Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hiking, History and Meeting a Twitter Furrend!

Oh, such eggsitements today.  We did our hike ofur in Pencilvania coz there do be less snow than ofur here by us.  We wented to French Creek State Park and Hopewell Furnace National Historical Site.

So the snow here woz less than at home and it woz nice and trampled so we woz able to get a 9.5 mile hike in.
You cannot see it good in the pikshur but we did has dubbull sekurity on the Shawnee Cam - a leash so it would hang from my collah if'n it falled off and mom writed her cell phone nummer on the back.  Of course, now that we taked precaushuns, the Shawnee Cam nefur falled off today.  And here be some of my photografies and we did has lots of good ones today:
Crossing the road after looking both ways.
Mom doing something.
Trees and snow.
More trees and snow.
Mom again - is she dancing?!?!?
Mom , trees and snow.
Getting reddy to jump this log....
We hiked rite into Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site wot is a whole village like it used to be in the olden days back in like the 1700 and 1800's.
OMD! Wot be this?
It do be real live horses and sheeps wot gibbed me the stink eye.
There woz old houses wot you could go into eggsept dogs is not allowed so I just peeked in from the outside:
There woz old wagons and stuffs:
And I did see the most kewlest thing EVAH and they need to put these in all the parks - it do be a drinking fountain just fur us dogs!  It be closed fur the winter rite now but I bet it be open in the summer time.

OK, so we finished up the hike and then we headed on ofur to my furrend Boris Kitty's howse coz he do live just 15 miles from the park we woz at.  I had metted Boris' Human2 afore but I had nefur metted Boris in pawson.  I know Boris from Twitter (@boriskitty) and from his bloggie.

So when I gotted there, I did get the warmest laser eye welcome efur from Boris and his sis Abby:

Abby taked off and lefted Boris all alone with the laser eyes:

Boris then did serenade me with the growls and HISSSSSSSES - it woz so loverly it made my knees shake.  I thought it woz so nice of Boris to put out a bowl of snacks fur me but I got yelled at by mom when I helped myself to a moufful - mom sayed that do be Boris' lunch.  Oops.  But Boris is not used to hasing dogs in his turf but he did see that I woz not going to nom him (only his foods) and we did has a furry nice visit.  (Note that Human1 had put out more foods on the sofa as bribes but Boris and I woz not falling fur that old trick.)

Boris' sis Bella did come ofur and gib me smoochies.

We had a grate visit and it do be a wonnerful day!


  1. Humanz had a beary nice time wif u 2day. I still tryin to get ovah habbin a doggy in ma house. Affer u leaved I sniffed da floor wheres u were.

    Human2 lubs goin to Hopewell Village and takin pikshurs of all da neat old stuff, but not in da cold winter. Herz wented der one winter to hear Charles Adams III tell real live ghost stories late at night near Halloween once dat wuz cool.

    Ur ShawneeCam(tm) pikshur do be pawsum. i iz so beary glad u did no losed it furever. dat would be sad :(

    ps....u look beary stunnin in dat pikshure showin off da ShawneeCam(tm).

  2. You did an excellent job with your new Shawnee Cam. I'm thinkin you may need to do a DawgUmentary.

    That park had a FOR REAL Dawgie Waters Fountain???

    I am very much glad that you had a good time with your FB furends. I think they did a super job of entertaining you in their home. Especially since they seemed sorta shy and stuffs.

    Outstanding report from Blogville's Sec. of Parks and Rec..

  3. Highly entertaining! The Shawnee Cam pic were amusing(your Mom did look like she was dancing). And that doggy fountain looks very convenient, they should have them in all the parks.
    Too bad Boris wasn't as friendly as Bella, she was a good hostess. At least Boris didn't get too huffy & seemed to warm up as the visit went on.
    Really enjoyed reading about the encounter & the park visit. Thanks for posting the whole story, definitely fun to read.

  4. Wonderful post! The well-protected Shawnee cam took wonderful pics (I especially like the one of Mom dancing). That pic of the town and Shawnee looking through the gate is so welcoming.
    So nice to visit with Boris - and how well-behaved everyone was! I can understand the mistake of nomming Boris's lunch - I would've considered it a bowl of guest snacks, too ;)

  5. Oh oH oH , I wanna Shawneecam nows! I would looks good wearin' on too. So what if da only piktures I took was of da floor (I has short legs).
    I loves dat little village, it's pikture perfect like a postcard.

    Do kittehs get made when we still their foods?

    PS: I am so lovin' dat foto of you withs da cam.

