Monday, January 3, 2011

Harriman State Park, NY - Lake Skannatati

Supprize!  I gotted anudder hike today!  Mom's work gibbed her today off fur Noo Year's Day howliday - I know, strange, should has been last Furiday, but who is we to argue?  It do be rilly cold out today.  Where we hiked it be 33 degreeses but feeled like 24 with the wind chillz so I had to wear my insulated no-huntin-me vest even tho we woz at a park where there nefur efur be any hunting.  We got to the seenik rite away cuz it do be strate up the mountain from the pawking lot.  Here we be up atop Lake Skannatati looking down.
We could not stay there long coz it do be cold and windy up there and mom did see brokened glass all ofur the place!  Coz the seenik be only 1/4 mile from the pawking lot, it do be a pawty place so peeples bring beers in glass bottles up there then the bottles get brokened.  Mom woz skeered I would cut my paws up so we had to carefully move along.

There do be pritty much snow in the mountains still.  Afore the weekend it would has been too deep fur us to hike there but the wevver woz so warm on Saturday and Sunday it melted some of the snows and then frozed it up again so it do be easier to walk on coz we mostly stayed atop the snow.  I have builted in claws fur trakshun but mom had to put her claws on. Mom say fur those wot hike in the winter, she highly recommends them.  She did not slide or fall on her booty not one single time on the ice!  They do be called Kahtoola Microspikes.

Here we commed by Lake Askoti:
And we could turn around and see Pine Swamp Mountain where we woz at the seenik with the brokened glass afore:
So then we comed to where the Hansenclever Mine woz in the 1700's.  Where that water is ahind me is wot is left of the main mine opening:

Now here do be where it gets interesting.  We woz supposed to make a left turn here but mom noticed the feetprints from the udder peeples started going back the way we camed from.  Only one set of prints went in the direkshun we wanted to go.  We went to investigate...
Holy Yogi Bear, those do be big bear paws!  We decided it not be smart to go in the same direkshun the bear had gone.  We had a map and mom saw we could make a rite instead and it would just cut our hike a cupull of miles short.  But better do that than go to the bear's turf and disturb him.  I mean, there be bears all ofur the woods always and we go where they go all the time but when you know where one went, better not to follow so he not think you be chasing him.

A little while later we did come to a cemetery in the middull of the woods.  The grave stones do be from the 1800's.  Mom readed that the Boy Scouts take care of the old graves so that is why they has flags and flowahs on them.
Then we commed back around to Lake Skannatati where we lefted our car.
I do be so furry lucky to has a chauffeur so I can rest on the way home.


Frankie Furter said...

Holy Squirrel Scat... that bear paw track is HOOOOOGE.. best not to go around there.. Did you see any bear POOPS... Man is that some super stuffs.
I think it was very much wise fur you to wear your No Huntin ME jacket.. furst to keep you WARM and WOW does it ever make you show in the snow... SAFE SAFE SAFE
It is a goooood lesson fur all of us.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Did woo leave a pikh-a-nikh basket fur Yogi?

How lukhky woo found more SNOWS!

Our temps were about that too - perfekht!


3 doxies said...

Holy! I thinks dat bear print was bigger than ME!!!!! Course dat ain't saying much.
Yous so lucky to be ables to go hikin' and more lucky dat your mom don't gets lost...I'm thinkin dats why we don't hike...hehehehe! Mum ain't got a sense of direction and dats withs a map.
I just loves your adventures!


houndstooth said...

That is one big honkin' bear! You're lucky you were hiking with your mom and she decided to leave it alone. Your hike looks like it was very interesting!

We finally got to go hiking yesterday, too! Mom says she is going to look at that link from your mom right now because our trail was a solid sheet of ice in places. Dad even fell on his butt! It was so great to get back out on the trail. When Grandpaw saw how great our pictures from there were, he said he wanted to go back with us next weekend. We might even luck out and see some eagles!


Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Your hiking place looks beautiful! We wish we could go there... except for the bear. Do bears eat dogs and cats? Where we live the only hiking place is the forest preserve and its kinda scary... Mama says bad people go in there to hide out and do drugs. :(

sagechronicles said...

That is the most amazing hike--bears, lakes and even a cemetery. But that bear paw was most amazing. I bet it smelled funny too--did you get to roll in it? I would have tried.

Mariodacat said...

