Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pomperaug Trail, CT

So we hiked the whole Pomperaug Trail in Connetikit with some udder trails for a total of 12 miles through 3 parks - Fiddlehead Preserve, Jackson Cove and Kettletown State Park.  Mom had gotted this nifty book from the go postal man.  It be all about hiking trails in Connitikit:
It duss be a binder wot opens up so you can take the maps wif you without breaking the book so you duss not get lost in the woods:

We hiked until we did start to see a lake down yonder:

And gotted closer...

And closer...
Oh, I do be in the waters kewling my paws off.  Then, gess wot happened?  I thought peeples woz not supposed to be able to walk on waters.

And if that wozn't weird, enuff, check this out!

Then after the boat with the walking on waters peeples goes away, the waters gets rilly mad and duss this wot skeers me:

So it woz pritty annoying to be hiking in the beeootiful woods and has to lissen to lowd boats making the waters mad.  Kanoos and kayaks be nice and quiet but we not be crazy about those motor boats at all.

We did find a nice spot fur our break in the shades where we could see the lake from up high:
Uh oh, hiking gear malfunkshun.  I sticked my paw in for demonstrashun purposes, I did not break it.  But when you figger we has opened and closed my nifty water bowl prolly 500 gabillion times, it did hold up furry well.  Time fur a noo one.

While hiking thru the furry dark woods...

I finded a hat somebody dropped on axident:
We picked it up and taked it wif us and when we gotted by the litter boxes at Jackson Cove, we lefted the hat on a post in case somebody be looking fur it.  And if'n not, there be a dumpster close to there where the park peeples can throw it away so it not be litter in the woods.

And just a cuppull of udder random things from our hike:
Giant glacial boulder


  1. How beautiful! I wish we had a great book like yours. The one we have tells you a trail is moderate and it is a suicide, you need to be able to rapel, boulders the size of sky scrapers kinds of trail. It makes it hard to bring the boys along!


    p.s. - Mom says, as a park service employee, thank you for helping keep our parks clean! :)

  2. The only time I wish I was a doggie is when I hear your great adventures on a hiking trail. It just sounds like something so fun to do. M says I wouldn't be a good hiker tho, cuz I'd want to crawl into and under every bush and would stop at every one to investigate smells. We probably wouldn't even ge t 1 mile in a whole day.

  3. Shawnee you take some of the most beautiful walkies effer. I love the glacier rocks.
    We have some of those about 20 miles from my house.

  4. That was a fabulous hike! I bet there were so many sniffs--how did you get past them all? And the lake--I would have been going after that boat! (You know how much I love water).

  5. Shawnee, you are the best. We always enjoy reading about your adventures. Wish we lived closer so we could join you sometime. We loved all the pics - especially the one where you had a big satisfied smile on your face.

  6. What GREAT pikhs!

    Thanks fur sharing them and the way khool videos!

    Yesterday was a furry beaWOOtiful day - wished I khould have made my lazy mom go fur a hike like THAT!

    Today is a misty one - which is furry furry needed - been WAY too dry here in Pawsylvania!


  7. Aw, Shawnee, you inspire us! We're on our way out to hike today, actually! You have the best places to hike that we've ever seen.

    Where did you find that book? We need to see if they have one for our state. We just got one a couple weeks ago, but it's not as cool as that one and it only has state parks listed in it.

    Bunny and Morgan

  8. Shawnee you are just such a beautiful girl and we love the photo of you smiling. Great photos, your so lucky to be able to go on these hikes. Erin will never see these photos because she'd stare me down and make me feel guilty for depriving her of such adventures.
    Have a Great Week!
    Hug's Erin & Mom

  9. That book is a great idea with the removable maps. I bet there are a lot of pretty places in Connecticut.

    Too bad about the loud boats but it's very pretty otherwise. I love the picture of your pretty smiling face. Yep, definitely time for a new water bowl. I love that glacial boulder.

    I'm still saving my hairballs for the doodyheds. I'm glad all you found this time was a hat.

  10. Wonderful ... wonderful post. I do love your posts about your hikes. I feel as if I've been on one....even though I'd be a disaster to take on a hike. I just don't believe in going in a straight line.

    Thanks for the hike...

  11. Sorry to hear about the hiking gear malfunction! Hope you get a new water bowl in time for next weekend's adventures!

  12. Human2 will gets u a noo hikin gear wot iz no malfunkshuned!

    I not liked dat mean angry waters either. stays away frum dem okai?

  13. Poor Shawnee! I'm very sure Nyxie would've barked at that boat...what a good girl you have ;)

  14. WE did rilly like how you was watchin that pawson walkin on water wiv your ears. We gotta lerns ow to do that cos we only gots little ears

  15. Froggy!!!!!
    I love your smile...looks sooooooo happy!

  16. That looks like a really fun hike. Have you ever been on a motor boat? They are very fun when you are on them. Mommy and I don't like the ones that go very fast by the shore tho because they cause erosion with the big waves and it makes it hard to see the fishies when the waves are all white capped.