Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hunter Mountain, Catskill Forest Preserve, NY

We finded fall! We duss not has fall colors at our howse yet so we drived to the Catskill Mountains in Noo York where they duss has fall colors alreddy in the higher elevashuns. We hiked 11 miles and climbed the second highest mountain in the Catskills, Hunter Mountain, wot is 4,040 feets high!

Furst we woz treated to a beeootiful sunrise when we lefted our howse:

Then we could see the Catskill Mountains where we woz going: (as you can see, there duss not be fall colors here)

Then we gotted there and started climbing high up the mountain:

We founded a break spot fur horsies with a hitching post and barrel of waters but no horsies:

Then we commed to a place where peeples ski - that be sliding down the side of the mountain in the snows but there be no snows yet.  When the peeples has to come back to the top to slide down again, they get brunged up in these chair bringer upper thingies.  I knows, furry strange.  You would neffur in a gabillion years get me in one of those.

This is supposed to be some brandie noo supah fast ski chair bringer upper thingie wot they put in with hellicoptahs a cuppull of weeks ago and it costed 14 million kibbles!

All that ski stuff kind of ugglied the pretty seeniks so we moved on back to natures.

Then we commed to a fire towah. If'n you rememmer wot happened the last time, mom tied me to the bottom, wented up to the 2nd level, gotted skeered and commed back down. So this is wot happened on this hike:

Fortoonately mom maded it to the thurd level this time afore her knees started buckling and she snagged some grate shots from up over the trees. The fire towah is the tippy top of Hunter Mountain so we woz at 4,040 feets high.

Then we commed to a furry kewl break spot with seenik views:

We seened lots of fall flowahs, too:

On our way down the mountain we seened waterfalls:

And I meeted a noo furrend:

Then on the way home we seened this sign and you just knows wheneffur we see this sign mom has to stop and get veggies (BLECH!)

I got to go to the fields with mom while the farm man picked her veggies fresh off of the plants. When mom putted me back in the car, the farm man letted his dog outside. He could not come outside while I woz there coz the man sayed he not be a team player. But he woz crazy gibbing mom all kinds of kissies when he commed outside. I could see it through the car winder. I think he liked mom coz when we woz leaving, he looked at mom like "Where is you going???" Hey, that be my mom, paws off!

So here do be the veggies the farm man pick fur my mom:

And I leave you with this pikshure of the Catskill mountains in the fall:


  1. This was another Beautiful walkie for us to enjoy with you. Butt I gotta ask, where were the Skilled Cats???
    Or is THAT the skill they have.. they HIDE very much excellently.

  2. OMC - what great pictures your mama took and what a bootiful hike. M remembers walking in the woods years ago and hearing the crunching of the leaves under her feet. It's such a bootiful time of the year to hike, according to M.

  3. You looks so happy wiv those veggubuls, I guess cuz you knows you duzn't haz to eats em! Thanks you for sharing all your pritty seeniks.

  4. Oooo! We're filled with jellyness! That is one very cool hike! We didn't get to go hiking so much yesterday as take a scenic walk. I feel like such a slacker now that I've read that you climbed all that way. You have the best adventures!

    Bunny and Morgan

  5. Wow you did find Fall! Mom says we need some good rain real quick or our colors will be a bust. Has to rain before the leaves are ready to fall though. Those veggies must be extra fresh to come right off the plant!

  6. Your mom is so lucky to have such fresh veggies (says my mom, not me!).

    Gosh, there are a lot of pretty fall colors up there. Did you guys get rain today? It's been lightly raining here off and on all day. No sunshine.

    Your mom got some great pictures but yikes about the height!

    That last picture is gorgeous. This is my mama's favortie time of year. That picture could be a postcard!

  7. Oh my gosh Shawnee. Thank you for posting so many beautiful pictures. I don't know about anyone else, but I love seeing your pictures all the time, even when I don't have time to comment on them. Keep them coming!

    We looked into the trails you told us about and the only ones close to us are short ones along houses. Mom's wondering how I'd do if I had to ride over an hour each way in the car to get to the more scenic trails. Sometimes I wish I was a dog (or a stuffie like Treasure) and liked to ride in the car. Then I could really go to some cool places Treasure gets to to.

  8. Oh, wow! I think those are the prettiest scenic views yet! Loooove those fall colors.

  9. Great pikhs!!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: SEE: I told woo KAATS KILL

  10. Iffens you dussnt want them veggies then me n Lola can eats em. We love da veggies....and the carrots is now on my diet cos of da eye probs

  11. I love the Catskills! What gorgeous pictures. You are really smart not to want to get up in one of those ski contraptions. Who knows what might happen?

  12. Hey Shawnee! Another pawsome hike my pal! We got a few turning leaves, but more because of the dry. One outside our cabin is very burgundy, bootiful!

    Finally got some time to add you as a bud on my blog my pal, took Mum a year to update my pal list, sheesh!

  13. Love those pretty fall colors! We're too far from the Catskills to get in a weekend hike, but we're thinking we might go see the leaves in the Finger Lakes – which look more like muddy pawprints to me, but what the heck…
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