Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virginia Vacation Day 5: Shenandoah National Park, VA - Mary's Rock

So this do be our lastest day of vakashun in Furginia.  When mom woz loading up the car in the wee hours of the morning, we did see this furry bootiful sunrise.
The wevver peeples woz saying on the radio it woz going to rain so we woz not sure if'n we would do this last hike or not but seeing these skies, hike on!

When we gotted to where we woz hiking, it woz more cloudy, furry windy, hoomid and warm.  We woz hiking on the Appalachian Trail to Mary's Rock.

I woz not wearing my backpack coz, well, mom loaded our stuffs into the car rite atop of it and we did not want to start digging to find it.  It be OK tho coz I did not need to has any no-huntin-me orange on - hunting do be furry much forbidden in Shenandoh-ha National Park.  All the animals be safe there.
There woz lots of seeniks along the Appalachian Trail on the way.
We could see Mary's Rock while we woz hiking over there where the arrow be pointing:
And we passed a shelter where the peeples wot hikes the Appalachian Trail all the way to Maine sleeps in.  But they is not there now coz it be too late in the season and Maine do be closed fur the winter now.  At least the part the hikers need to get to at the end of the Appalachian Trail.
And then, ta da, here we be at Mary's Rock:
On the way back I founded a nice little break spot with a view:
You is not, no way, going to beleef this.  We gotted back to the car.  I had a drink of waters in the back seat.  Mom changed her shoos.  The minit she sat in her seat in the car and closed the door, rain drops hitted on the windshield!  As we pulled out of the pawking lot, it woz POURING rains!  How lucky woz we that we finished just afore the clouds let the rain out? 

We did a little detour on the way home thru Merryland.  Gramma had sented mom this linkie about organic chickun eggs.  They has always sayed that you should buy organic eggs coz the chickuns be treated better than mass produced eggs in factory farms.  Turns out that is not true!  We pays lots of monies fur organic eggs thinking the chickuns has better lives and they rilly duss not. So this linkie tells you where you can get organic eggs from chickuns wot rilly runs around outside and there woz a farm like that just a little out of our way going back home to Noo Joisey.  We gotted organic eggs fresh out of the chickun's you-know-wot.  You cannot buy them in the store like that. (The boy had some fur dinner when we gotted home and sayed he has neffur has such tasty eggs afore.) So anyways, rite close to where the chickun egg farm woz we seened some rilly pretty fall foliage and wanted to show you the pikshure:
So that woz the end of our wonnerful hiking vakashun in Furginia.  Here do be the tally of wot we hiked:

Day 1 -   7.50 miles
Day 2 - 11.50 miles
Day 3 -   8.00 miles
Day 4 -   8.90 miles
Day 5 -   7.25 miles

That do be 43.15 miles wot I hiked in 5 days.  Whew!  You will be able to find me sleeping in my hidey spot fur the rest of the week.  Well, after I go catch up on reading the bloggies wot I missed while I woz away.


  1. Oh! Now I know why you were running around nekkid! What a great last hike! The photos are pretty and mom "ooohed and aaahhhhed" at the last photo!

    We like organics stuff too...but we're not big egg people but that's good info! I like our organic cheese! Yum!

  2. Thanks for the info on the eggs. I choose the "organic" eggs and can't wait to read that article to find out the truth! Glad you missed the rain!

  3. Ah! If there's absolutely no hunting, then you certainly CAN be a nudist doggie at that state park!

    Sounds like you really, really lucked out with that rain!

  4. You certainly had a great cation buddy! You hiked over some pretty rough terrain. I'm surprised you sitll has pads on your paws. Bet your mom wore out a pair of shoes too. Great pictures and a great adventure.

  5. OMD, step away from that ledge! My mom and I are clumsy we would fall right off!! Beautiful scenery!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. OMD, step away from that ledge! My mom and I are clumsy we would fall right off!! Beautiful scenery!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. You had a great vacation! Nice of the clouds to wait for you to be off the trail.

  8. Fantastic vacation & pictures!!! That be a LOT of hikin you & Mom did.... We are jealous. How are your feet??
    You deserve a rest. What timing! It's great the rain held off until you got back in the car.

  9. Some really beautiful scenery and fall color! And wow what a great 5 day total! Glad to hear you did not have a repeat of your sore legs from the summer! Mom and I are so glad you had a nice visit to Furginia!

  10. Wow, it looks so beautiful there. I especially like the fall colors.

  11. That last picture is just so, so pretty! Wow! Shawnee, I am totally impressed by all that hiking you did! I would be sleeping for a month after that!


  12. Unbelievably BEAUTIFUL. Fall is our furry best loved time of the year but it doesn't last long. Winter is coming to our neck of the woods and that DOES last a long time☺

  13. Did woo wave as woo passed through my part of the world?

    Those were some furry furry nice hikes and views woo shared!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  14. What a busy pup you were - all that hiking! Our boys would be sleeping for weeks!


  15. Happy hiking! I hope you enjoyed your time in Furginia! It's where we live. :)

  16. Oh, Shawnee - this is bee-yo-ti-ful! We lived in VA for a couple years and we saw such pretty scenery there. Looks like you had a magnificent hiking vacay!

    The Road Dogs

  17. Hi Shawnee,

    Thanks furry much for sharing your vacation and hiking trips with us. My mom always wanted to hike part of the Apple-latch-un Trail (now that she is old and lazy, it will never happen). BOL


  18. U sure did hikin a beary long way....mehbe u culda just walkined der frum NOO Jerzy wif all dem miles u did walks?

  19. Lordy! Wot a lot of hikin you haz done. I fink my little legs might not have made it that far. We is appy you did have such a nice vaycayshun and fanks for showin us ow beautiful it is in dat park

  20. Wow - I just read back through your vacation posts...How very beautiful!! I'm suddenly feeling the need to take a little vacation myself. Thanks for sharing all your pics. That cabin looked awesome!

  21. What an amazing vacation. furrginia is very beautiful.