Friday, July 30, 2010

Sophie Went Back Home

So you knows that my former foster sis Sophie woz staying wif us fur the week while her peeples woz at a fambly reoonion. They woz supposed to come back rilly late last nite and get Sophie this morning but because they woz missing Sophie so much, they lefted the reoonion at 5 in the morning yesterday and drived all day to get home early enuff to pick up Sophie last nite. We taked a last groop pikshure afore Sophie wented home.

So when Sophie woz picked up, furst she seened her daddy and she did dubbull takes like she could not beleeve hers eyes. Then she flyed into her daddy's arms, gibbed him kissies in the face and cried rilly lowd. Then she saw her mommy and flyed into her mommy's arms to gib her a gabillion kissies and cry rilly lowd coz she woz so happy to see her fambly. It did make our eyes leak.

Sophie's mom gibbed my mom an envelope and mom sayed she did not want no monies fur us taking care of Sophie but Sophie's mom insisted so we tolded her fine, but we woz not keeping the monies, we woz donating the monies fur udder animals wot needs them. And later when we opened the envelope, there do be two gabillion dollars in there. OMD!

So there do be a cuppull of bloggies wot we follows wot is raising monies fur animals rite now so here be wot we is going to do. We is going to send the Sophie monies to THE THUNDERING HERD for sponsoring them on they big walkathon next weekend. So be watching for you go postal man next week coz he be bringing it to you disguyzed as a check!

There be anudder bloggie, Bruschi over at I PITTIE THE FOOL wot has the most adorabull foster sis, Baby, wot has icky heartwormies and needs monies fur treatment. We want to help Baby, too, but in anudder way so Bruschi, shoot me over a p-mail at so we can hook our moms up, k?


  1. I luvs teh pikshure of all of you togethers, you looks rilly good! An wowza thatsa lotta moneees, yay for all da anipals you can help!

  2. HOLY SQUIRRELS!!! DEM dollars could buyed me a lots of stuffies...sniff sniff- I tink I be sickie and needin' a donashun. Whoa! I be schemin' like PUDDLES!!!


    Pees. my word verification is calnut!!!

  3. Wow! That will really help a lot of pups and we are really thrilled. On behalf of those pups, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. I love that group shot and how happy Sophie was to see her parents. Shawnee, I'm so impressed by Sophie and your mom's generosity! Mama and I feel all warm inside reading this. This is one example of why we love blogging so much. We get to know people who are kind to animals and go above and beyond for them. There aren't many out there in the world. Hope your mom feels better and you get to go on that hike this weekend.

  5. Wow!! How nice of you and your mom to not spend the money on noms for yourself but to help all the other critters who don't always get great noms!! Way to go!!!!

  6. WOW! That's a lot of monies! Great way for you to spend it, too. What an awesome idea!

  7. Shawnee, that was very generous of you and I know that they will both appreciate the money very much! You did a great thing!


    P.S. THANK YOU for that backpack link! Mom says the next time she gets some green papers in the bank, Morgan's pack is getting ordered! Those are awesome!

  8. OMD!

    That is pawesome, awesome, and then some more!

    How freakin' khool!

    That was so khool to see how much they missed Sophie and how much Sophie missed them!


  9. I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to Sophie, but I'm sure she's anxious to be wsith her family again - very sure if it from the greeting she gave her daddy. Such a lovely group photo. How very nice of you to donate the money to charity. I'm sure it will make lots of other anipals very happy to.

  10. Shawnee - You and mom are so good to give the Sophie money to help others! My girls have been doing the head tilt for the last half an hour as I caught up with your blog. I was reading it aloud to Matt and we were cracking up. Too Funny!

  11. We already had leaky eyes when you described the homecoming and then they leaked even more when you told us what you were doing with the gabillion dollars! Yoda Smooches!