Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Visit From an Old Furrend and the Saturday Blog Hop!

We duss has a howse gest this week! It be my old foster sisfur, Pumpkin, wot is now named Sophie.

You mite rememmer her from a year ago coz she has very uneek eyelashes wot you never see on dogs:

And she woz in my bloggie when I gotted pwizes in the mails!

Sophie's whole story about how she gotted out of the shelter and adopted is here but in a nutshell, the dog catcher picked her up running amok on the streets and called the nummer on her rabies tag to find out where she lived. He called her peeples and they sayed keep her, they not be wanting her any mores coz they fence be broked and they not be wanting to spend monies to fix it. Then mom saw Sophie peeing BLUD! Yikes! Sophie's bladder woz full of rawks and the peeples never spented monies at the V-E-T for her either. Noggty, noggty peeples! So Sophie had an operashun and was maded all better. Sophie has been on speshul noms with Bitamin C and cranberry capsools and her new peeples, wot lubs her a whole, whole lots and say she be the bestest dog evah, say there be no more prawblems with her pee. Yay!

So anyways, Sophie stays with her gramma when her new peeples goes away but this week they is going to a fambly reunion so gramma is going along and they has nobody they trusted to watch Sophie with her speshul noms and all. So she be spending the week here wif us til her peeples gets back. Yay!

Sophie do be sleeping like a froggie sometimes. I cannot duss that.

PEE ESS: OMD! Duh, mom, you has been calling her by the rong name! I had "Sylvie" in the bloggie at furst but I had to go back and change it coz I rememmered it should be Sophie! Mom duss not handle name changes furry well, BOL!

And now on to the blog hop.


  1. Awww She looks like a real sweetie too. So nice of you and your peeps to take her in. I just don't understand how peeps can be so mean to their anipals.

  2. How khool!

    Of khourse, we are diggin' her froggy style fur being khomFURtable!

    Thanks fur sharing your special guest!


  3. Those are some amazing eyelashes! Sylvie is a cutie and a very lucky pup to have a new family that loves her so much and to have you for a furiend!
    Some of sleep froggy style, too, but the shepherds can't do it, ha!
    The Road Dogs

  4. Sylvie is cute, but Shawnee I must tell you how beautiful you are!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I love making new friends and I can't wait to read more about your shenanigans!

  5. That's so great that Sophie has such a great and loving forever home now. I love her eyelashes! I hope you're all havin' a great weekend and stayin' cool!

  6. Awww Such CUTE Pictures!!! Lovely Lashes too!!!! I love your blog!!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!!! ~Hugs~ Lauren, Sharky, ET and Duchess

  7. I remembers dat Pumpkin, Slyvie, Sophie ----whateber her name iz! Herz a sweet doggy and looks like herz new fambly sure do lub herz.

    It iz so goods dat herz can come n stayz wif u n ur sisfurs while herz fambly reunionizes u can too!

    dem lil floofy dogs like Sophie n Buttons can sleeps likes frogs. i can no do dat either, but i doz wunder how dey doz dat???

  8. Hi Shawnee! Thanks fer visitin' my bloggie! You look jus like a frend that I has at the doggie park!

  9. Hello! I love your dogs, and Sophie is so cute! Happy blog hopping!

  10. Way to go Sophie. Sometimes, you have to get out of a bad situation in order to find the great life - and we are glad it worked for you.

  11. Ohmygosh, those eyelashes are enough to make any ♥ melt. What in the world was wrong with those nasty peoples!

  12. Gah! Shawnee, we thought we were following you, but it turns out we weren't, or it didn't take or something! Our apologies!

    It's so cool that your foster sister got to come back for a while!


    P.S. Morgan says you have a cool back pack! She wants one!

  13. I love her eyelashes...
    My sister sleeps like that too!

  14. It's great that Sophie could stay with you this week and her people would know that she'd get her special food! Mom & I know how important that special food is 'cause of my sis.