Man - dat bear paw is a whomping big one. So glad you didn't meet the guy dat belonged to it while you were on your walkie.

Mr. Pip said...

BEARS! OMD! I jumped out of my chair when I saw that HUGE paw print! You are a very brave dog - I would run all the way home.

Your pal, PIp

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Watch your picnic basket my friend, that Yogi is stealthy!

Cupcake said...

That bear paw print made your paw print look like a little chihuahua paw. I'm glad you didn't run into that big bear!

Love, Cupcake

The Heartbeats said...

That bear better get to his cave and get to hibernating soon! He's prolly all fattened up for his sleep!OOOHHH, maybe he was sleep walkin'?


3 doxies said...

Girl, you is too fuuuuuunny!


Ann Nichols said...

Oh my!!! I've been looking for a German Shepherd blog ever since I started blogging last June and now...I found you!! You are gorgeous and I am your 150th follower and can't wait to catch up and see all future blogs too!! I've been blessed to share my life with two German Shepherds - Laddie and Harry. We lost Laddie in 2001 and Harry last summer... But oh... it is so good to meet you dear girl!
Blessings for a fabulous New Year!
See Harry here:

Ann Nichols said...

PS Your Nugget looks just like my Edward!!! Edward is in need of prayers right now so please go to my blog and see him there - I normally have a history blog but... my little kitty needs help so I posted a special post just now about him.
Blessings to all your feline friends too!

Anna the GSD said...

Even with my icky eyes I can see that's a HUGE footprint! Wowza!! Good thing you ran away, that could have become a scary afterschool special on what NOT to do when you see bears tracks!

Thanks about my eye...both of them are like that though, so I think I gots the pinky eye. Boo!

Boris Kitty said...

ur no-hunting-me-orange vest is very bright out der in dat snows!

I iz so glads all u seed wuz da paw paw print from da bear. I herd bears not so nice out in da wild (just looks at @MarshallSheldon MOL).

marley said...

We see a telly programme last night about a man filmin bears in the wilds and feedin they from his hands, but he be very braves and a expert wiv wildlife. I fink you do the right fing and go da udder way cos you nivver do know if they be appy to see you. Prgramme was called The Bear Family and Me by man called Gordon Buchanan and was on the BBC. Looks out for it if you can cos it was pawsome. He spend a whole year wiv some black bears in da woods.

Merlin Wylt said...

I think you were very smart not to follow that bear.

KB said...

My friend Houndstooth sent me over for the bear track. My big question is, what the heck is a bear doing awake now???

But the real reason why Houndstooth sent me is that she hoped that I'd learn some good sense from you. I'd be following those tracks to see where the bear was going... I had the feeling that she thought that your approach was more sensible. Ha! Imagine that!

Loved your hike! My dogs and I hike all the time... just like you!

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Hi, Shawnee! We haven't visited before. We're two blogless rescue doggies who enjoy visiting those who do blog. We have to agree with all the comments above: no-shoot-me vest = GOOD; following bear tracks = BAD! Especially a bear that's awake in winter; much more likely to be a BIG cranky male bear, so mama says. You sure get some neat walks! Happy New Year!

Jed & Abby

Tucker said...

OMG - DOn't bears hibernate? They are sleeping up heres where I live.

woof - Tucker

ForPetsSake said...

Wow! Those were big bear paws! What a beautiful hike. There's nothing like a bright winter day when the sun is shining like that! I do love those microspike thingies - I had something very similar in Maine. i'm the woman that ALWAYS fell on the ice - until i bought a pair of those ;)

bbes tribe said...

Your Mom is so smart!! Good thing you went a different direction from that BIG bear. Those traction things she wore sound wonderful for hikes like you go on. Shawnee you are VERY lucky to have such a great chauffer so you can nap.
PeeEss: I didn't need to see but M was wanting to use her new clippers to finish the haircut she started but didn't get to finish.

rottrover said...

Hi Shawnee! We just came over from Houndstooth's too. Yu and your mom sure do go on some beautiful hikes. We love to hike, too. You are one pretty girl. I love the picture of you snoozing on your way home :-)

road-dog-tales said...

We love that pic of you on the rock! You look like Rin Tin Tin, except, of course, you being a girl and all. Good thing you didn't follow that BEAR! Your Mom was very smart not to do that (unlike our crazy Dad!).

The Road Dogs