Sunday, July 18, 2010

Slide Mountain and Giant Ledge - Catskill Mountains, NY

Today we wented to the Catskill Mountains in Noo York where we hiked up to the top of Slide Mountain wot is 4,180 feets up high. It be the highest mountain in the Catskills and there do be something like 38 mountains there. The highest mountain in Noo Joisey do be only 1,803 feets up high. That hike woz only 6.5 miles long so we wented up to Giant Ledge, too, wot woz 3.5 miles so we had our 10 miles. Mom figgers when we has to drive almost 3 hours to does hiking, we has to do at least 10 miles.

I had to cross over bridges...

And climb up rawks...

We finded this marker wot woz to rememmer two hikers from 1900. They names woz William Curtis and Allen Ormsbee. One day they wented hiking on Mount Washington in Noo Hampsheer and died in an ice storm. The had maded the trail we hiked on wot taked us up to Slide Mountain.

Then we gotted to the top of the Slide Mountain. There be this famuss dude named John Burroughs wot used to camp at the top of Slide Mountain long time ago. So here be a pikshure of John Burroughs in 1900 and me unnerneath in the same spot in 2010. He used to camp in that hole to the rite in the rawks:

This be the werds above my hed wot woz not there in 1900 coz John Burroughs still be living then:

So then we gotted to see some seenik views of the udder mountains but we woz on the biggest one.

So then we commed down from Slide Mountain, gotted in the car and drived a cuppull of miles over to the pawking lot for Giant Ledge and climbed up that mountain. It woz only 3200 feets high but we woz alreddy tired from climbing Slide Mountain! But there woz even better seenik views up there:

So I has no Shawnee Cam pikshures today coz mom messed something up when she did the settings. Boo. She promised to do better next time so I furgibs her. So instead of the Shawnee Cam, Sydney asked if'n I could show you a pikshur of the big bug wot she catched and taked to her hidey spot unner the deck yesterday:


  1. Did Dixie eat the bug?

    Those sure were some great scenic views and I really enjoyed the old picture and then you in the new version. Hopefully it was not as hot there today as it was here. Got to be 100 again!

  2. Oops I meant Sydney. [Mom, you really need to stop drinking when we are reading the blogs.]

  3. Yet ANOTHER pawesome hike fur woo!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: The bug looks tasty!

  4. That's a BIG bug! Way to go, Sydney!

    Looks like you saw some great scenic views again! Mom and I love your pics, Shawnee.

    Mom walked 3.1 miles on Saturday. Her phone GPS tracker said that she climbed 2,93 feet. Pretty sure it was broken, though, 'cause Illinois is FLAT!!!

  5. Wow those iz pritty pikshures of wat you did see Shawnee, but I rilly wanna see more of Syndey's bug!

  6. Oh Shawnee that is a beautiful set of pics. Well, maybe not the bug though.

  7. Mama likes the bridges and rocks and views and such. I like Sydney's bug!

    That's neat about John Burroughs and that you were at the same place he camped. It's neat to see the picture from a long time ago and then now with you. I wonder if his essays are interesting.

  8. We can always count on you for bootiful pictures, and you didn't let us down this week either.

  9. As always, we enjoy seeing your hikes and experiencing them - even without your cam!

  10. Mom grew up in NYC and used to go to the Catskills all the time. You brought back some very wonderful childhood memories for her. The pictures almost made her eyes leak.

  11. Another superb adventure Shawnee, and not too far from our neighborhood. I think a play date is in order.

    I miss the Shawnee cam. I feel so...sober.

  12. shoot...I don't know how to catch a bug...better start practicing from now on...