Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cliff Park and McDade Recreational Trail, Delaware Water Gap, PA

So yesterday we wented to Pencilvania to hike coz we has not been there in a while and wanted to check out some trails just on the udder side of the Delaware River from where we hike lots on the Noo Joisey side.  There woz so much stuffs to see on this hike that mom filled up her memories card on the camera for the furst time evah with 1200 pikshures!  She is way out of control.  No worries, I won't show you all 1200 of them, just the most impawtant ones.
So at the beginning of this hike, we had wanted to go to Hackers Falls wot be waterfalls but mom seened online where dogs is not allowed at the waterfalls but wot it said woz vague:
Pets are not permitted at the following sites:
• the trails at Raymondskill Falls PA, Dingmans Falls PA or Hackers Falls PA
So wot we woz wonnering is did that mean the whole trail wot is called Hackers Trail or just the waterfalls part off of that trail?  Mom emailed the National Park Service and they did email back the furry next day:
The regulation prohibiting pets at Hackers Falls states, "The trail into
Hackers Falls, from the parking lot to the falls is closed to pets."
OK, so we knowed not to go on the Hackers Trail at all and planned accordingly.  Howefur, once we gotted there, we seened no signs at all saying dogs woz not allowed on that trail.  We did see "NO DOGS ALLOWED" signs for the Raymondskill Falls wot woz in the opposite direkshun so we did not go there.

Duss you see where it say "NO DOGS ALLOWED" fur the Hackers Trail?
So we wented on the Hackers Trail.  We would not has donned that if'n there woz a sign wot sayed so but based on the pee-mail I founded, nobody else knows dogs is not allowed.  The falls woz kwite pritty.
So then we headed to the pond but had to pass a kreepy old barn and trailer with the winders busted out. I stayed close to mom fur her protekshun coz it do be furry kreepy.
I gotted mom thru that safely and then we camed to the pond.
The water woz icky muddy so mom did not let me go in.  But we did see an egret there.  He was keeping hims paws out of the icky water too.
And then we seened a golf course just like Khyra has!
And we snagged a shot of some early fall leaf colors fur Pumpkinpuddy's mom coz she asked us speshul to capshure some fur her.  There be more coming when the leaves gib up more colors later!
OK, so then on to the eggsiting part, the CLIFFS!  Yes, we woz up high on the cliffs and could see the Delaware River below us.  Now mom seened this on the National Park Service web site and this happened somewhere along these furry same cliffs:
Wot duss you think?  Be I in the same spot almost a hunnerd years later?
We knows this not be the spot coz it be on a different side but we could peek down into Milford, PA, a historic town.
Then we founded this carved into a tree and we hope she sayed no coz carving up a tree like that is so not kewl!
So then we wented on a trail in the valley at the bottom of the cliffs and we could look up high and see the cliffs where we woz afore.
Then look wot we seened coming our way - HUNTERS - with BIG GUNS!  We did not knows it woz hunting season in Pencilvania yet.  Thank goodness mom and I always wear no-huntin-me orange just in case coz we cannot keep up with the different hunting seasons in different states.
Mom seened anudder hiker later with no-huntin-me orange on and asked him and he sayed he do believe it be crow hunting season rite now.  CROW HUNTING?  Fur wot?  Crow stew?  Crow kabobs?  Fried Crow?  Rilly, even to me that be just plain gross.  Blech.  I is happy to repawt that even tho we did see TWO groups of hunters, we never heared any gun fires and we did find a gabillion crows hiding (I refoose to gib up their hidey spot so I is not telling where it is) so no crows woz harmed during our hike.

So we commed to unner the bridge wot we had drived over to get to the hike.  There woz a nice grassy place that woz comfy on my belleh so we stopped there fur a break and watched the kanoos and kayaks go by.
When we woz done with our break and moved on, we seened this sign wot woz not on the side where we had commed from so we did not knows.  Oops.
Oh well, it woz a nice break spot and we did not hurt it any.

