Sunday, October 17, 2010

Delaware Water Gap/Worthington State Forest - Mount Tammany, NJ

Today we hiked 8 miles at the place wot is the mostest popular fur hiking in all of Noo Joisey.  We had to get there rilly early coz udderwise there be so many peeples there be no place to park the car.  (When we woz finished hiking at 1pm the cars woz hoverin like vultures waiting fur our parking spot!)  So we has hiked Mount Tammany afore but we did it today fur training fur our upcoming trip to Shenandoh-ha in Furginia.  You has to climb 1,250 feets up to get to the top of Mount Tammany were we woz going.  In Shenandoh-ha we is going to has to climb 2,200 feets up a mountain.  Think mom can do it?  I sure can.  Just kick in the 4 paw drive and up I go!  See:
The Delaware River from half way up Mount Tamanny
Mt. Minsi in Pencilvania on the udder side of the Delaware River from top of Mt. Tammany.
From the top of Mt. Tammany, the Delaware River with Pencilvania in the background.
You would in no way beleef wot we founded atop Mount Tammany.  Is you reddy fur this - A DIRTY BABY DIAPER!  Wot the...  We has neffur seened anything like it.  It do be a good thing I not poo while hiking (and not in any diapers either) so mom has my poo bags to use fur situashuns like this.  Mom picked up the baby poo diaper with my poo bag then put sanitizer on her hands just in case any cooties jumped out at her even tho she dinnot tutch it.  Mom carried the poo bag coz it woz to heavy and would has maded my backpack lopsided.  We will not show you the diaper coz it do be way gross even if'n I do woof so myself.  Later in the hike when we comed to a road, there woz a trash can wot mom deposited it in.  She woz so glad to be rid of it.
So Lucy, if you would please lead the way horking up some big slimy hairballs on these litterbugs, effuryone else can join in.  We'll show them wot gross is.  (Altho mom always says animals can neffur be as gross as peeples can be.)

So anyways, back to my hike.  We commed down off Mount Tammany and hiked along Dunnfield Creek fur a while.

And we seened a buck with antlerz!
Mom did has to get on his case, tho.  The buck woz wandering around like la di da and if'n mom woz a hunter she could has shotted him ded he woz so slow!  She told him pay attenshun, run fur his life,  and be safe coz it do be huntin' season!  And he taked off.  Well, today be Sunday and there be no huntin at this park on Sundays but if'n the buck furgets wot day it is, that could be dangeruss so best always to run fur your life just in case.

We then commed down to the Delaware River.  Rememmer we seened it from up high afore?  Now we is rite there by the river.  And there woz peeples in boats.
See that island over there where the arrow be pointing.  That be Shawnee Island, fur real!
I woz standing where the star is when mom taked this pikshure
Bet you did not knows I has my furry own island.

Looks like there used to be a bridge up a ways going to my island but it do be brokened now.

But farther up a ways there do be the big highway bridge wot takes you over the river to Pencilvania.  See, I is standing unnerneath it with the big trucks zooming over my hed!
Then when we comed around the bend we could look up at Mount Tammany where we woz earlier.

When we biggified a pikshure of Mount Tammy taken from this spot, we could see peeples standing where we woz afore, right smack in the middle of where we founded the dirty poo baby diaper.  Bet they is glad we packed that out afore they gotted there!  You prolly cannot see the peeples in the circle unless you can biggify it even more but trust me, they is there.

So I leaves you with some foliage pikshures to help you get the image of dirty baby poo diaper out of your brane.

And thanks efurryone fur your nice commenties about our Howloween kostooms!  We is so happy you enjoyed them.  Mom espeshully coz it woz kwite challenging to get all 3 of us to keep our hats on at the same time, BOL!


  1. Oh Shawnee - another great adventure for you. Dis is such a pretty time of the year with trees turning their finest colors. Those were bootiful pictures you capture. Your mom is so right - people are much more gross den doggies. How gross to leave a stinky baby diaper on the trail. Why don't oomans pick up after themselves.

  2. I'm sure you and your mom can do that Furginia climb! Some really great views today (other than the baby diaper). You are so lucky to have an island named after you.

    We typed this comment using our new I-Pawd. It's cool.

  3. Another wonderful post! Keep 'em coming.

  4. Did you happen to visit the Village of Shawnee? I noticed it on the map. Mr. Taleteller. M.

  5. That was surely a furry exciting hike!

    Pawsylpencilvania and all!

    Once again we have to shake our heads at the lazy humans that leave their poopy stuffs fur others to find -

    I wonder if woo khan rent the island fur a pawty fur your friends?


  6. Wow, that is beautiful my friends! We love your adventures!

  7. People are so gross sometimes! Imagine leaving a dirty diaper - I'm glad your Mom took the time to keep a really beautiful place beautiful!


  8. Wow. What a great hike. I love all the pictures and I love that you and your mom take such good care of the environment and the animals. Good you put the fear in that buck... Have a great day and I look forward to your next hike...

    *pawhugs* Max

  9. Wow! I can't get over that I know someone with their very own island!! You is hot stuff!

    I have to say, from someone who may surf the kitty box from time to time, even I have to turn my nose up at the little peoples poo diaper! If mom has to pick up our poo, they need to pick up their poo too!! Blah!!

  10. I fink that might be yore most excitin hike yet my pal. Wot lovely views and I fink we gib mum a star for such great photos.


    Back away frum da edge slowly!

    Dunt skeer me likes dat eber agin!

    (or mehbe i banish u to dat island furever)

  12. A baby diaper with poo in it?! EWWWWW!!! I'm glad you added those pics of the pretty leaves or I'm afraid I wouldn't get much sleep tonight...