Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leaf Clean-Up and Blog Hop

We only has one tree in our back yard but there be lots of trees in the naybors' yards and we seem to get all of their leaves too.  Prawblem is, it covers up our poo so mom cannot see it to scoop it up, then we step in it with our paws (well, I step in it with my paws, Dixie and Sydney neffur seem to do that, only me) and then bring it in the howse and make a big old mess wot duss not make mom happy at all.
So today do be leaf day.  I snoopervised...
...and played some fetch with Mr. Monkey wot is not allowed outside but I sneaked him out...
Sydney founded herself a sweet gum ball wot always falls off the naybors tree into our yard and makes mom crazee coz there be a gabillion of them and they clog up the leaf sucker upper so mom has to rake.  Fur woteffur reason, Sydney likes to nom them. Dixie duss too but not me.
Dixie always sneaks them inside in her mouf and mom finds them all over her bed, BOL.

So on to the blog hop.  But I has one thing I want to say to the hoomans furst.  A hooman done lefted a mean commenty on my bloggie coz they not like my bloggie coz of my dog speak.  Well that be fine, to each hims own, but you dussn't has to be mean about it.  If'n you has nuttin nice to say, then don't say nuttin and all.  And don't let the doggie door hit you in the behind on your way out.  Fur effuryone else hop along if'n you want...


  1. Our leaves have barely started and we have two HUGE 50 year old trees, so you can imagine the job. And it rains too much to use the leaf sucker, but blowing them into a pile helps. I won't even go out when Mom is doing that--that blower scares me.
    Toby and I try not to hide the poo, but those darn leaves come down too fast sometimes---Mom is always the one to step in it.....
    I would say that if someone doesn't like your blog, then they are sick, sick, sick. We LOVE it.

    Sage, Toby & their Mom

  2. If they don't like your blog, why do they read it? No one is making them. I think Shawnee-speak adds a unique charm. Some people are so weird and miserable that the only thing they can think to do is try to make other people miserable too.

    Your pals love your blog and, well, whose opinion do you care about? Ours or some dum-dum? BOL! ;)

  3. Stopping in from the blog hop; that's so terrible that someone would leave a mean comment. I like your blog and am so glad I stopped by.

  4. We get tons of leaves too from our neighbors trees, especially the weeping willow next door. Everytime I open the door a whole bunch comes flying into the house. Same here with leaves covering the dogs area, got to clean it or someones going to step in it.

    Don't take offense with what that person wrote, there's always one in the crowd. You have the "Freedom To Bark" on Blogger so just delete and forget it.

  5. Shawnee I am sorry that you guys sometimes get Poo Paws. Heck, it happens. No biggie... as fur as I'm concerned. hehehe
    Now about that comment thingy. this seems to be a new.. craze (or Crazyness) that has been hitting several of us. I firmly believe that what You said was GRRRREAT. I do agree with everybuddy else's words too. Heck, let um say what they want... we'll just delete it.
    For the record... I think you have a WONDERFUL way of speaking. I love reading your words and then saying them in my head. What a grrrreat accent you have. We discriminating readers..think it is music to our monitors.
    Can I say this??? "SO THERE STINKY COMMENTER. PUT MY (Frankie Furter's) WORDS RIGHT THERE WHERE THE DOGGY DOOR IS GONNA WHAP YOU." If I CAN'T say that... you can delete it. OK... beclaws we is furends and that's how furends stick together... sort of like the poo on the paw... butt BETTER.

  6. Hellos there Shawnee...I am Puddles!

    I gots a little sumptin to say...never been heres but I likes it here and I don't knows you but I has your back.
    I haves no idea what was said but it really don't matters to me cuz I getting a little tired of all dis mess from commentors thinking they can just come and make mean comments...I ain't gonna tolerate it. No sirre bob!
    Puddles be openin' a can of whoop.....

    By da way, I has read your comments on other blogs and you is fuuuuuuuuuny!!!!!!