Then the trail wented into the woods where we woz hiking along the river.  It woz furry kewl.
Then we runned smack into Ranger Casey (it say he be Ranger Casey on hims uniform shurt) and he woz werking on the trail.  Turns out he builded this part of the trail and the grand opening is next Saturday coz it be a brandie new trail.  He wanted to know how we liked it and and mom tolded him we loved, Loved, LOVED it!  He did a grate job on the trail and we is thankful he maded it fur us to hike on.  And it woz totally kewl that we be on it hiking afore the grand opening.
Ranger Casey sayed he builded this trail speshull to has pritty seeniks and I show you some of them from his trail:
So, 16.5 miles and 9 hours later, we woz back at the car and done with our hike.  Long nap in my future.


  1. Wow! How cool that you got to hike on it as one of the first ones! I'm totally impressed. I think you are prettier up there than Mary Pickford, too!

    We went hiking at Pere Marquette State Park yesterday and the views were amazing, but we were sad that the largest park in our state was not being very well taken care of. A lot of it was pretty run down and not maintained. We did get to see a wedding happening there, though!


  2. Oh Shawnee you had yourself one wonderful walkie there. I am glad that you did not tell about where the crows were hiding. that is super that you got to meet the Ranger Guy who made that trail for you.

  3. We try so hard to follow all of the rules so that other dogs can use the trails, too. Sometimes it is hard to figure out the signs.

    And, yes, hunting seasons have started up here.

  4. Wow, that's a lot of confusing rules. I love that picture of you next to the pond. It's so pretty! The other pond (or is it the same one?) is really pretty too even if the water was icky. The photo is a beautiful reflection shot.

    I'm so happy to see the beginnings of fall in those leaves! Those views from the movie site are quite sweeping.

    Hiss to those hunters!!

    Ranger Casey looks like a very nice man, and how nice he is to make such a wonderful trail for hikers.

    Hey, next time give me a bark-out when you're in PA. We live near NJ and the Delaware River. If you found litter I probably could've hocked up a hairball to the litterers from my house.

  5. WOW you always takes good pictures, but these shots were amazing. Now, I is somewhat confizzled over crow hunting. Why do they have to kill a crow? I never heard of crow stew. He he - I gives you credit for hiking the one trail anyway, even tho it was supposed to be no doggies. Maybe it was an old outdated sign dat whould have been taken down years ago.

  6. Woo get to go on the KHOOLEST hikes!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    How pawesome woo saw a golfer place!


  7. 16.5 miles?! That's over a half-marathon of hiking! Very impressive, my former foster sis! It took Mom and I an hour to walk 0.5 miles last week. Of course that might have had something to do with me insisting on stopping to sniff every piece of goose poop...and every tree...and every rock...and...well, I think you get the idea. *snickers, SNORT!*

  8. What fun! And you're such a rebel, Shawnee, even if you didn't know it! Happy week - love the pic of you with your nom.

  9. Mom says thanks for the picture! She used to go rafting on the Delaware. I say thank you for the link back to my site. That was very nice. I'm looking forward to more fall pictures.

    What does your mom do that you get to spend so much time hiking? Sometimes I wish I was a dog so I could go cool places like that. That's too much for my stroller.

  10. such bootiful sites u did see on ur hikey!

    mehbe dat big birdie wuz stuck in da mud dat why he not flyin ovah uz dis summah?

  11. pee ess i did furgets to tellz u


    it doz be da bestest i seed.

  12. I hate those no dog signs. We NEVER leave graffiti so why don't they want us on the trails? It is cool that you got to be the first one on the trail.

  13. Wow, you duz always be amazin us wiv your adventures Shawnee and I fink you did surpass yersefl wiv dis one. Crows! Hunters! Rangers! ....and nine hours of walkin!!!! Respect

  14. Thanks for letting us come along on your adventure. We loved looking at the pictures. Looks like you and Mom had lots of fun and lots of exercise.