Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pisgah State Park, NH

If'n you rememmer last year, I meeted my furrend Roger (@RogerDog) in Furmont and we did eggsiting hiking.  We decided to meet again this year in Noo Hampsheer and make it an annual event!

So we gotted there furst and then Lou drived up with Roger in his seat in the car.

We gibbed each udder good sniffs to be sure we was the rite dogs. You can neffur be too careful.

Yay! We is the rite dogs and did a blurry happy dance.

Then Roger had to get dressed in hims no-huntin-me orange.
So fur those of you wot not knows wot no-huntin-me orange is (and I is asked all the time why I be wearing orange) it be so I not look like a deer during hunting season.  Mom checked with Noo Hampsheer State Parks afore we wented and they tolded mom the hunting season has started and we mite run into hunters.  With no-huntin-me orange on, they can see us rilly well and can tell we is not wildlife so we not be shooted ded.  I make mom wear no-huntin-me orange too coz I not want her shotted ded.  The boy wented along and had his no-huntin-me orange on unner his gray sweartshirt.  Um, not kewl boy!  But we did not see any hunters - better be safe than sorry, I say.

So we was off on our hike...  WOOF HOO!

Checking some impawtant pee-mail...

There woz lots of ponds fur SWIMMING!!!!!

And when we gotted tired and needed a break...
 I shared my Powah Bones with Roger fur reenergizashun:

We climbed up Pisgah Mountain fur pritty seeniks.
No dogs allowed at Mt. Monadnock.

When we woz finishing our hike, we wented thru pritty hemlock forests but the sun woz going down so it woz rilly spooky dark unner the trees.

Then after 10 miles of hiking we maded it back to our cars.
Here is Roger's bloggie about the hike.  That woz pawsome fun Roger! I cannot wate until next year!

Group shot:  Taking a break on Pisgah Mountain.
Roger posing
Me and my boy.


  1. Great hike, as always! We were living vicariously through you this time, Shawnee, since we didn't get to go hiking this weekend. Mom had a class yesterday afternoon and she's all busy getting us ready for our trip. I am sure glad to see you having so much fun!

    How come you didn't take your backpack this time?


  2. Wow that must have been a fun hike! I liked the pictures of you and the boy relaxing and the other one with you sitting with him.

  3. Those are great pictures. I love the one of you looking at that mean "No Dog Mountain". :)


  4. Hey Shawnee,
    I'm glad you and Roger were the right dogs. :)

    I like that picture of you and Roger on Pisgah Mountain with sunbeams coming down. Roger posing and you with your boy are especially good too. All of these are great pictures. Looks like you all had a really fun day.

  5. WOW I'm impressed again - this time you were all the way up in NH. You all deserve the Gold badge for hiking - dat's for sure. How nice that you had a friend with this time and I'm so happy you wore orange so no hunters start shooting at you.

  6. Shawnee, thanks for another great hike! Your mom got such good pictures! I love the blurry happy dance, and the one of you and Roger looking at Monadnock.

    Lou & Roger

  7. Pawesome time fur all of woo!

    (I even spied an Xterra in the parking lot)

    We went on a wussy hike here - I mean khompared to your great adventures -

    We went here

    after Mom and I went fur some apples -

    I saw horsedoggies fur the furst time - they are bigger than me!

    Since it was Sunday, we didn't have to worry 'bout wearing orange - so we just drove it!

    Thanks fur sharing your special day!


  8. I'm green with envy! Seeing all those pretty fall leaves, I could just feel the crisp autumn air. Ah, how we miss Maine...Thanks for sharing your hike with us!

  9. That looks like a pawsome way to spend the day. Is Roger your boyfriend? I fink I do detec love in your eyes Shawnee!!

  10. Wat? Teh monadnok duz not allow doggys? That iz so mean an unfairs. I bet when hikers get losted they lets teh doggyz hunt em out wiv theyr good sniffers!

  11. The Catskills are so amazing and you captured them so well.....Shawnee is of course the highlight of the show, but that waterfall is spectacular...

    As traveling field biologists, my husband and I worked last winter up in the Adirondacks with Pine Martens and absolutely fell in love with NY....

    Thanks for sharing, always look forward to your guys' adventures :)