Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day Hike

So today we went hiking ofur at the Pocono Environmental Education Center in Pencilvania.  That do be ofur in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area where we normally duss not go this time of year coz there be too much snow but rite now, howefur, we has way more snow at home than they duss ofur at the Delaware Water Gap!
As you can see, there not be much snow on the ground here.

They has some furry kewl trails to hike here and fur when there be nobody home like today on a howliday, they has a whole selection of maps and trail guides outside the door and they just ask you to leave 50 cents inside the old pooter fur wot you take.  Mom put some green papers in there coz she taked one of each.

So then, we woz off and hiking!  Our most favorite tree evah do be the Eastern Hemlock and this place had lots of them.  They stay green all winter long so they not be looking ded like the udder trees.
It do be furry sad, howefur, that this little alien insect (fur real, that be wot they call them) be killing the bootiful hemlock trees.
I sure do hope they can save the bootiful hemlock trees.

We had to climb a big hill and of course I gotted up top furst and had to patiently wate fur mom.  She can be so slow sometimes but I has to rememmer she duss not has 4 paw drive.

Then we founded this fireplace where there used to be a cabin! 
Check out the view from this place!
Those mountain ofur there do be the Kittatinny Mountains in Noo Joisey where the Appalachian trail runs atop and I has hiked lots ofur there.  Yup, I say this be a good break spot and we could take a break today coz it do be 50 gabillion degrees out!  Mom woz not even wearing her jacket!

Then we went down these steps wot peeples builted into the side of the mountain and it taked us down into a ravine where there do be waterfalls!
We maded a movie so I could show you the waterfalls better.

There also be a fossil quarry wot we stopped at.  We could not see many fossils coz they do be covered with snow but they ask if'n you find a fossil to leave it fur udders to see and there woz lots lined up on a fallened tree so we looked at those.

Now this Pocono Environmental Education Center used to be, is you reddy fur this... Honeymoon Haven where peeples would come fur they honeymoons after they gotted married.  This do still be there where you is supposed to put your rite paws through the ring, hold paws and woof somefing but I dussn't know wot. 


  1. How khool woo khame to my state - although woo were still khloser to yours than to ME!

    The poor trees being attakhked by the alien bugs are the Pawsylvania state tree -

    Thanks fur sharing those khool sights and sounds!

    PeeEssWoo: It was lots of warm fur January!

  2. Happy New Year

    The Creek Cats and Maggie May

  3. Yesh, I probably should have more 'tops' but momma gots tired of working on the photo an' thought that as long as most of my girlie-parts were covered most folks' sensibilities would be safe.

    Happy New Year to one of the sweetest GSDs who have a bloggy.

  4. Shawnee, we just knew you'd go out hiking today! We were supposed to, but Mom and Dad are both sick with bad colds, so we stayed home instead. Phooey! Mom says there's a chance we may go tomorrow, depending on how Dad feels.

    We have those alien bugs starting to creep in here, too. We've learned that you never ever take wood from one area to another anymore. I hope they can stop them from killing all the hemlock trees.

    You find the very coolest places! We are jealous. Are you sure you don't want to come back to Illinois for a hike?


  5. That looked like a fun hike. How come you had 50 degrees and we had 15 and big winds? You looked a little unsure of that waterfall thing. I would be too. It looks too much like a bath.

  6. Oh noes. Poor trees. We got a bug like dat in the UK wot killin all our horse chestnut trees. I am sure your peeple will sort it out wotver it is. In the meanwhile I am tryin to cure each tree one peemail at a time

  7. What a neat way to start the new year dear friend. Who says one can't still hiike in the winter - you just has to know where to do it.

  8. Thanks you for teh bewtiful pikshures an da mooovie too Shawnee. You iz so pritty in efurry pikshure, I likes that one wiv your tung lapping up da waters epspeshly.

  9. I do look forward to our hikes together Shawnee... I, of course, get very little exercise while viewing them, but I feel as if I've been there in the woods with you every time.

    Another beautiful hike... Thanks.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. Shawnee I loved the waterfall. You found a fossil??? My mom LOVES those thingys. Don't know why.. they aren't good to eat or anything.
    Alien is eating trees??? Oh... not ALIEN... Alien BUGS.

  11. Shawnee, the waterfalls are beautiful, but not as beautiful as you!

  12. We never heard of those trees. I sure hope those bugs keep away from them!

    Even though it was warm, I still can't believe you were lying in the snow!

    The waterfalls are beautiful. Mama would like to go this place. It looks like you had a great day!

  13. Wow, its beautiful where you live! We don't get to see nature much except for in our own backyard, because of where we live, but Mama said she is gonna look for nicer places for us to walk. We wish we were there by you! But it is sad about the little alien bug who kills the trees. :(

  14. What a nice hike in the snow without a jacket - well, your mom was without a jacket. Glad you had fun.

  15. Those waterfalls are really cool! (And I don't just mean their temperature... *snickers*)

    Glad you found a spot to hike that didn't have so much snow!

  16. Those Wooly bug thingies look scary! But if I see one, I'll put the bitey on it to save the trees!

  17. Shawnee,

    Mamma says she wants to squeeze you! She says you are too cute. Don't worry it's a good thing! I love it when she gives me the squeeze!


  18. Beautiful hike, Shawnee - that pic of you heading towards the waterfalls is amazing.

  19. Oh, wow, that waterfall video is amazing! Can't get enough of your beautiful hikes!

    The Road Dogs