Monday, November 21, 2011

A Hike Back in Time

This hike did take mom back in time to when she woz a yungun two-legger a long, long, LONG time ago.  We be getting to that part soonly.

So we hiked all they way up this steep gravel road to the top of the Blue Mountain in Pencilvania to find the Appalachian Trail.  On the way there do be a seenik:
I woz being blinded by sunbeams so I could not watch fur Khyra's X-Terra and I know it do come this way on Sundays...
So we climb all the way to the top of this road and mom is a huffin' and a puffin' only to find there be a parking lot way up here wot woz not on the map!
Stealth parking lot at the top of the Blue Mountain.
So from here we hanged a left and had to cross ofur the Appalachian Trail a minit to get to anudder seenik.
This be the Auburn Overlook where I can see some of where we is going to be hiking later.
Now we is on that Appalachian Trail.
The Appalachian Trail bringed us down to some railroad tracks.  I think I need to hook mom up to the walking string now.
Follow me SLOWLY down these steep rawk steps mom so you dussn't fall.
Then I made mom STOP - LOOK - LISTEN to cross the railroad tracks.
Making mom follow the arrows fur walking into Port Clinton, PA.
Then, OMD, duss you see wot I see?
It do be my stunt dubbull and she woz doing def defying stunts alrite!  Furst she woz on our side of the bizzy, bizzy road with cars going ZOOOOOM, ZOOOOOOOM by us.  She woz trying to cross ofur and mom woz saying COME! COME! COME! but the dog could not hear her coz of all the loud cars.  Then fur a split second there woz no cars and the dog runned like the wind across the street.  Then she seened us and wanted to come back ofur but the cars started zooming by again and mom did not call her coz she did not want her to be roadkill.  And we could not get ofur to her.  So the dog just started walking away up the road.  There be nuttin we could do and mom did see she had a collah and tags on.  But she woz long gone by the time we would has gotted across the bizzy, bizzy street.  So sadly, me and mom continued on not being able to help her.  It did rilly put a damper on mom's travel back in time, which happens NOW.

When mom woz a yungun two-legger, a long, long, LONG time ago, her great gramma in Illinoy had a corner store with a candy counter and when mom visited, great gramma would gib her candy cigarettes (ahem, the start of her furry long cigarette smoking career wot is now long ofur) and a candy necklace from the store.  So here be mom's destinashun:
Waiting outside securely attached to the bench for just a minit while mom runned inside and had udder customers running out to report back on me and let her know if'n the udder dog like me commed back.
Evidence wot mom bringed me of wot be in the store.
And JACKPOT!  Mom sayed she feeled like she be 6 years old again.
Then on the way out of Port Clinton...
We started walking along the Schuylkill River Trail when all of a sudden...
OMD!  It woz that free range dog's dad and her name be Sheba!  Mom sayed to him that no, I be Shawnee, not Sheba.  Mom eggsplained to him that we seened his Sheba and told him where and wot direkshun she be heading in when we last seened her and he taked off to go find her.  Silly Sheba, had she commed to mom and not crossed the street we would has takened her with us and runned smack into her dad.  Sadly we will nefur know if'n this be a happy ending or not so lesson lurned furrends, if'n you dogs and kittehs is lost DO go to strangers!  I would has even shared my chickun jerkey wif her!
So we hiked back around to the Appalachian Trail and by that furst seenik again so I could look fur Khyra's X-Terra without sunbeams in my eyes:
Khyra, did your mom see Sheba?  She woz heading in the direkshun of Cabela's on Route 61.

Mom thought we hiked 10 miles today but turns out a setting woz wrong on her pedometer - it must has gotted messed up when she changed the time fur when we got an eggstra hour (she just did that this week - better late then nefur) so once she fixed it, it showed we hiked 13.6 miles.  No wonner we be dog tired!

Hope you found your dad, Sheba!


  1. We wanna hike that trail sometime

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Oh noes I hopes Sheba's dad duz finded her. That mayks us all sad too, its a skardy werld owtsides I duz think Shawnee *hugs*

  3. Shawnee... what a wonderful hike... over 13 MILES!! WOW..
    You get more fun adventures along the
    Apple Lay Shun trail than ANY hiker could EVER imagine.
    Now I am sure that Sheba Found her dad. I really am.
    I showed those two Candy thingys to my mom and she went all like...
    and stuffs beclaws SHE remembers BOTH of those from the little place that was near the School that she WALKED 87 miles to every day when She was a pup.
    So I guess that even my MOM gets some... MILAGE outta your
    Apple Lay Shun Hikes too.
    Hey girrrrrl... Happy Thanksgiving to you and your mom and all of your family!!!

  4. Silly Sheba to leave her dad like that. We're glad you and your mom enjoyed your LONG hike!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. OH NO!!!

    Mom did the Merryland to Pawsylvania route this weekend - so she saw the OTHER part of the APPLE-lace-ian Trail -

    Paws khrossed Sheba gave up living life on the lamb(s) -

    Thanks fur sharing those pawesome pikhs

    AND fur watching fur The Xterra!


  6. That looks like a great hike through history! Mom says she started wishing she had some Smarties when she was reading your post. I sure hope Sheba found her way home. That would make me sad to think she was still lost!


  7. Shawnee,
    We love all the pictures of your hike. We know exactly how you and your mom feel about Sheba. It's so hard when you see an animal in need and can't do anything and don't know what happened. It's just terrible!

    Mama definitely remembers the candy cigarettes and necklace! She felt so cool "smoking" those cigarettes.

    Wow, 13.6 miles!!!

  8. Paws crossed that Sheba found her Dad! What an adventure you all had! Childhood nostalgic stops, super scenery, drama, oh my! Thanks for taking us along the Appalachian trail with you! Great hike! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Beautiful pictures.... Loved this hike too. Hope Sheba's owner found her... That's for sure.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. We seen a doggie runnin abowt on a dangruss road two weeks ago and we stopped all da traffic and mum got out of the car and ran about like a loony tryin to catch it for abowt 10 minnits until the doggie ran back into da woods and all da cars beeped there horns at mum and larfed. Oh deer

  11. Oh I hopes Sheba found her hoomans. It must be very scary to be lost. i don't even like being in a different room than the hoomans.

    woof _ Tucker

  12. Hi Shawnee, what a long walk. My Dad would absolutely love to walk along the Appalachian trail one day. We hope that doggie found her Dad too.

    Mum laughed when she saw the lolly cigarettes cause they had them here in Oz too. They even had lolly cigars! See ya buddy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. What a long, wonderful walk, Shawnee!

  14. Oh dear. Bad Sheba. That is why you need to wear you leash. I hope she is okay. Mommy remembers those candy cigarettes too! She didn't know they still made them. She says they are the ONLY cigarettes people should put in their mouths.

  15. I truly believe that you live in the middle of hiking trail heaven. You always have the best trails and adventures. We only have like 2 or 3 right near us. The rest are long drives away.
    I too hope your pup double found her human!