Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merrill Creek Reservoir, NJ

Oh, it do be coldie, coldie today, brrrrr.  The wind woz blowing 20 miles per hour and maded wind chillz in the minus degreeses!  So we did not hike furry long today, only about 6 1/2 miles around Merrill Creek Reservoir.
We could not take lots of piksures of the hike coz we had to cross ofur dams and there woz signs wot sayed it do be illegal and we go to jail if'n we take pikshures of the dams.  I think this seenik one be OK coz it be from on top of the dam but it duss not show the dam.
I did has the Shawnee Cam on but mom figgered if'n I capshure any pikshures of the dam, she would just erase them.  I ended up not getting any coz, well, ummm...
Notice something missing in this pikshure?
OH MY DOG!!!!!  Where is the Shawnee Cam?!?!?!?!?
We losted it in the snows.  Mom and I had to backtrack to look fur it.  We had to go back almost one mile when all of a suddens...
We founded it in the snow and it woz almost buried alive!  Mom put it in her pawket coz she woz not taking any more chances.  Mom is going to has to make modifikashuns so we dussn't lose it.  I had only takened a cuppull of pikshures afore it falled off and here be the bestest one:

Well, I need a little more practice.  My photografie skills gotted a little rusted.

So anyways, rite off the trail we seened all these teeny little tracks:

We tried to get a shot inside the mouse howse:

Then we seened this sine but we did not see any bald eagle nests:

We did see a gabillion burds in the reservoir waters:
And a gabillion snow gooses up ofur my head high in the air.  They woz crazee lowd!

So then when we woz done with the hike, mom putted me in the car and cranked up the heater coz my paws had icy balls all ofur atween my pads and woz making me limp.  Mom can leave the car running and I won't get car jacked coz she always brings a spare key along so while I woz warming up, mom went to the visitor's center powdah room.  Inside, mom seened a real live dead stuffed bear!
I wish I had been allowed in there so I could has seened it but I woz bizzy anyways...

Then as mom woz leaving the visitor's center, she thought she seened anudder real live dead stuffed animal outside the winder so she went to look.  But it woz not dead stuffed, it was fur real LIVE!
There do be two deer nomming burd seeds wot had falled out of the feeders.  Mom went outside to get a better shot coz the winder woz in the way and the deer didn't even run away!  One akshually commed a few steps close to mom and sayed "You got any noms?"
Mom sayed it woz way kewl and the deers woz not even 10 feets away from her, they just kept nomming with the burds.

So I is feeling rilly bad that I dussn't has better Shawnee Cam pikshures to share with you so I want to leave you with this linkie to a furry funny moovie wot some of our anipal furrends has putted togedder:  Hilarious British Animal Voiceovers

Going to go practice with the Shawnee Cam now.


  1. Wow, 6 miles plus is a lot in those temps. Bet it was very cold for you and the Mom. Mom says she thinks the dams are off limits for photos because of terrorist concerns.

    We hope you can get some Shawnee Cam pics too, but we are really amazed that you were able to find it in the snow - great detective work.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Well Thank Dogness you found da Shawnee-Cam!!! Your mom's fotos are beautiful,butt da ones you take with Shawnee-Cam have that 'pawsonal" touch we love!

    What a way cool foto of da Mouse House! BOL!!!!! And da Mouse Highway, too!! BOL BOL

  3. I want to get a dog camera for Daisy so thanks for the reminder and for the warning that the camera could fall off so I'll be extra careful when I get one for her. I am super jealous that you and your mom saw deer and snow geese! I am very impressed that the deer didn't run away when you mom took pics of them!

  4. Okays girl, yous cracking me up with mouse stuffs. I has nevers seen a mouse highway! And them mouses don't looks likes da one I murdered. Yours are way cuter.
    Ummmm 6 miles in dat cold is ka-razy! I don't go out in 50 degrees.
    I can't believes you found your Shawnee Cam...dat was shear luck.


  5. I am so very much glad that you found your Shawnee Cam.. Whew that was really lucky beclaws I could see that it was almost buried alive fur sure.
    I can not believe that mice dress like that in their house. Who knew?
    You got to be THAT close to the Deer that were busy with a seed feed thingy??? I have never been close to a LIVE deer. You are sooooo lucky!!

