Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At the Toof V-E-T

Furst I do want to be thanking all of my furrends for the furry nice Gotcha Day wishes!

Well today do be the day I be getting my toof werks done. Back in Joon mom taked me to the toof V-E-T coz I has a brokened toof and today be the day I had to go in to has it looked at more closely wot meaned mom had to leave me there so they could make me to go sleep.

Here do be the brokened toof:

And the icky thingie on my eye wot the V-E-T had to take off too:

So when we gotted there, I did has lots of pee mail to check on the way in:

Most of the pee mail sayed "HALP!" "DANGER - does not go inside there be V-E-Ts in there!" "May the force be with you!" Skeery stuff.

We satted in the wating room until the toof V-E-T commed to get us:

Then, does you knows wot that toof V-E-T donned to me? She stucked a thermometer in my hiney! And mom helped by holding me coz I kept sitting down. I is no dummy, I knowed wot they woz going to do! Iz a conspiracy, I tells you. That be the V-E-T wot did it over there...

Then she putted a paper collah on me wif my name on it so they not be loosing me:

So then the V-E-T commed back and woz messing with my hiney again and stucked a big fat needle in my behind. YOWSER! I did vokolize my displeshure wif a big yelp. Then the room did start spinning and I seened the toof fairy appear...

Then I started counting ninety nine, ninety ate, ninety seben, ninety....


So then I waked up and OMD, my brokened toof woz gone! I mean like POOF! GONE! The V-E-T sayed she pulled my toof out and sented it to heaben coz it do be totally brokened and pulp woz exposed wot woz gibbing me owies. And I is missing anudder toof so she taked see thru x-ray pikshurs and it woz not hiding anywhere so I must has been borned wifout it. Funny thing is, turns out that when Dixie had her teef cleaned, the V-E-T seened she is missing the same toof and we is not even related! The V-E-T also ratted me out by telling mom over the fone that I woz noggty coz I put the bitey on the katheder in my leg and yanked it out. I not be wanting any more needles sticking in me! Mommy, come get me and take me home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally mom camed to pick me up and when I seened her, I went crazzee happy! I cried and dansed in circles and leaned into mom. The V-E-T woz LOLing and sayed that I shore duss be a mommy's gurl.

Lookie at my perly wites now, they duss be white and shiny! There just be a big ole hole where my brokened toof used to be but you can't see that coz my mouf woz too owie and you not want to see that anyways.

I woz so happy when I seened our car in the pawking lot:

Then we drived home. Oh, hai!

Lemme in, lemme in!

Ahhhh. There be no place like home!


  1. Oh pore Shawnee, that wuz a horribulz xpeerience but your toofes iz rilly white an shiny an pritty. Iz glad you iz home an can start feeling betters *softpaw*

  2. I hate when they mess with my hiney too, Shawnee. It's not cool AT ALL.

    How funny that you and Dixie are missing the same tooth! Your teeth are so white now. I'm blinded just looking at them.

    Home is the best, isn't it?

  3. I'm so glad you are ok! I hope the Tooth Fairy brings you something awesome!

  4. Awwww Shawnee, I am sooooo sorry you had such a bad day. VETs are the worstest.

  5. What a day. So glad it's over for you. HOpe you feel great tomorrow.

  6. Dat iz NO way to treats a dog wot just had a gotcha day!!!!

    dat silly lookin toof fairy better brings sumfin gud under ur doggy pillow.

    U sure did look happy on ur way home frum dat V-E-T.

    U shulda wores u shawnee cam in fur surgeries insted of dat papah collar so we could seed wot dey did to u!

  7. I have a toof in that same spot we are watching!

    Thanks fur the inspiration!


  8. Man, you are so brave. I fink I might have run away, but at least I did get dad to try and brush my teef on Saturday and he say we gonna do it every week now.

  9. I'm glad you're feeling better today. I gotta wonder, though, why that vet did so much to your hiney if he had to take a tooth out of your OTHER end...

    Call PETA.

  10. You certainly are one brave doggie to go thru all that. And I love the way you told about it. You have a way with words. I'm very glad I found your blog.

  11. AWWW I am glad you are HOME SAFE and Sound!!! *shivers..... how did you stay away from Momm :O I saw you could count backwards too!

    Puggle hugs and Kisses..... stay helthy now <3

  12. Hi. Found you over at Frankie Furter's blog and Aspen and Gracie are always looking for shepherds to follow - so here we are.
    That looks like a very traumatic vet visit, but your choppers are looking magnificent now!
    The Road Dogs

  13. aww shawnee, you did good! you're a good girl.

  14. So cute! New to you and love all your pictures. Hugs to Shawnee! Check out my blog when if you get a chance -I write about my 2 girls Arwen and Nyxie (also a Shepherd) http://www.arwenspack.blogspot.com/

  15. ahhhhhh
    this post makes me so happy...