  7. Hey Shawnee,,, It's Me .. AGAIN. I just sent Puddles to meet you. As you can see she and I are both kinda riled up about NASTY commentors. Here is some more of what I think.. Now if I get TOOOOOO graphical for you.. you just feel free to delete what I say.
    I think if some nutty TWO Legger comes into one of Blogville's blogs... they should expect to see some fun exciting thingys goin on.
    If they can't take that.. then they just need to go back where they CAME FROM... and start readin dumb boring silly ol Peeple blogs!!!
    AND... whoever that was... I hope they have TONS of SLIMY SQUIRREL Poop and 87 bazillion Leaves in THEIR yard.. and then take a HIKE/Stroll around the place.
    Know what I mean??? Get my WHIFFFT??? GEEE did I just open up a can of WHUP TAIL too?
    YOU and YOUR BLOG ROCK !!!
    Ok.. I feel soooooooo much better now.
    I think Puddles and I are gonna have to do another Emergency Blog ETIQUETTE post about this.

  8. Hi - Looks like had a fun day in the leaves!

    I am sorry you received a mean comment. I agree with Puddles and Frankie - mean people stink! You have a great blog just ignore debbie downer.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Mom khleaned the leaves from my patio today so we don't bring them in!

    As fur the Shawnee speak, woo go!

    My mom has had a human tell her my blog is hard to read and Khyraese is stoopid and khrap like that -

    To that we say: PFFFFFFFT!

    I vote woo send that poo to that 'person'

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  10. I would love to be able to run and play in the leaves. I suspect that would not amuse Dad so much! I am still giggling over your comment on the blog yesterday! I think it might have been noggty Shepherd day.

    As far as mean comments go, this is the first I've heard about it happening, so I have no idea who did it, but I wouldn't give them the time of day! They obviously don't have much to do in their lives if they just go around and post hate comments.


  11. I can't believe some [censored] piece of human [censored] would complain about your Shawnee speak. I'm gonna send my boiz over to your blog to get them. I never go out but TW sometimes brings ginko leaves in the house for me to chase.

  12. Stopping by on the blog hop... great photos! :)

  13. Another thing our boys are missing out on!


  14. I love that snoopervising picture! I will put the bitey on mean people!

  15. I'm so upset that someone left a bad comment. My fur is standing up!! I love the way you talk. You are one of the most smartest, beautiful shepherds out there. I love your blog!

    Love, Cupcake

  16. I have no problem reading your words...maybe they just not right in the head? Maybe I should put the bitey on them!!!

    EWWWW! Poo paws! I don't blame mom for not liking that!

    Don't worry girlfriend, I has your back!

  17. Sometimes people just need to be ugly to make themselves feel better. I always say, "When you're ugly on the inside, you're ugly on the outside". Shawnee speak is one of the things I love about your blog! It's creative and I imagine pretty challenging to "speak" in, but you do it creatively and from her eyes -I love it!!
    We have those same "gumdrops" around our home and when they dry out, they are sharp and painful to doggie feet! Happy Halloween!

  18. I love you Shawnee and the way you speak. Your dog speak is way better den my cat speak. I think dat perosn is just jealous cuz you has lots of followers and readers and we all love you. Probably dat person has very few followers. I hasn't had dat happen yet, but I'm sure it will.

    We is still dealing with leaves too. It was so windy last week dat all the neighbors exchanged leaves. M says we'll be cleaning up for bout 2 weeks yet. Den we can sit back and watch the snow fly instead of the leaves.

  19. Shawnee, I can so relate to your poo paws... You see, I get "poo shoes" all the time. It seems that my shoes are dog poo magnets... Just when I think I have picked it all up, I go out to do some yard work, and - Doh!!!!


  20. Fanks for reminder. We send dad out tooday to do poop patrol and clear up leaves. He is saying me rood fings under his breff but I say him that he has to earn his feeds round ere. Is not hotel for pawsons. Woof

  21. I helped supervise on leaf pick-up day last year! I'm proud of you for sneaking that monkey toy outside, Shawnee. Way to go!

    And a big, big bitey needs to go out to whomever decides to leave any kind of mean comments on your blog. That's just uncalled for...