    That was a wonderful trip you took... even thought it was BRRRRRRRRRRRR Degrees out there.

  6. Wow, that place is beautiful! We love that second picture of the view! It sure was a beautiful day even though it was really cold. Your mom's pics are really good.

    I'm so glad you found your Shawnee cam! Oh, by the way, I love your idea of sending me kibbles thru the computer. I'll be waiting for them!

  7. You are way braver than we are, Shawnee! We had a big family hike planned for yesterday and it was cancelled because the weather was like yours today. The good news is that Morgan and I got to go with Mom and Dad today and the weather was better. We're curious about where you got that insulated vest, though, just in case we'd need one.

    I have always wondered what it looked like inside of a mouse house! Thank you so much for satisfying my curiosity. The only bear we saw today was inside the lodge, too, but Mom didn't take his picture this time. I think I'd be careful with those bold deer, though.

    Don't worry about the Shawnee cam. Taking good pictures takes a lot of practice. I'll tell you a secret -- Morgan has been trying to take some pictures lately, too, but she's still getting the hang of it.


  8. That was a super-duper hike you went on! Don't worry about your picture--my Mom takes some like that too....

    We went on a hike too this weekend!

  9. Oh yes!

    I sent the winds from HERE -

    It wasn't windy to start but after lunch, woooooo!

    Mom even did the transport dedikhation video in the Xterra since it was breezy - plus it featured the special furiend riding shotgun -

    Thanks fur sharing those great pikhs!


  10. OMC I gotted so SKEERED when I seed ur ShawneeCam(tm) wuz missin. I iz so glad u did finds it afore dem mice did drag it off to der hideout.

    (wish I had a mouse higway near ma house -- nom nom nom).

  11. 6 miles in freezing cold!!! We are really impressed with dis hike! Are you NUTS? he he - we just jealous cuz we'd never have the courage to do this. Sure an glad your found your cam! Whew! That was a close call. Wow, and to get dat close to the wild deer. This hike might not hae been your longest, but certainly was impressive!

  12. Haha!! That video is too funny.
    I applaud you for your tenacity on your icy walk - tough ladies!
    Poor camera - glad you were able to spot it.

  13. Wow what a tough park! No piktures and not entry for the eagles!! Lot's a rules to keep up with! But at least you got to see the Mouse House and the deers!

  14. That photo of the snow geese is amazing! They're beautiful birds.

    I agree Shawnee - your photo skills are rusted! But, I'm waiting for some good photos of your view of the world after the modifications!

    Nice hike! Thanks for sharing.

  15. 6 1/2 miles in dat weather??? That's CRAZY-TALK! Sheesh girl, that's amazing! So glad you found your camera - scareded me for a minute! But your mama got a lot of nice pix, though! And I think you found the most advanced mouse family on the planet! So cute!

    Mama sends you BIG HUGS for the birfday wishes ~ XoX

  16. Shawnee, so lucky to have found your ShawneeCam is all that snow! That was quite a hike with all that cold and wind and snow. Loved the pics of the snow geese & the hike. We never did see a mouse highway,or a mouse house like that. You are so lucky. Those deer & bear. So lucky. YOu look comfy in the car.
    We know you will get the cam thing down so the pics are less "rusted" Our Mom gets some like that too. Don't worry.

  17. Oh, Shawnee! We have so missed reading about your fabulous adventures! Wish we had been on this one for sure. That is some nice scenery. So GLAD you found the Shawnee Cam, that was super lucky - or maybe not luck at all - after all, you ARE a GSD and that's what we do - search and rescue stuff, right? Um, think we need to go search and rescue some treats now. Just reading about your walk has made us a tad hungry.

    The Road Dogs

  18. Wow, i fink you did pack more into 6 miles than most dawgs packs into a whole life. Wot a lot of fings you did see and wot luck wiv da Shawnee cam. Thems deers must ave been super ungry to let yore mum comes up close to them like that. I ope they is gettin enuff foods in the snows. Woof

  19. Love the mouse house! Snow might get your paws wet, but it lets curious folk like us track you and other critters alike ;)

    Shawnee cam is such a great idea!