Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Fourth of July Name Game

Over at the Thundering Herd I heared about Frankie Furter who is hasing a name game on Jooly 4 where you is supposed to tell how you gotted your name.

So it all started when I woz in the animal shelter. My cage tag sayed my names woz "September" and I woz in the shelter coz the peeples wot had me sayed the childruns woz not able to take care of me. WOT? I woz a 4-month-old baby wot woz skeered to death of peeples and efurrything and childruns woz eggspekted to take care of me? No wonner I woz messed up in the hed!

So the way it werked back then woz when mom woz at the shelter to pull dogs to foster, she had to come up wif a name on the drive home coz it woz drive to home, in the tub to get the shelter funk out of our furs, then strate to the V-E-T and the V-E-T needed a name for the medical records. And they had to be diffrent names so we not get the records confoosed. And mom always thoughted that shelter dogs needed a new name coz like she always sayed "New life, new name." So on the drive home from the shelter, mom commed up with the name "Shawnee". She had heared of a woman wif that name so that is how it stucked in her brane. But efurryone thinks I is a boy coz of my name, go figure. Now if'n you goes to Google Images and google "Shawnee" you will see that there be a noggty nekkid laydee wif that name and we is not to be confoosed coz I is not that kind of gurl and mom did not knows about her when she named me. (Ummm, mebbe you not be wanting to google that.)

So anyways, here be some pikshurs of wot we has commed across with the same name as me.

So I do be wishing efurryone a Happy Fourth of Jooly but pawlese make shore you does your firewerks kwietly like these coz my sis Sydney do be rilly skeered of the boomers and she be shaking like a bowl of jello and hiding in the bafroom :(


  1. We think that's a pretty cool story of how you got your name. It looks like you are a girl who likes adventure! We have a Shawnee National Forest here in Illinois that's a good tie to your name. Nothing bad about it at all! ;)


  2. Great story about your name, Shawnee. Yes, you had quite a rough start but you sure have a great life now.

    Take care of dear Sydney.

    Happy 4th!

  3. Those are the best fireworks in the world cause there are no bangs!

    We really enjoyed your name story. I thought I saw dad go to his computer after reading about the nekkid Shawnee but maybe he had to do something else. I think the name fits you very well! By the way, my grandma who apparently never saw any of the Star Wars movies always thinks I'm a girl!

  4. Shawnee we loved the story about how you got your name. Not only are you beauteous but your name is really special. It fits you!!!
    Tailwags & xoxox

  5. That is a perfekht name fur woo!

    Happy FoURth of WOO-ly!


  6. I think "Shawnee" fits you perfectly!

    Did poor Sydney survive the thundercrackers and firebooms?

  7. I fink Shawnee is a rilly pretty name for a pretty dog. We do never fink of you az anyone else

  8. We like your name furry mucho. Names that shelter dogs get from their new mommas and daddas are the best names ever in the whole world. Even if they named you Paper Bag it would be a good name because it would be a FURever home name☺

  9. Hi Shawnee, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your name. My MOM is all cracker dawg crazy about it too. I know all kinds of stuffs about Shawnee. One thingy is that my mom used to teach a GIRRRRRL named Shawnee. There is a town near here by that name. AND the most famous SHAWNEE Indian Tecumseh was born and lived about 45 miles from my house. There is an outdoor drama about him. AND my mom has met the man who wrote the Play. His name is Alan Eckert. You should get some of his HOOOOOOGE books and read them. You will find out JUST HOW SPECIAL YOUR NAME REALLY IS!!! I love your blog and the fireworks are super. I hope we can become gooood furends!!! Thanks for playing SHAWNEE!!!!