Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Hiking Gear

So you rememmer last weekend my nifty collapsibull water bowl fur hiking sprunged a leak?  Mom placed an order fur a noo one from  The go postal man alreddy bringed it today while mom woz gone.  While mom woz gone with Sydney AND Dixie and lefted me home all alone.  I howled guarded the howse while they woz gone.  Sydney had to go fur a recheck with the dentist V-E-T from hasing her teefs pulled a cuppull of weeks ago.  (The V-E-T sayed her mouf looks wonnerful.)  I dunno why Dixie gotted to go and not me.  They woz gone for a gabillion hours.  I smelled park on them when they gotted home.  So not fair.  Anyways, I woz still pouting guarding when they gotted home and mom brunged the package in.
DIXIE:  I wonner wot commed in the box?
SYDNEY:  I smell noms in here.
SHAWNEE:  Wot is you two woofing about?
SHAWNEE:  Pawsome!  Mom ordered noms too! Not just my Powah Bones fur hiking but Yummy Chummies fur right NOW!


  1. Outstanding! Those treats look. They are Alaska salmon? I bet they are pretty healthy. I bet you stopped being mad, Shawnee. After all, a new water dish and an assortment of treats is a pretty cool package. Love the silly nomming faces except you didn't do one this time.

  2. That is not right at all that they both got to go and you didn't! Should I call the ASPCA for you? I'm glad you at least got noms!


  3. So many yummy treats. How can you ever pick which to have next?

  4. All THAT and pawesome weather too!


  5. Great Post Shawnee... and I love your editing.... It's fun to see some of the words that you really mean.

    Wow... those noms do look good. Enjoy...


  6. I iz beary happy dat u gotted a noo bowl in plenty of time to go on dis weekends hikes!

    So many noms, will u guys evah be able to eats dem all up?

    I bets u will hab shiny coats frum all dat salmons. *puts on ma sunglasses* dats betterer.

  7. It's like Christmas!!! Love all those happy dog faces. And love Sydney's chomp face at the very end...

  8. Wow - another box of goodies. Now I know you will make good use of dat new traveling water dish. It's a necessity for you, not a luxery.

  9. Oh oh, I fink mum did get carried away or mebbe pressed too manee buttons on that website......still.....never mind....woof

  10. hmm lots of howling and pouting...I mean guarding. BOL BOL
    Lots of noms too...*drool*
    Yeah Sydney's mouth looks wonderful. and her nose...her eyes...just wonderful...

  11. What size bowl do you use for your hikes? Mommy has been thinking of getting the one cup size for me, but she is worried it might be too small. Yours looks the right size.

  12. Those are some of our favorite treats too! Yummie Chummies and Zukes, power packed for hikin!