Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sydney's Toothanasia

So this year Dixie wented to the toof V-E-T, I wented to the toof V-E-T and today woz Sydney's turn to go to the toof V-E-T.  Well, by going to the toof V-E-T I mean to be LEFTED at the toof V-E-T place fur the whole day!

So mom dropped Sydney off in the morning and I wented wif her in the night times to pick Sydney up coz I had to gib her good sniffs to be sure we woz bringing the rite dog home.  The V-E-T tolded mom that she didded toofanasia on three of Sydney's teef.  I only losted one toof, Sydney losted THREE premolar teef coz there be bone deteriorashun!  I wonner if'n she has any left.  When we gotted home, the boy sayed, "OMG, she is HAMMERED!"  Wot duss that mean?

I wonner if'n this stuffs has anything to do wif it?
Pain Patch
Sydney even duss her silly nomming face fur taking medicines.  She do be silly.


  1. Sydney is a really good actress. She does such a great job in those photos of looking pitiful. I bet she's going to get a lot of attention now.

  2. Oh no - poor Sydney. She had me fooled!!

  3. I'm glad Sydney is home safe and sound, even if she is hamming it up for attention! You're a good sister to go and make sure no imposters sneak into your house and take her place!


  4. I've seen my mom look like THAT!


  5. Did the teefs fairy leave anything?
    Sorry they got stolen.

  6. OMC they tooked 3 whole toofs? Pore Sydney I hopes her feels better fast.

  7. I've never had any teeth taken out--I hope it wasn't too scary....


  8. Well done Sidnee. You sure woz brave at the V E T S. I ope they did leave sumfink nice for you to eat afterwards

  9. Hi Shawnee! We left you an award on our blog today! We hope you like it!
    Follow this link to check it out:

  10. LOL! Syndey sure does look hammered! I hope she feels better today. Sorry she had three teeth taken!

    p.s. I LOVE pill pockets! She does her silly nomming face because pill pockets taste so good!

  11. Poor Sydney! She sure looks cute when she's hammered, though. Hope she's feeling better now!

  12. Pebbles lost her tooth again too! She's missing 10 total...that we know of.
    I just love Sydney's silly face...I mean PRETTY face.