Friday, January 7, 2011

Mail Call!

I has to tell you about all kind of mail wot I gotted.  Almost all the mail woz mine - the boy gotted a magazeen from his college and mom gotted nuttin!

So furst up, from my furrend Tucker - a nifty sticker fur our winder in case there be a fire so the firemans know how many of us there be wot needs reskooing. This do be furry impawtant seeing as we did has a BIG FIRE only 1/2 mile from our howse this week wot maded it to the noos even ofer at the BBC in the UK!  We woz wokened up to crazee lowd helicoptahs flying ofur our howse!

Thank you, Tucker fur the nifty sticker!
And this do be furry interesting:  I did notice on the envelope that Tucker lives on the same street I duss.  Yup, his street has the eggsakt same name.  So I is thinking if'n I start walking up my street in Noo Joisey, I will evenshually end up at Tucker's howse in Mane!  That do be me, always thinking...

Then there woz an envelope from City Hall...
Wot is this?
Blech! This is wot we get rabies needles fur!
It do be our licenses.  They is not good fur driving cars.  They is not good fur serving beer.  Wot eggzaktly is they good fur?  When mom woz putting the noo tags on our collahs, she noticed Dixie had Sydney's collah on and Sydney had Dixie's collah on.  No wonner those two be hasing identity crises.

And then, last but not least, this akshually commed earlier this week from my buddy Boris.  He did find a noo Shawnee Cam laying around hims howse and sented it to me.  (Doodyhed Uncle Milty nefur did send me a noo one like he prawmised.  Grrrr.)  So the Shawnee Cam LIVES!  Stay tooned fur Photografies by Shawnee on future hikes.


  1. I can't waits for your noo pix an boy Iz happy that fire wuzn't at your howse Shawnee

  2. Whoo hoo! Shawnee Cam II!!! Way to go Boris!!

    We don't have to have licenses, just rabies tags. Now that we finally has the 3-years rabies shot, I still get a tag but no shot!!

  3. Your tags come in da mail? I gets mine straight from da vetiatrician.

    I likes your cling from Tucker! I bets dat sure does gives your mom some oeice of mind nows. I hopes ya'll is safes from da fires.

    Oh and lemme knows if you meet Tucker on your walk.

  4. Wow--you sure are special, Shawnee, to get all that mail! I really like your new Shawnee Cam. I can't wait to see your adventures all the way to Tucker's house in Mane!!

  5. Woah! You got so many cool things! I'm totally jealous over the doggie cam!

  6. We LOVE that last photo of you all!! So cute!

  7. Yay! The Shawnee Cam is back. Can't wait to see new pictures.

  8. Ooooooo, I can't wait for the Shawnee cam! You get so much mail you might need your own P.O. Box!

    Love, Cupcake

  9. The Shawnee Cam is back!!!!!! Woooooo!!! We loved it before so much that Dad has talked about getting us one of our own. We can't wait to see more of your pictures.

    You mean you can't drive with that kind of license? Uh oh! I'm going to have to tell Morgan to get out of the driver's seat! I had a good giggle over all three of you sticking your tongues out at the same time.


  10. Woohoo! Don't you just love mail call! Dat is great news dat your cam will be back. I've missed those shots.

  11. Love the pics! You got some great mail! Too funny that all three of you are blech at the same time!

    Yikes about the fire, and hooray about the Shawnee Cam!

  12. We can't wait to see your camera in action, Shawnee. We got our license renewal papers too and we have all our papers ready to send in. This time we have to get that special certificate that allows us to have three pack members. That means a yard inspection by animal control and a few door knocks to check with the neighbors about our behavior.

    We think those pet warning stickers are a great idea.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. YAY da ShawneeCam(tm) doz be back in akshuns!!!

    Wow dat fire sure doz sound skeery. We had a fire truck go by our house last week too, but even tho it wuz bright & loud der wuz no fire fank goodness.

    Human2 doz hab clings like dat a werk & do u finks herz brought any home yet so we be safe? NO! Wot iz a gonna doz about herz?

  14. Return of the Shawnee Cam!!!

    You and Tucker live on the same street? It must be a very much LONG street... like more than 87 miles even. Better wear your No huntin me jacket... and take plenty of snacks and drinks. I'm just sayin.
    I think your rabies licences are super.. Sooooo now when you kiss a toad (like I did O N C E ) you can foam at the mouff and nobuddy will get all scared and stuffs.

    I can't drive with my license either.

  15. I got my license to snoof in the mail on Thursday -

    Mom says they are a furry nice blue this year -

    How khool woo got a new Shawnee Kham!


  16. We can't wait to see what you capture on your cam! It is always fun to get mail.


  17. You get lots of mail, don't you! We can't wait to see the videos you take.

  18. What exciting loots, Shawnee!! I can't wait to see all the new pics. That pic of the 3 and their licenses cracked me up - they look very unimpressed, indeed...

  19. O is glad you git your safety sticker. Or as we would say in Maine Stick-ah. So, if i start walking South and you start walking north we can meet in Massachewsits and visit Mango, Dexter, Tula, and Norwood.

    woof _ Tucker

  20. Wow - lots of fun mail for you guys! We love the pics of the three of you with your tongues out - too cute! Now that would be some kinda hike from NJ to Maine - hey, wait, isn't that the Appalacian Trail? Just head north. You could totally do that. Is that more than 5 miles?

    The Road Dogs