Monday, September 6, 2010

Macedonia Brook State Park and Pond Mountain Natural Area, CT

Mom figgers that when we has to drive two hours to go hiking, we need to get the mostest bang fur our bucks so we did not hike one park, no we hiked TWO parks, from one to the udder and back, for 9 hours for 15 miles! 

So we started at Macedonia Brook State Park in Connetikit and climbed up rilly high to Cobble mountain where we could peek into Noo York and see the Catskill Mountains far away.

Then when we had to come down off the top of the mountain mom almost murderized me.  Yes, we commed to one of those furry steep rawks where we had to go strate down a wall and I was askeered, like I always is when we has to do this.  Mom put my leash on, tolded me to stay, she climbed down while holding my leash then told me to come.  I sayed "NO" but mom pulled me and maded me start sliding down.  Can you believes it?  I woz clinging to the rawk wif my paws fur dear life but I kept sliding and mom kept pulling (and I gotted one heck of a pawdicure coz the rawk woz like an emery board) then mom catched me and put me on the ground.  Whew.  Rilly, I could has been murderized.  This woz where it happened and it dussn't look so skeery on the pikshur but trust me, it woz way skeery!

So then we wented over to Pond Mountain Natural Area where the trails were not skeery at all.

The had a pond were I could get my paws wet.

Then we wented up high (on a not skeery trail) so we could see the pond from up high.  It woz a grate break spot so we stayed there a while.
Some of those Zuke's Energy Bars would be nice about now...
Nom, nom, nom, nom...
How's about a belleh rub seeing as you almost murderized me?
I furgibs you.
So then we wented on the Appalachian Trail fur a bit.  It woz the furst time I has been on the Appalachian Trail in Connetikit.  It taked us to this place called Caleb's Peak.  It woz beeootifuls there.
Then we hiked back over to Madedonia Brook Park where our car woz.  I jumped in, had a big drink of waters and went rite to sleep coz my energy bars had worned off.


  1. Iz glad you din't get murderized an I likes that pikshure of you an your shadow togethers

  2. Whew - I so happy you didn't get hurted on dat first hike - talk about scary. I also happy I wasn't riding on your back for dat hike either - I would have dug holes thru your skin from hanging on for dear life.

  3. It's really pretty there with more great views. I'm so glad you didn't get murderized! I believe that it was skeery!

    You look so sweet getting your belly rub and forgiving your mom.

    Now I can really see why you're gonna sleep away Labor Day. That was quite a hike!

  4. Shawnee, we bow to you! You are one brave Shepherd! We went hiking again yesterday for two hours and what we think was five or six miles. Nine hours and fifteen miles?! It will be a while before we're that talented.

    I am so relieved that you didn't get murderized or hurt! That does look scary! Your pond looks a lot better than the mudhole we got to dip our paws in yesterday, too! Morgan's pack comes in the mail this week! She can't wait to look like you!

    Bunny and Morgan

  5. Hi Shawnee,

    We are new followers. I saw your blog on the Blog Hop list. We loved seeing your hiking pictures. Our mom used to go on long hikes when she was younger and in shape and had big dogs. Now she is older and lazy and has us two little Rat Terriers so no hikes now.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

    Bijou & Banjo

  6. OMD!


    Anything but THAT!!!

    PeeEssWoo: I SO hope woo got LOTS of treats!

  7. Poor Shawnee!! That would've been my Nyxie's reaction, too. When she was a young pup, we hiked around Mackworth Island in Maine and there was a fallen tree that she could walk along. Daddy did and coaxed her up, but down was another story altogether!!!

  8. What a LONG hike, especially after hiking the day before, too! I can't believe your mom almost murdered you like that. Terrible! I'm glad you forgived her after that belly rub, though. Belly rubs are awesome.

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