Saturday, July 3, 2010

Split Rock Reservoir/Farney State Park (Rockaway, NJ)

Rememmer a few weeks ago when I hiked at Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Mangagment Area where we seened the bear wot mom did not get pikshurs of? Well this was the same trails but the middle sekshun wot goes all the way around the reservoir. Since mom missed the bear pikshur I maded her take pikshurs of all the animals wot we seened so we start off with that.

Furst we seened a baby fawn deer. Awwwww, so cute!

Then we commed up to this big puddle and heared screaming and splashing. For real screaming like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! SPLAT!" At furst we could not figger out wot it woz coz they woz disappearing into the mud. Then we seened one of the critters:

We dinnot knows frog could scream but we finded a moovie about it online:

Screaming Frog - Funny videos are here

Then we seened a turkey vulture up in the tree. He woz rilly big. He sat very nicely and letted mom take pikshurs up close but they woz all too dark so we has to supplement hims pikshur with one we swipied from Google Images:

We must has interrupted hims lunch coz something smelled delish and there woz flies all over the place. Turkey vultures nom on dead animals wot us dogs like to roll on. Mom woz not taking any chances so she got me away from wotever carcass it wos rilly fast so we did not see wot it woz. Bummer. I could has perfoomed myself.

Then we seened my furry cute little furrend the chipmunk. I see him all the times. He shore does get around!

So some of the trails woz rilly rawky and some woz weedy. It woz supposed to be 10.5 miles but we hiked 14 miles coz the trail woz marked so icky that we kept losing the trail and hasing to go back and find it. Mom woz not amused and sayed some noggty werds.

Here I is stalking a bug wot woz buzzing my hed and making me say noggty werds in my brane:

It woz furry hawt today so I layed down in the trail waiting for mom to catch up:

We did take a brake by the reservoir but I gotted our brake blankie all muddie. Oops. Mom has it in the wash rite now.

Here is some shots of the reservoir:

We did see lots of peeples in kayak boats:

Mom sayed that looked like fun. She has done it afore. I did try my paw at boating many years ago and I don't rememmer if'n I like it or not.

So when we commed off the trails we had to walk on the gravel road a bit and over the dam to our car. Mom woz holding my leash coz cars drive on that road.

We ranned smack into the pawlice! The pawlice smiled and sayed "Hello". I think if'n mom woz not holding my leash the pawlice would not has been smiling and I would has gotted a ticket coz all of the cars wot woz parked on that road and woz not supposed to be had gotted tickets from that pawlice. Yikes! We did not get a ticket on our car coz we woz parked in the parking lawt where you is supposed to park.

Here be my Shawnee Cam pikshurs of the day!

This one must be from when I woz swimming in the reservoir and mom taked my backback and cam off and layed it on the ground. Udderwise I would has had to been hiking belleh up and I don't think I can does that.

And even tho it be late in the day coz we gotted home so late, I goes ahead and hops me into the Caturday blog hop.


  1. Nice wildlife pikhs!

    I'm off to share the froggy with Norwood - he'll LOVE it!

    Happy FoURth of WOO-ly!


  2. I didn't know frogs could scream either! Some great wildlife pictures today even if there were no bears! Looks like the swimming was good. Mom promised me we are spending Sunday outdoors all day!

  3. You LOOK like you're saying some naughty words in your brain about that bug. I love the look on your face there!

    Good thing that you didn't get in any troubles from that police!

  4. Great hike as usual. You sure saw a lot of critters and very interesting about frogs!

    Lol, you do look a bit perturbed by that bug.

    Your mom took a great shot of the reservoir. I bet it felt good on a hot day. I've been hangin' next the A/C all weekend.

    I'm so glad you ddin't get in trouble with the pawlice...your mom too!