 pizzas...BOL
    Poor Sydney...she was a mess huh? Soooooo happy she met your mom! So happy!
    sorry she has to go back to tooth vet though...
    So many dogs who needs a home and I've been busy crossposting about them on FB.
    Very sweet of you showing Sydney the reservoir.
    And thanks for Sydney's tongue shot. heheheh
    p.s: my sister Pebbles has only one fang! tooth vet pulled it last year.

  6. Yeah! Glad your teeths are all better now. Poor Sydney, though...having to go back to the tooth vet. Maybe the boy will forget about your mom's cholesterol again and bring you home another pizza after Sydney's next appointment...

  7. We gonna keep our paws crossed that the V.E.T can save dem toofers

  8. I'm glad your teeth are all good now, Shawnee. Poor Sydney! She's been through so much! I hope it all goes well with her when she has to go back.

    That park is so pretty. I really like that picture of the two of you looking out at the water. All in all, it looks like you had a great day except for getting jipped on the pizza.

  9. You and Sydney are two beautiful doggies! I love the pictures of you in the park. Sorry about the pizza (or lack there of).