Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virginia Vacation Day 4: Shenandoah River State Park, VA

So on Sunday we hiked the park where we woz staying in the cabin and it do be offishully called Raymond R. "Andy" Guest, Jr. Shenandoah River State Park but that do be kwite a muzzleful so we just be calling it Shenandoh-ha River State Park fur short.  So you has prolly alreddy seened our wonnerful cabin but if'n not, the pikshures do be here.
So the hiking trails started rite outside our cabin - how kewl is that?  We did not has to go in the car at all.  Fur all you dogs wot goes hiking on these trail, this be where I lefted impawtant pee-mail fur you.
So this trail do be taking us down to the Shenandoh-ha River where we can get to udder hiking trails.
There be lots of burd houses.
And a burd condominium.
Here do be the river.
On to more trails...
We seened some pritty fall flowahs and foliage on the trails.
We hiked all up through the mountains and commed back down to the river.  We wented by Yoda's cabin again and taked a break at his piknik nomming table.
Here we is heading back to our cabin wot is strate up the trail.
Mom and I sat on the porch.  Mom falled asleep in the rawking chair and I napped on the deck.
Then we woked up coz we felted eyes on us.
OMD, it do be a stick wot walks!
Mom sayed she had not seened one of those since she woz a little gurl. 

There is also a seenik overlook in the park that you can hike to but we drived there in the car coz we needed to rest our legs from all the hiking.  It be called Culler's Overlook.
We did not even has enuff time to hike the whole park but that be OK.  Mom will just has to bring me back again anudder time!

Our lastest day of vakashun coming up...


  1. Hey Shawnee,
    I read all your vacation posts. Wow, it's like a great trip so far, even in spite of the cows. Your mom's picture of all the views and fall foliage are great.

    I'm stuck here while they go on vacation. Mama started the book and loves it but won't be taking it with her just in case it gets damaged.

    See ya later!

  2. What a gorgeous place to vacation, despite that ugly bug. The daisies and asters are so pretty and you look so relaxed. Was Yoda in his cabin? Did you pawty?

  3. Cool! Did you not have to wear your no huntin' me vest in that part of the park, cause you were runnin around nekkid!!

    That stick thing looked pretty interesting, I would probably try to put the bitey on it, I like sticks!

  4. You and your mom got some awesome, awesome, awesome pictures of the fall colors on your hiking vacation. They're gorgeous!

    Like Anna, though, I wanna know why you were running around nekkid without that no-hunting-me vest...

  5. Wow. That looks like a cool place!

  6. I love your pensive and resting pikhs!


    The stikhk that walks!


  7. What happened to your back pack? Were you getting tired of carrying it? That walking stick seems like a pretty friendly fellow!


  8. So u askeered of moo cows huh? Mehbe u shuld come here & human2 culd takes u out to a dairy farm...dat would cure u fur sure....either dat or skar u fur life!

    Dem walkie sticks iz almost an endangered species....dat so cool u did seed one!

  9. Er.....I gonna be needin that stik wot walks cos I dussnt do "fetch" and i fink it might elp get dad off my back. Fanks