Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mount Washington State Forest and Taconic State Park - NY, CT, MA

So today be my 9th Gotcha Day and we woz going to do a speshul hike in Noo York, Connettikit and Massachoosits all at the same time with my furrend Haley wot I has not hiked with in a whole year! So we gotted to the meeting spot and wated, and wated for a gabillion minits (mom sayed it woz 45 but it felted like a gabillion to me) and no Haley. Mom could not calls her mom on the cell fone coz there woz no service. So mom leaved a note on the car for Haley's mom and we started hiking. When we got atop a mountain mom's cell fone commed on and she had messages from Haley's mom. They had gotted rilly lost, never did find us, so they wented to anudder park to hike. That's OK, I see Haley in a cuppull of weeks when she comes here to Noo Jersey and we does hiking then. Our hike today woz 11 miles.

So first we climbed steep up Mount Frissell wot is the highest place in Connettikit

On the way up Mount Frissell we seened lawts of wild booberries (BLECH!). But bears like to nom them. Mom nommed one but I tolded her she better leave them for the bears coz they has to nom 25,000 calories efurry day. That be 31,250 booberries for each bear efurry day. YIKES!

Then we commed to the Massachoosits state line out in the woods. It be that bloo thingie by my rite paw. Mom is standing in Connettikit taking the pikshure while I is in Massachoosits!

And after that we commed to the place where Noo York, Massachoosits and Connettikit all come togedder in the same place.

The post woz maded in 1898 and for some reeson they did not put Connettikut on it so somebody drawed it on.

So then we comed to the South Taconic Trail where there woz nice seenik views:

Then we commed to Alander Mountain where there woz even more seenik views.

We woz getting worried coz I woz rilly hawt and all the creeks woz dried up from not hasing enuff rains. But finally we comed to a big brook wot had lawts of water so here is some akshun shots of me getting my furs wet and kewling off:

So at the end of the hike we had to walk on a gravel road for a bit and passed a howse. I heared a dog woofing and then when we woz a bit up the road a woman yelled "Where do you think you are going?" Mom and I turned around and here woz that dog following us. We stopped and gotted to know each udder.

Then all of a sudden, he gibbed me a big old Gotcha Day smooch and headed on back home! How nice of him to follow me just to gib me a speshul Gotcha Day smooch!

We gotten home late coz it woz a long drive (a gabillion hours) and had a Gotcha Day dinner. OMD, lookie wot I got for dinner, it do be my fave:

Hurry mom or I iz going to nom it with the rapper on!

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom...

No worries, I shared with Dixie and Sydney.

Oh, woofing about rappers, this is the only litter wot I founded on the hike and they woz prolly axidental litters coz we did not find the rest of the rappers. So yeah, no litter bugs!

And for your viewing pleshure, the Shawnee Cam:


  1. Sure.....

    I'm in NJ fur your 9th Gotcha Day and woo aren't there?

    What a great day fur woo!


  2. Happy Gotcha Day! Sounds like you celebrated in a very special way.

  3. Happy gotcha day my pal. Your walk sure looked cool and fun and obviously everyone do ave heard bout your litter patrol and haz stopped litterin. Woof

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Shawnee, Iz glad you had a fun hike an you wuz almost at mai howse in Meowsachusetts! *smoooch*

  5. Happy Gotcha Day!! I always laugh out loud reading your blog - the Shawnee-speak is hilarious. ☺

  6. WOW! Your 9th Gotcha Day!! Looks like it was a very special day for you! All those states on one hike... How are your paws? Wish we coulda been there.

  7. Happy Gotcha, Shawnee! Woohoo!

    Mount Frissell is really pretty and that sure is a lot of blueberries bears need to eat every day.

    I think it's really cool that you got to be in all three states at one time.

    I'm glad you got something really good for dinner. Also, hooray that there wasn't hardly any litter!

    I'm so glad you had such a fun day!

  8. Happy Gotcha Day. Those are the best days,

    We love that you took such a long hike and found so little litter. Litter drives us crazy.

  9. Wow - those were some great scenic views on your hike! Mom and I loved the action shots of you in the water, too.

    HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, my former foster sis!

  10. What beautiful scenery and that is so cool you were in all three states.

  11. Hi Shawnee! We gibbed yous an awardie cuz we love yous bloggie! Please check out our new blog!

  12. Wow u did 3 state hikey fur u gotcha day!!! dat iz pawsum.

    az usual dem shawnee cam pikshures rock!

    dat wuz beary nice of dat doggy to wishin u a happy gotcha day, but I iz beary glad no one did sez happy birfaday to me like dat!!! OMC! Keeps ur nose outta ma butt.

  13. Another pawsome hike Shawnee!!! And belated happy Gotcha Day my pal!

  14. happy gotcha day
    our #10 is on the 30th

  15. geeez I totally missed your gotcha day...So sorry Shawnee...
    Happy Belated Gotcha day!!!!!!!!!