Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunrise Mountain - High Point State Park/Stokes State Forest, NJ

We hiked at Sunrise Mountain last year but wented a different way today and hiked 8 miles.  We wented on a part of the Applalachian Trail wot we has not hiked yet.  And we wanted to go to Lusscroft Farm where there be more hiking trails and that woz on the way to Sunrise Mountain going the way we woz going.  But Lusscroft Farm woz not meant to be.  I tells you why in a minit.

So we started on the Appalachian Trail and commed to a shelter where the thru hikers wot hikes from Jordja to Mane can sleep in.  And wot a spiffy litter box they has there!
There woz nobody sleeping in here coz it do be kind of late in the season now.  We think all of the thru hikers has alreddy commed thru New Joisey coz they has to make it to Maine afore the snows come.

So a little later we camed to this part where we could see High Point Monuments, where I woz last year, ahind me.  High Point monument do be atop the biggest mountain in New Joisey.

So then we commed to the trail where you turn off to go to Lusscroft Farms.  At furst, it woz like a grass road.
Then the trail started getting overgrowned and full of tall grasses.  Mom woz askeered we would be walking in poison ivies.  Just when we turned on the next trail, we had our second bear encounter!  The bear woz climbing up a tree like a monkey and we all seened each udder at the same time.  The bear sayed ACK! in hims brane, skootched down the tree and runned away.  It happened so fast mom could not get a pikshure.  So as with the last time we missed snapping a shot of our bear encounter, we must enlist the assistance of the Google Images Reeanctment Bear.  (He does a furry fine job of recreating our bear encounter eggsperiences.)  Voila:

So, with all the high weeds on the trail and not wanting to run into the bear again (we needed to go in the same direkshun he runned in and we did not want him to think we be stalking him) we decided to scrap Lusscroft Farm and go back to the Appalachian Trail and on to Sunrise Mountain.

So rite afore getting to Sunrise Mountain there woz a seenic view with a bench where we taked a break.
"Wot kind of noms do we be hasing here?"
"They smell wonnerful!"
"Oh. My. Dog. Pawsomely DELISH!"
Those treats do be something new mom gotted fur me.  They be Zuke's Power Bones- NOMMY!

Natural Treats for Active Dogs

  • Power Bones are like an energy bar for people, but for dogs
  • Designed for dogs who need a power boost during strenuous activity
  • The perfect dog treat for use during dog agility, canine flyball or while running, hiking or swimming with your dog
  • Simple and complex carbs for quick and sustained energy
  • Free of wheat, corn and soy
  • Made in the USA
They do be made just fur me!

So, on to Sunrise Mountain.  There do be a huge pavilion there with benches where you can see lots of seeniks stuff.

But you can get here from a road with a pawking lot so that means just any old body can come here, so there do be lots of icky graffiti and litter.  And to this pawson I has one thing to woof - duss not bother coming back, you is not welcome here when you has to write words all over our seeniks.   You big doodyhed.
Here be a view without icky werds:

So then we stopped by the pawking lot coz there do be a litter box there and while mom wented in there can you believe she had the nerve to tie me to the post like some common dog?
Then in the pawking lot I founded litter right in front of the trash can.  Rilly, how lazy can peeples be?  Wonner if that be from the same doodyhed.
Here do be all of the litters wot I nabbed today:
So that woz it and we headed back the same way to our car.  Stay tooned coz I do think there be talk of more hiking tomorrow coz it do be a howliday weekend!


  1. Wat a kewl place you hiked Shawnee, an you iz looking rill pritty. You iz a brave gurl to see a bear an skareded it aways!

  2. Beautiful scenery and you are a great guide.

  3. Woo really take your mom on the bestest hikes!

    Thanks fur sharing those great pikhs!

    Of khourse, I really wish she'd snagged the shot of the bear!

    PeeEssWoo: It was embarrassing to see the doodlehead's writing - that was our Gotcha day ;-(

  4. he he - for a minute I thought you really did see the bear climbing the tree. YUKES - dat would have been exciting but scary.

  5. Those are some really nice views, Shawnee. There are some serious doodyheds out there. First the graffiti and then the litter. I'm cultivating a special hairball for them. The trails look so nice and inviting but yikes about the bear!

    I'm glad you got some power noms! I could use some of those for my stairmaster.

  6. Those people are complete doodyheads! How dare they ruin the scenic views like that!!! Mom and I think that the pics of your views on this hike look like some of the best we've seen. Gorgeous!

    It's a little scary about the bears, though. Please be careful! I know your Mom will be...but want to be sure my former foster sis is safe from bears, too! *hugs*

  7. We likin your story so much that now we be goin around callin bad peeple doodyheds. Is the purfect werd for em I fink

  8. Awesome shots of following a great dog!