Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #7: Hey! That's Not Me!

Fur Cokie's Photo Hunt this week's theme be posting a pikshur of wot looks like me but is not me.  And let me tells you, mom had to rilly do some hunting fur these pikshures.  She woz up in the attic clanging and banging and rooting and finally she founded wot she woz after.  Then our scanner broked and the noo one commed today.  Then our innerwebs wented down and we had to do this all on dial up.  OUCH!  (So if'n I is slow on reading your bloggies that be why - getting super duper high speed cable connekshun on Furiday!  We say POO on noggty DSL.)  So anyways...

Not me...
"Tommy" with mom's great gramma in Germany mebbe in the 1950's
 Not me...
"Anka" mom's uncle's dog in Germany in 1972
"Shawnee" in the USA in 2010

So as you can see, I is descended from a long line a real Germany German shepherds, by adopshun, wot looks like me but is not!  Akshually, I look nuttin like the American German shepherds wot has longer hair and is much more black, but I look a whole lot like the Germany German shepherds so mebbe I is kin and I woz destined to meet up with my mom over on this side of the big pond?

Pee Ess - I dunno how they commed by Tommy long time ago, but I duss know that mom's uncle reskood Anka from a mad scientist laboratory where they woz doing experimentashuns on her!  Mom growed up visiting Anka coz they all lived with mom's grandpawrents. Anka woz the most pawsomest German shepherd akkording to mom, well, udder than me, of course.  Anka lived to be furry old and wented to the bridge in hers sleep one nite.


  1. How furry interesting! Me and McIver's are from da Germany lines too! Except I gots a bit o' American in me thus my poofiness! Germies are so cool 'cuz my Momma says so!!!

    Wags and Love,

  2. Our human Dad is 1/2 German and spent some of his younger years in Germany. That first pic looks a lot like some old family photos he has. We think the shepherds in our family are probably American, except maybe Gracie? Thanks for sharing those :)
    The Road Dogs

  3. OMD--You are so special!! I just know that Anka and Tommy are in you somewhere.

    Oh, and Mom said to tell you that Croatia is almost polar opposite from Portland, OR, so I should be able to dig a straight line, right? I keep trying, but they put up all these obstacles......

  4. Shawnee, this is very cool stuff! I like the old pictures and it's even better that you have a family history with German Shepherds. Morgan comes from a German line, too. Dad is always complaining about American shepherds anyroo.

    Did your mom used to live near Illinois? She sure seems to have seen a lot of the stuff that we have!


  5. Oh, wow! That's really super cool. I can't believe you're relatives were real German German Shepherds! Soooo cool!

    And by the way...my new Mom's family came from Germany back in 1794.

  6. OMC - You are all so much alike. It's amazing. Maybe you were reincarnated or whatever dat thingy is when you come back again. hehe

  7. Wow, great photos!

    That's amazing, how there have been dogs that looked so much like you in your family. Maybe Mario has the right idea about reincarnation.


  8. Wow you come from a great heritage that is so cool that the family kept all those wonderful pictures.

  9. My friend, thank you so much for your kind messages to Inigo. It helped us so much to read your kind words at such a hard time.

    Thank you.

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