Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virginia Vacation Day 3: Sky Meadows State Park, VA

So on Saturday we drived to Sky Meadows State Park.  It do be there that I discovered some more fears I did not knows I had.  But furst I show you the park sign wot do has furry festive dekorashuns.
So rite off the bat, we commed to where there woz cows.  I had neffur seened cows up close and purrsonal afore and mom wanted a pikshure of me with the cows.
Mom, why is Bessie and Beulah gibbing me the stink-eye?
Yikes, get me outta here!
One of the cows snorted, I jumped in the airs and I did not want to be by those cows no more.  They is skeery.

So we went on and started seeing some seeniks.
Whew.  There be no cows here.
I wonner if'n those cows did this to this pore critter...
So then we commed up high to the meadows wot is rilly meadows up in the sky atop the mountain.
There do be a prawblem, howeffur.  A gabillion crickets live in the meadows.
When you walk thru the meadow they all jump up in your face, say "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz", fly off to the side, land on a dry leaf wot makes a crunch sound.  So a gabillion of them doing that at the same time is way furry skeery.  I had to walk ahind mom and let her clear the way.  And since then efurry time we walk through an open area wot has no trees, I walk ahind mom just in case.  Mountain crickets do be my noo phobia now.

But there woz some furry pritty seeniks:

There woz lots of udder dogs hiking but I only gotted a pikshure of this one.  He do be a bloodhound/German shepherd mix.  Can you see the famblee resemblence?
So, as if this hike had not been skeery enuff so far, we commed to this.  Apparently, cows do share a fear with me - neither of us likes steps so these be steps wot lets peeples get into fields but keeps cows from getting out coz they will not climb stairs.  Like me.
Ummm, mom, I think we has a prawblem...
I will leave it to your imaginashuns how I gotted over the steps.  But I wented rite unner a bench just in case there be any of those cows around.
Little did I know I had my behind in a cow pie.
Luckily there woz no cows in this meadow rite now.  Whew. I know, a farm dog I is not but it woz still a pawsome hike.
On the way home to the cabin we seened this furry kewl license plate:
More to come...


  1. What a spooky Halloween walk! I'm not sure about cows...they look kinda big and scary...but those cricket things? Oh heck no! I think I've seen a horror movie about them on Sci-fy channel. And then stairs?? And cow poop?? You deserve a lot of yummy noms after that scary walk!!!

  2. Oh noooo - You didn't lay in a cow pie! Horrors - bet you got a bath as soon as you got home or found a creek to take a bath in.

  3. Cows and crickets and stairs? Oh, my!

  4. This one made Mommy and me laugh! With all my phobias cows, grasshoppers and stairs are not on the list. I like cows, grasshoppers are fun to tease until they stop working, and stairs usually lead to interesting places. How could you be so close to a cow pile and not ROOOOOOLLLLLL in it?

  5. Nice hiking khousin type!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  6. That stairs thing made mom think about Rufus in the book your mom lent us. Although I think those stairs might have been a little sturdier than some of the crossings in the book.

    Did you know those cows are raised by the Virginia Department of Corrections? They raise the very best beef cattle, sell the meat and use the profits to help pay for the prisons.

  7. I have seen horses up close before, but not cows. I will now be very cautious when approaching them!

    I apologize, but Mom is still laughing like a fool crazy loon over that expression on your face about the cows!


    P.S. I learned to let Mom go first in certain areas on our hikes this weekend, too!

  8. We are really enjoying these hiking pics! And that river looks super inviting. You're a lucky pup Shawnee!

    The Road Dogs

  9. I dunt finks da cows did hurted dat deer....mehbe it wuz one of dem bad hunter peeples?

  10. Hee hee, you should come to where we normall go walkin. They got wild cows wot live there and do roam around. Sometimes we come across em on the paths and hidin unner the trees. Once, Lola walked right up to one wot was lyin on the ground and stood on his butt. How we larffed.