Saturday, October 9, 2010

Minnewaska State Park Preserve, NY

So today we hiked 11.75 miles in Minnewaska State Park Preserve in Noo York.  This woz one of the most beeootiful hikes we has dun.  It woz also the most dangerous.  Mom almost murderized me again.  I tell you about that later.

From this park we woz able to see the Catskill Mountains where we has hiked afore.  They is on the horizon over there:
We went atop lots of cliffs:
And founded a pritty spot fur our break:

We walked unner beeootiful waterfalls and gotted spritzed!

Then we seened this sign:
 I kept an eagle eye out fur those rattlesneks...
And I knowed wot to look for coz I had been watching this educashonull commershull on televishun:

I did not see any rattlesneks.

Then, OMD, I meeted my TWIN!  Can you beleef your eyes? If'n I taked off my backback you would not knows which one woz me and which one woz Bella:

So when I met Bella it woz when we backtracked to anudder trail coz the trail we woz on wented strate off a steep cliff and mom knowed she could not get me down.  But Bella tolded me she woz doing the cliff with her mom, two udder laydees and two udder dogs wot woz with them and they would all help me. So I sayed fine.  Here is the skeery cliff we had to go over and down the udder side:
I think Bella and her furrend look a little worried as they be assessing this situashun.  They woz pacing and crying just like I woz.  But our moms gotted us all going and we had to go down, down, down rilly steep.  I was skeered but the moms would pick me up and lower me down to the next level until we finally gotted to the bottom.  True to form, I neffur gibbed my cooperashuns and hanged onto the rawks with my paws fur dear life.

This be wot the cliff looked like after we gotted to the bottom.  Skeery:
Then we taked a group pikshur to show we all did survive our death defying eggsperience (and I see Bella gibbing my mom kissies...)
So then we thanked them all fur helping me and sayed good bye coz mom and I woz going in the opposite direkshun.  I is so glad I libbed to tell you about this adventure!

Then on the way home mom snagged this pikshure of Noo York City. It woz getting dark but the sun woz still shining on the skyscrapers so it looked like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz!


  1. What a pawesome hike!!!

    How khool woo saw your twinnerer too!!!

    BUT the almost being murdered - not good!!!

    Mom is chukhkling fur bakhk in the mid 80's she spent two difFURent weeks in Mahway/Ramsey NJ area and each afternoon driving bakhk to the motel she used to see a similar view of NYC and would khall it the same furry thing!


  2. Holy smokes my pal. Wot a adventure. You was rilly brave. And i fink your ome is lookin very bootiful wiv all the Fall colours on the trees and the sun shinin. Wot a lucky dog you is

  3. Holy Gwalk A Moley Shawnee... you walkied where that Rattlesnake lives??? did you see any of the Bunnies????

  4. YIKES - I thnks you was on a skary adventure dis time pal. Dis is one time I was happy not to be with you. Way too skary for me. You sure got some bootiful pictures tho. You get a big A+++ for going on dis one. One look at dat big cliff and I'd be skared forever.

  5. I was on the edge of my seat while I read about this adventure! At least you had some new pals to help you through the "ordeal" part. I bet that waterfall spritz was cool!

  6. Wow! You sure get to visit pretty places. I live in what Mommy calls "The Big Flat" so we don't have to worry about things like cliffs. I'm glad! I won't jump off a dock, I can't imagine how Mommy would get me off the edge of a cliff!

  7. You lived to tell about another amazing hike! First, Mama jsut wants to say that your pictures look the all-time best in this post. Maybe it has something to do with fall, but the colors, the lighting, the sky, the clarity are all great!

    That is so incredible that hike from that cliff! You should be proud! Well, your mom should be proud too.

    Love the Emerald City!

    p.s. Hope you can stop by on Tuesday for my party!

  8. Oops, meant to say that I always like your pictures and the views but just that these are exceptionally good!

  9. What a scary adventure you had! I'm so glad you came out alive. The pictures are so beautiful. I just love autumn. The colors are wonderful.

  10. EEEEK!!! Your mom almost DID murderize you. That cliff looks terrifying! *shudders*

    I love that fall is showing up in your pictures now, though. Those fall colors are beautiful!

  11. Dat is WAY too skeery Shawnee! I cannot believes you let dat woman do dat to you!! When will dey learn to listen to us sheppies?


  12. Wow!! That's a great hike and the cliff WAS scary!! I'll teach you some of my flying skills for next time!! BOL!

    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese

  13. Now that is one amazing hike! It looks like Bella had another Shepherd friend there with her, too. I'm glad you had people there to help you on that scary part!

    I've been thinking about you a lot on my way home. We must have passed fifty state parks already and I wish I could go out and explore them, but Mom says we have to get home.


  14. OMG it was your twin!! CRAY-ZEE!

    I've missed your blog! But I'm documenting our vacation hiking pictures now on mine...I'd be out there in the wilderness and think "Man, I'm like Shawnee! She had the right ideas!"

    Off to catch up on your adventures.

    PeeSSS: Why do peoples take photos of us when we're in bathing? Seriously peoples???

  15. OMD, Shawnee you are so brave! Roger & I are very impressed. And how exciting to meet your twin and hike with other great dogs!!

    Lou & Roger