  6. That iz a kewl place ware you did hikes to shawnee but I iz maor xcited abowt you visiting Boris! him iz a brave kitteh acuz altho you iz a bewtiful doggy you iz vary big! Of coarse I wud not be skarded of you. Nope, nawt me. Nevar. Evar. Rilly. xoxoxxx

  7. Nice hike and that historical village looks like very interesting.

    Now, be careful those laser kitty eyes can be dangerous. I like that picture of Boris on the radiator. We have those same radiator covers at our house and my feline siblings spend all their time there during the winter. I have tried to climb up there and join them, but I am most unwelcome.

    Your pal, PIp

  8. I needs one of dos cams. Dat way I can shows dat I don't do everyting dat da brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) says I did.


  9. Boris doesn't look too impressed that you came to visit and ate all the foodables. I use to eats the kitteh foodables but now the kitty foodables are downstairs where I cannot go. Ho hum.

    woof - Tucker

  10. I love your Shawnee Cam pictures.

    I can tell the kitties really liked you!! I hope you come visit me one day!

    Love, Cupcake

  11. Wow...a cool hike, awesome Shawnee Cam pics, your Mom DANCING, a doggies-only drinking fountain, and a real-life visit with BORIS?! That was SOME day you had, Shawnee!

    Sounds like Bella is sure a sweetie. And I bet that was one cool "serenade" from Boris. *snickers*

  12. I am just full of the jellyness that you got to have such a fun hike! Mom and Dad had to go to a stupid birthday party over the weekend and so we didn't go hiking. Boo! I'm putting my foot down for next weekend.

    My tail would wag right off if I got to meet some of my Facebook or Twitter friends! You are one lucky Shepherd, Shawnee!


  13. AWESOME hike, Shawnee! Our Dad would totally love that town - being old and everything (haha Dad and the town:)

    Wow, you're so good with the kittehs. We're, um, not so good.

    PeeS - Hop on by our blog today for an exciting announcement.

    The Road Dogs

  14. looks like you had a wonderful hike through a very interesting part of town. nice to meet you.

  15. What a great day you had, and a nice place to hike! We liked the picture of you getting ready to jump, where we could see the end of your nose, the best. You have such great adventures!

  16. You got some really good pictues with your PetEye. Sometimes we have problems with them being too blurry, but I like how we can see the top of your chin in it so we know exactly who the photographer is. That hike does look most fun.

  17. Great pic, but Shawnee, that third one down could be a poster for a TV show. You look like a doggie that is constantly saving the day or doing lots of heroic deeds. It's really beautiful!

    Love the one of your mom dancing. Hee hee. How fun to catch the mom doing something silly since they are always doing that to us. That village is so picturesque.

    Boris and Bella sure are brave. I'd like to think I'd be the same!

  18. Horses and sheep and cats - what a fun day for you! Too bad the horses and sheep were so unfriendly. You are very good to behave so well around those cats - we don't think we would have passed muster at all.

    We loved the doggie cam pics - our favorite was the one of the log - it takes really nice pics, much better than we had expected. Thanks for sharing your fun day of hiking. And congrats on winning those treats from the Road Dogs.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. You are so pretty, Shawnee! What a busy day you had!


  20. That was a furry nice hike you took! We love going to those old towns too. And you are an pawsome photographer, Shawnee! That's a pretty neat camera you have there.

    Those kittehs have some fascinating laser eyes!! Mine would never be THAT nice...

    Thanks for the well-wishes. Sage is doing a bit better. Still not up to her crazy usual self, but getting there.

    Sage & her Mom

  21. That is SO AWESOME that you got to hang out with Boris!! He was very brave to host you, even though we know you're as gentle as a flower.

    I think you surely must be the pal who has met the most Twitter pals in real life!

    *nose taps*
    Lou & Roger

  22. Furry furry khool!

    Mom akhtually lived in that area prior to moving here to York -

    Her Girl Skhout troop and/or skhhool field trips often inkhluded French Creek!


  23. You always take the coolest hikes, but to get to meet a cat. Wow>

  24. You always go to such KHOOL places & hike. Thanks fur taking us with you. Loved Shawnee Cam pics. Did your Mom pay/bribe you to take pics of her.... heehee..
    Jus kidding.. good to see her and the great pics of where you went.
    You did good with the kitties even if they did give you the lazer eye.What was that-- leaving treats out for you but you couldn't have them??


  25. My furriend, you iz an example to us all bein so nice around Boris like dat. I gotta learn sum of those lessons so I can be allowed to met Grandma's new kitty. I sure would like to. And hurray for the full return of Shawnee Cam.

  26. By the way, we nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award at our site! The info is at .

  27. Okay, at first I thought you had caught a photo of the elusive big foot, but it was just your mom dancing! Whew!

    You didn't steal Boris' noms, they were party treats...right??

  28. hey-ya Shawnee, if i'da known you were in my neighborhood, we coulda met you there & given you the tour! i know you & dylan would have had a good time. i'm very happy you liked french creek. it is beautiful even in the winter.