Saturday, November 5, 2011


Tomorrow is the day we is hiking with my furrend Haley to make up fur our Haunted Howloween hike wot we missed coz of Snowtober.  But, becoz we missed hiking last weekend and mom has not hiked in 2 weeks, I think she needed some practice so she can keep up with me and Haley tomorrow so I took her on an 8 mile hike today.
Common mom, left, right, left, right...  I picked an easy peasy flat trail fur you.
I do beleef I see a big burd ofer there...
 OMD, I think it do be a Black-crowned Night-Heron!
So then how weird is this...
We hads to walkie UNNER the innerstate highway!  Cars woz going ZOOM ZOOM ofur my hed!
I dussn't know if'n Irene or Snowtober did that but that be a big old oak tree!  RIP, tree.
At least Irene and Snowtober did not mess up the boardwalk.
Uh oh.  I put it in my backpack to carry out even tho I did not carry it in.
It be beginning to look a lot like Chrissmuss.
Wow, this park do be pet furrendly!
They even has a bowl speshull for water fur us dogs. (But I brings my own, thank you.)
Here I is at the Manasquan River.
My Pointer impawsonashun.
I is going through a historic village from the olden days long time ago afore I woz birfed.
Picking up pee-mail at the stage depot.
This church be backwards.  Below it say why.
They has a train too wot you can ride around on in a circle but the train woz not running today.
Then we taked the rail trail back to the car.  This be where trains went in the olden days but now bicycles use it.  And peeples and dogs like me.  And dogs like...
Oh. My. Dog.  It be a gang of little nipper dogs making snarly face at ME!  They be saying "Your booty be OURS you big shepherd dog!"  Their mom woz being rilly bossy with them and telling them they woz noggty to be rude like that to me.  I ignored them and mom told me I woz a good gurl.  Take that you snarly faces!
So I think mom be good to go tomorrow fur our big haunted hike a week late.  We is just hoping all the Snowtober snow be gone where we is going (it mite not be) and that there not be big branches down wot we cannot get through.  See you after I get back!  Or IF I get back coz this hike do be haunted...


  1. YOu are the best hikers ever. And what cool places you get to see.

    I am sure glad you were safe from those snarly dogs.

    Can't wait to see what places you go tomorrow.


  2. Good for you! Way to pick up the trash that those others left

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. You better make it back from dat haunted hike...Mee would miss you lots!

    Haves Fun!!


  4. kewl Shawnee! I hopes yer hikes tomorrow iz good.Teh pikshures from today iz rilly intristing but thoze snarly gurlz iz impawtinint upstartz! Whoz duz they thinks they iz? If they snarlz at mai Shawnee Iz will skratch they nozes *grrrrrrr* I keep you safe!

  5. Good thinking, getting your mom in shape for that hike early! Those little ankle biters look like trouble to me. I'm glad you steered clear of them. I can't wait to hear about your haunted hike! Morgan does the same pointer routine as you, too!


    P.S. We went on a night hike Friday night! I can't wait to tell about that!

  6. ALL AIRE?

    Where are the 'dales?

    PeeEssWoo: I miss Snowtober!

  7. Hi Shawnee, we hope you mum is fit enough for the hike. Maybe you should have made her run hehehe. At least the lady with the growly dogs told them off. She was trying at least. You are a very good gurl for sure. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. Another great hike but I'm still looking forward to your haunted hike and hope you come out ok. Great pictures! Those holly berries are so pretty. Sorry about the trash. :( Love the olden days town. You are so good to not say anything back to those mouthy dogs! I would've told them what for (maybe).


  9. Hey there Shawnee!

    That was a fery gud idea to check out that your Mom had not furgot all your training from the other week.
    Just as well that two-legger keeped all those snarlly face dogs away from you. I knows that woooo wud hafe been furiends wif them, but they truely looks like they might have nommed wooo.
    We will be looking forward to your sckeeerrryy walk picktures tomorrow. Mumma & I sure do hope woooo come back!!! ;)

    Happy tail wags from Ruger

  10. Thanks for the great warm-up hike. It was a beautiful one. I'll be watching for the haunted hike too. Have a great time.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. Shawnee that was a great hike! So nice of you to carry out the trash some peep left behind :D Hope your Haunted Hike is not too awful spooky! :)

    Thanks for stopping by to wish me a Happy Day! :) Together we raised $53 for my shelter. Wahoo!

    Waggin at ya,

  12. That does look like an easier hike than your usual hikes, Shawnee. We think even Mom and Dad could do that one :) They are very out of practice - hiking wise. Lots of cool stuff to see, too. That double-duty building is a great idea. More peoples should do that,we think. There is a church here that uses different shops in shopping centers on Sundays. Kinda like a "chain church". Strange, but cool and eco-friendly that they do the multi-use thing.

    And, wow, you also had to fend off a pack of wild animals, too! Good preparation for your Haunted Halloween Hike, huh? Can't wait to see pics of that one. Be careful!

    The Road Dogs

  13. OH SHAWNEE... now I am gonna be sooooo scared and worried about you. Are you SURE you want to go on a HAUNTED HIKE???? Be SURE to see that your mom holds TIGHT to your walkin string so she won't get away from you and... Snapped up by a ghost or goooooool or somethingy like that.
    Loved this hike.. not scary.. except fur the Interstate with CARS running OVER YOU!!!

  14. Wow - only an 8-mile hike. That still sounds like a long hike for us. Was nice of you to take it easy on mom tho. Great pictures again sweetie.

  15. Another great hike! Lots of the hikes by me take you under big roads. Sometimes they drip. I like that because it smells interesting. Mommy does not like the drips because she says it is polluted. Were you making sideways eyes at those nasty dogs in the picture before the nasty dog picture?

  16. Very cool pic of the heron in the tree!!

  17. Good practisin Shawnee. It is always good to refine your tekneeks and get on da "game face". I look forward to seein the big hike blog.

  18. In our park with the water fountain I use the same one that the hoomans use.... BOL.. don't tell anyone dat there may be Dane drool on there.

    woof - Tucker