Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Find Your Better Half Contest

So Frankie Furter tolded me that Norwood Unleashed do be hasing a furry kewl contesty!
Fur this contesty you has to go on Petfinder and find an animal fur adopshun wot looks just like you but is the opposite gender wot means I is a gurl so I had to find a boy me.  That duss not be as easy as it sounds.  I did has some requirements of my own:
  • Doe eyes with black mascaras and eyebrows like mine
  • Flat hairs, not floofy
  • Salt and peppah sable coloring with lots of blonde
  • Dainty, petite and fine-boned
  • Likes to has flat ears sometimes (fur airodynamics) 
  • Pawsonality like mine - skeered of some things but sweet
  • Has to like the rescue he be at cos if'n I win I want the $50 prize to go to that rescue
OK, so here do be me:
And 47 pages of German Shepherd Dogs and mixes later, allow me to introdoose my better half, KING! (Oops - I did has MAX as his name but that woz rong - I got confuzzled looking at sooooooo many...)
King do be with Austin German Shepherd Rescue in Texas.  I want him.  We could so mess with mom's hed looking like twins!  We even has the furry same gray snooters.


  1. Shawnee,
    Max is pawfect. Same ear size, gray snooter and I even detect a little mascara! Imagine the funballs you'd have on your momma.
    Thankyou for playing
    and I'll forward your entry to the esteemed judges!

  2. King is very handsome - bet he would love to go hiking with you:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. WOW dis iz a kewl contesty. And dat boy doggy do looks lots like u.

    I finks it would be fun to hab he come lib wif u and mess wif ur mom's hed.

  4. What afun contest, and dat doggie does look like you. You could fool anyone - even your mom.

  5. King is so handsome. He's a great one to pick to be your other half. I bet he would love to meet you and your Mom. I hope he finds a wonderful forever home soon.

  6. Wow.. you ARE twins!!! Now just think of the SUPER SHENAIGANS you two could pull off if you were together!!! Your mom would be spinnin like a top trying to figure out Which One to ... point the paw at!!!!

  7. OMDogness.......A TWIN you..How KoolAid is dat!!!!

  8. I think you need to take a road trip to Austin and get him! Be sure to swing through Illinois on your way through! He really looks like he belongs with you!


  9. Wow - he really is your twin! You'd have mom totally confused. Is it possible that you might bring him home....?

  10. I bet he'd like 10 degrees too!


  11. Shawnee
    I'm so sorry I called King the wrong name.. he's not max. Momma's brainballs were unwired when she was looking at work. sorry

  12. Oh King is fabulous. I luvs the story abouts your Momma saving the great dane. Perhaps she can save KING too???

    Oh and I eats 5 cups of good quality kibble a day so you knows 1 can of food is nowhere near enough.

    woof - Tucker

  13. OH MY DOGNESS Shawnee!!!

    I can hardly tell which foto is da real Shawnee and which is da better half! That is AMAZING, I tell ya!!

    King looks like a wonderful boy.

  14. THAT is crazy! You two MUST be related! He's just as beautiful as you Shawnee!


  15. Oh, Shawnee - you MUST have him! That would be so kewl to see pics of you two together on hikes.

    The Road Dogs

  16. Whatevers his name , he is beautifuls just likes you. And I am so on da band wagon fur you to brings him home so you can mess withs your mom's brain...OMD, dat would be fun. I knows it's wishful thinking but, IT WOULD BE FUN!

    Unfortunatley, I hasn't found my twin. We looked at almost 100 pages and no Puddles twin.


  17. I am so glad I finally got mom to read some blogs tonight otherwise we would have missed this cool contest!

    You did a good job finding your doppelganger. He looks just like you! I hope he finds a furever home as great as yours!

    I sure miss all my pals - mom has got to stop working so much! Yoda smooches to you, your sisters and mom!